The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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10. Chapter Seven





Resting his fingers under Evelyn’s chin, Jymes lifted Evelyn’s head up. He wanted to kill her so badly. But he wasn’t allowed. He had to bring her to Snow. She had some spunk in her, and Jymes had been told that Snow wasn’t going to let it go. Jymes wasn’t interested in her. He wanted to drain her of blood and throw her body away. But Jymes didn’t want to do that. He wanted to do that to Elliot. To his ex boyfriend. Jymes had been an ‘experiment’ for Elliot while he tested out his sexuality. They had dated for a while, kissed once and then it was plain awkward. Then Elliot went straight on him. It hurt so bad. It was like a stake in his heart. Jymes had been staked, but it wasn’t in his heart so he came back.


But Evelyn . . . she hadn’t been killed at all yet. Looking into her eyes he smiled, forcing himself into her mind. It was a safe place that Snow couldn’t see. Snow may be a god, but he couldn’t go into minds. And messing with people’s minds was what Jymes did best. He didn’t know how he did it, he just made little pictures and let his victims fill out the rest. They could create marvellous and hysterical tales. But as Jymes created his lies, Evelyn’s eyes clouded over. Her mind was creating tales of beauty, tales of passion and desire. An unrequited lover of a Vloodmir and a Trusoni. A modern day Romeo and Juliet.




Elliot slowly sat up, his back stretching and back bones clicking into place. That hurt. Rubbing his eyes he looked around. Evelyn was gone. God he hated himself for dating that open *ahem*boy. Elliot had been experimenting – everyone did it! – and then after 24 hours, Jymes had deeply invested himself into the relationship. 48 hours once they decided to date, Elliot broke it off. Jymes had tried to get into Elliot’s pants and that was a move way too far for Elliot, so he broke it off and had to walk back in the rain to his house. They had begun dating when Vloodmir was celebrating it’s tenth year so as Elliot walked, there had been the celebrations and with a couple of friends, Elliot drank his problems away and got wasted. What he did while he was drunk was anyone’s guess.


But he wanted to get Evelyn back. His Evelyn.


Elliot knew what Jymes could do, Jymes would ruin Evelyn, he would do nothing. Jymes had held a grudge against Elliot for over a hundred years. That was a long time, but he couldn’t do that much as they were both Vloodmirs and on their back, near their butts, they had the motto branded: We are family. Family don’t give up or harm.

It was random and weird. It was awkward when they all went swimming because you could tell who was who and it was like they were being oppressed. But that was them making a mountain out of a molehill. They weren’t being oppressed. The Trusoni’s were. Some of their men were being killed. For sport. Being a Vloodmir himself, Elliot had seen some of the letters and notes passed around about the Arena. He had heard whisper on the streets and arguments in bars. He had been up to the Sanity Syndrome’s second floor where the Vloodmir’s took their whores to the back room and ruined their body’s for their pleasure.


He knew what was going on.


He just didn’t want to acknowledge it.


Stumbling up, Elliot dug his fingers into the bark of the tree, ripping it off, being thrown had made him feel slightly discombobulated. His head stopped spinning and Elliot looked around, frantic. He had no idea which way Evie had gone. He couldn’t loose her. He didn’t want to loose her. A likely option would be Vloodmir Manor – the largest building surrounded by a beautiful town and far away from the industrial area where his Evie would probably work. He didn’t want her to ruin her hands!


Pausing for a while, he realised how overprotective he was being. These feelings weren’t right. It was like an awkward ‘ship’. Although he hadn’t told Evie, he had read a book. It was the Harry Potter series. He shipped Dramione. But that was as far as it went.


Heading off in an Easterly direction, Elliot walked blindly. In the movies they walked off in a random direction and they were fine and found who they were searching for within five minutes. But that wasn’t how it worked. Elliot kept walking. His watch was still in working order so within an hour, Elliot had reached Vloodmir’s 30 foot walls which kept its citizen’s ‘safe’. They weren’t kept safe. Even the Vloodmir’s ally’s in the war were kept prisoner. They were told that if they left then they would never return. The walls were always kept clean by someone somehow so no one had been able to climb up and see what was beyond them. Running his finger along the cemented cracks along the wall he turned left and kept walking. Dusk was approaching and the sun was low in the sky, it’s amber rays making the shadows longer. Elliot hadn’t got a fear of the dark – he had a fear of what was in it. The creatures ready to take his soul – if he had one – and pull him into the darkness. The demons which wanted to drag him to kill. The creepy girl who wanted to drain him of blood. His mind was creative, he had never applied it, and it didn’t help when it came to scary things. His mind was far too graphic for his own fear levels.




Evelyn now belonged to Jymes – he had made sure of that. Jymes laying in bed with Evelyn, James protecting Evelyn from strangers, strangers who’s names were Genevieve and Joseph Parker. They were strangers. Memories of Vloodmir Comprehensive were removed. Memories of Evelyn being a Trusoni ally were still there – those were her roots and they couldn’t be changed. But seventy five percent of her life had been changed. With Jymes’ arm around her waist, Jymes could see the pain on his ex’s face when he walked in. If he did walk in. But Jymes had chosen an obvious place. Would Elliot figure it out? He probably would, he’d have to confront Snow sooner or later. But later would suit Jymes. He had Evelyn under his control and wrapped around his little finger. With Evelyn’s blonde hair curled at the tips and the red lacy dress which grazed the floor as she walked – Jymes was glad to have Evelyn as his little puppet. She was like a beautiful lapdog who would do anything to defend him. He had so much power he wanted to laugh. He had as much power as Snow!


Almost . . . but Snow was a God. He was a Fallen Angel who had been cast down, who had been bitten by a Vampire and had his soul claimed by Vampiric beliefs, customs and then he was no longer welcome in Heaven. It was a rather romantic story when snow told it, but after hearing it for over fifty times – it got tedious. Evelyn had dashed off and she was obsessed with hearing it over and over again. It made Jymes smile that he had turned the Trusoni ally into someone who was besotted with a Vloodmir God in under an hour. It was been so easy. She was a wreck. He had seen into her mind – she had never had any time to grieve for the death of her father and Jymes wasn’t going to give her any time to grieve. He wanted to ruin Elliot, and if he held onto the love of his life, then he would. At times it seemed that Elliot forgot that Jymes could read minds. That was how they found out that they ‘liked’ each other. They read each other’s minds and they clicked.


It was a foolish mistake.


But Jymes had made a foolish mistake letting Evelyn out of his sights. He heard the doors being thrown open and being slammed back. Looking around Jymes began to panic. He needed to find his prey, his key, his only way to get under Elliot’s skin. That’s all she ever would be. At least to him.


Pushing the crowds out of the way, Elliot left a trail of destruction in his wake. He wanted his murder buddy back. By force or by other means he would get her back. Standing in the main lobby he had four options.

a) go up the stairs and see if she was in bed seducing someone

b) go straight ahead to the main party area

c) head down to the washrooms and see if she was powdering her nose

or d) eating food or drinking blood off a blood whore.


Elliot decided to go with option b and walked straight ahead, shoving a flower vase depicting the Olympic Gods out of the way. Looking around, his eyes were bright red. He was going to get her back. A glimpse of a red dress, pale skin and bright blonde hair was all Elliot needed as he ran through the hall. He could sense it was Evelyn. But those weren’t her normal thoughts. They were messed up thoughts. Elliot felt his heart ache as he read her mind. The night Elliot and Evelyn had spent together had been tarnished by Jymes getting petty revenge.


Jymes was going to perish by Elliot’s fangs.


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