The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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22. Chapter Nineteen





The leaves on the trees were turning a vibrant shade of red, and the tracks below were as quiet as a mouse, although they wouldn’t be for long. Evelyn sat on some of the rocks, watching some of the leaves as they fell through the air, each leaf beautiful in their own right. Her senses were alert, but Evelyn didn’t want to know what was happening all the time.


Yet there was a shift in the air, near and also far away. The train was coming nearer, and someone was approaching. And there was one person who it could be.

“Evie, it’s time.” Elliot called out, stuffing his hands in his pockets. Evelyn turned her head and lowered it, having been looking up for so long at the trees.

“Okay.” Was her quiet reply. But she hadn’t needed to speak loudly, the wind carried her words for her. Elliot nodded and his eyes flashed bright red. Evelyn didn’t think anything of it. It was probably just the light. Elliot vanished in a blur, dashing through the forest. He didn’t wait for Evelyn. If he had to be honest, he didn’t care if she followed or not. He had a plan, he had weapons, and he was going to see the Takeover through til the end.


Elliot skidded to a halt at the end of the cliff face, overlooking the import and export trail line which kept Vloodmir going, mostly. It brought in blood whores from foreign lands and blood bags for those who didn’t like to inflict pain. But this train was different. Elliot had done his research and knew what that train contained, and how to get what he wanted out. Evelyn appeared a few minutes later, she slowly walked forward, she wanted to reach a hand out, but she didn’t. With her fingers buzzing from electricity, ready to fight, she didn’t want to shock Elliot. Not with the train being so close.


The duo saw the main headlight and the long train made the ground tremble as it carried on its path. Elliot leapt off the cliff edge without warning, landing in a stable crouch and begun skidding and sliding down the cliff face, dirt and muck slowly eating away at the soles of his boots. It was clear he was being reckless, and Evelyn, being the caring, smart one took it upon herself to minimise the damage Elliot could do and she leapt down after him, also skidding down the cliff. Crouching and looking as if she was surfing, she quickly caught up with the reckless Elliot, but even then it wasn’t going to last. They just passed the halfway mark down the cliff when he leapt. But Evelyn wasn’t going to wait. She saw him prepare to jump and she left the cliff a few seconds after him. He landed first, his knife in the roof of the cargo train to keep him on. Evelyn took a more graceful approach and landed quietly, the bolt keeping her in place. It was a blessing to her, but not to Elliot who was suddenly shocked, with his hair standing on ends. She held back a laugh and put on a serious expression.


Now wasn’t the time to laugh. She could laugh later, later but not now.


Giving Evelyn a dead glare, Elliot sprinted ahead. He had the list of what was in each compartment ready. He needed to get nearer to the front. Near enough so he could detach enough cars, but not too near that the driver – if there was one – noticed a dozen or so of his containers were missing.


And then he saw it. Slowly making his way across to the trap door. His petty little knife wasn’t going to be any help, and this was a mission that needed to be done fast. They had got on early, but this train was moving quickly. “Evie!” Elliot yelled, turning his head as she approached. “Can you-”

“Yes, sure, whatever.” Evelyn muttered, frying the lock with a single blow. Elliot would’ve congratulated Evelyn for her impressive attempt, but it wasn’t much, and it would be stupid thanking her now when the mission had only just begun.




Evelyn leapt down, nothing fancy, landing in a crouch with her hand outstretched to keep her steady. Elliot had warned that there would be lasers ready to kill, but with it being so dark, Evelyn had just had to take a guess.

“Looks like we’ll be doing this the hard way then.” Elliot grinned, his head already raised. He saw their foes, foreign Vampiric Guards ready to attack, and they were. Evelyn stood up, ready to throw pulses of electricity. She had no idea what Elliot could do with that knife, ‘but it had better be good’ she thought to herself, scowling. “And don’t be so dramatic.” She added, although not meaning for it to have come out. She didn’t see Elliot’s reaction, but she was sure that he rolled his eyes. For a few seconds it was a showdown, them watching their opponents, and the opponents watching them. Elliot took it upon himself to take the first move, slashing and cutting a Guard in half. Evelyn turned, shock, horror and fear on her face.


