The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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17. Chapter Fourteen





The three sat on the plush sofa’s. The house was very glamorous. Elliot seemed pissed that his girlfriend was with living someone else, but Delano had a hunch that Elliot would get over it. The roaring fire was the only sound. The Christmas tree was stood up, bare of any decorations, blocking the light which could’ve come in from the windows.


Elliot suddenly stood up, Evelyn looked up confusion. "Evie . . ." Elliot trailed off, but he found a way to carry on. "I need to talk to you about your Christmas present, see if it's suitable."

"Please don't go and have sex!" Delano muttered, leaning back on the sofa. Evelyn laughed and the two left the room. Once out of earshot, Elliot smiled. "There's a cargo train of weapons and explosives coming into Vloodmir. We can get all we need for the Takeover."

"You're calling it a Takeover?" Evelyn hissed. “When . . . when was this even decided? What is going on!” Evelyn was confused. What was a Takeover, what was going on?

"Whatever. You've rallied people in the allies and other Trusonis, right? This can actually work!" Elliot was so excited, it was almost childlike, in fact, it could been seen as stupid, since no one else knew of this supposed plan. Evelyn patted his shoulder in an effort to calm him down. "I have no idea what you’re going on about.” Evelyn nodded and smiled sarcastically, why was Elliot such an idiot at times?

“It’s easy! You want to see equality, and I want that to happen-”

“You’re a Vloodmir!” Evelyn snarled. “You wouldn’t want that.”

“Shut up!” Elliot yelled, Evelyn backed away, Elliot reached a hand out and rested it on her shoulder, despite the sudden hostility he had shown before. “I’m . . . I’m sorry . . .” he muttered, lowering his head in shame. Served him right. “Look, just, rally some Trusonis, some Dimidiums if you have to. I don’t give a damn, just get some people. Talk to them, if not, bribe them, or use your boobs.” Elliot shrugged and Evelyn growled, restraining herself from slapping him. “This cargo train is heading into Vloodmir in the middle of January. We’re . . . we’re going to need to find a base! We need people and . . . and uniforms!”

“Okay, hold up.” Evelyn interrupted, raising a hand. “You haven’t told me anything! What is going on? This isn’t how it’s meant to work! You’re meant to tell me these things!” Evelyn would growl.

“I’ll explain tomorrow. Meet me at the Arena.”


Evelyn froze. The Arena. Where she had seen Trusoni’s get injured. Did she really want to go back to the place where she’d seen an old ally being tortured?


Evelyn nodded, heading back into the room. Delano looked up. She sat upright. She didn’t know how to act, especially around Elliot. He had that intense look about him. It made him dangerous and alluring. But Delano knew the rules. She knew that you didn’t prey off people’s boyfriends. That was off limit.

Elliot looked at Delano and his eyes wandered down her body and rested at her shoes. “Did you really wear stiletto’s here? Surely it isn’t easy.”

“Someone’s got to do it.” Delano smirked, tossing her hair to the side.


Elliot left exactly an hour later. He wasn’t drunk, he was perfectly fine, he had had something to drink, which was deemed fine, and when Evelyn left to get changed into some other outfit, Delano went straight to the bottle, unscrewing the cap off and taking a deep swallow of it. The bottle was gone and emptied in five minutes. Delano put it back down and wandered over to the tree. She didn’t know what was taking Evelyn so long, surely there wasn’t something that was taking her that long. Vampires didn’t get periods. It stopped the same times as a mortals did.


“Did you enjoy that?” Evelyn smiled, holding up the bottle.

“Yeah, it was good.” Delano laughed, turning around. Delano gestured to the tree. “Are we gonna . . .”

“Yeah.” Evelyn pointed to the box of decorations. “We’ll start with the lights, and the bows, and the flowers and the drums and then the baubles and everything else!” Evelyn’s voice rose as she ticked off each item. Delano laughed again. “Don’t laugh at me!” Evelyn pouted. Already they were becoming more and more comfortable with each other. “I adore Christmas!”

“I can tell.” Delano sighed, folding her arms and heading to the box. She crouched down, and pulled her heels off, tossing them back to the sofa. Pulling the lid off and putting it to the side, Delano pulled out bows, baubles and everything Evelyn had said. She put them to the side and got the lights out. Evelyn took those straight away and went over to the tree, closing the curtains. Starting at the top, the lights were wound around the tree, so precise and perfect. Evelyn had clearly done this before and with her Vampiric speed, it was done quicker than before. Evelyn stood back and flicked the switch. The lights came on, it was almost