That wasn’t the Elliot she knew. The Elliot she knew was just, fair, loyal and not a killer. But he was passionate about what he believed in, and maybe, just maybe, this was his passionate side all along. Maybe he turned his Morality off. He probably did. That must’ve caused that glint in his eye.


Weapons changed from swords to long knives, some staying with their fists. They didn’t know what Evelyn could do. An omni – directional attack would be good, finding out their weaknesses or taking them out altogether, quickly and easily. “Move!” Evelyn yelled, taking a step back, Elliot nodded and obeyed, vanishing before the others. He probably moved onto the next car. She would catch up later, but right now, she had people to kill. She wasn’t a killer, but would have to be now. If she had killed her father, even by accident, then she could kill enemies no problem.




The top of the next car was crowded with Guards. Clearly this company had a lot of money to splurge. The Fisher Weapons Company. Elliot had his knife ready, but it wasn’t just a knife. It could extend, brought from the chick who owned the weapons shop opposite The Insanity Syndrome.


Elliot raised his head and ran his finger along the hilt slowly, resting when he reached the angel wings. He smirked. The blade stolen from the museum, the blade that had slit Korbin Trusoni’s throat. But he wasn’t going to tell Evelyn any of this, she’d go mental. And with Evelyn on his side, she was going to bring the Takeover together.


Rushing at the Guards, Elliot skidded and slashed, wrecking his trousers cleanly down the side. The Guards fell, their blood coating the carriage a nice shade of red. Flipping up, Elliot thrust his blade through the heart of a Guard. But there was no blood this time. Only sparks. It looked like machines were finally coming into play. Far less expensive and easier to kill. More Guards approached.


More Guards, nearer the front, nearer the prize and nearer the end goal. It was one against many. One was still more than twelve. Leaping at a dozen Guards, the extended knife did its work. It was an extension of Elliot’s body now. They were merged as one, the knife almost integrating himself in what would’ve been Elliot’s soul. But he didn’t have a soul. That had been reaped when he became a Vampire.


The Guards didn’t stand a chance, Elliot cut through them all cleanly and quickly, sparks flying and metal clashing against metal. Elliot was ruthless in what he did, he was quick and precise. He didn’t waste a single movement. The whole deed of cutting the Guards up lasted barely more than twenty seconds. Glancing behind him, he saw a battered Evelyn sprint towards him. She wasn’t using her hereditary Vampiric abilities, in fact, she hated using them. It was disgraceful that she didn’t want to use them. When Evelyn wasn’t around, Elliot went full speed, brushing past people like it was nothing. Evelyn glanced up at Elliot and swallowed.


His Mortality was gone. His eyes were pitch black. They were darker than black. In fact, scientists had made a ‘new black’ which absorbed so little light it looked like a hole.

Elliot’s eyes were darker than that.


Evelyn shied away, scared. But it only took one blink and his eyes changed back to that familiar red. But still Evelyn didn’t go to Elliot, she walked past him, shoving him out of the way with her shoulder.

“Hey! Don’t shove me!” Elliot snapped, turning quickly and gripping Evelyn’s wrist, not letting go, only tightening his grip as she yelped out in pain. “Let me go!” She snarled, trying to pull away, but to no avail. Elliot was older, he was stronger and he used his Vampiric abilities more than Evelyn. Of course he would win in a fight. She wanted to use her element on him, just to make him feel pain, but she didn’t want to hurt him. She cared too much for him.


“Say you’re sorry!” Elliot yelled again, increasing the pressure put on Evelyn’s wrist. Evelyn still didn’t say anything. Her anger was gone, and only her fear remained. She was in shock at what Elliot was doing. Never, in their short relationship – if it was even that – had he raised a hand to her or injured her. She was, if she had to admit, scared.

“Say it, brat!” Elliot yelled, the wind rushing, threatening to topple them both.

“Will you stop making me out to be a brat!” Evelyn yelled, finally shocking Elliot, his hand standing on end. Rubbing her wrist she walked off and leapt onto the next cart, shooting a Guard through the ‘heart’ with a pulse of electricity. She looked back, her eyes narrowed, a look of anger on her face. “I am not a brat.” Elliot said nothing but followed, the two walking in silence, and far away from each other as they crossed from one cargo container to another.


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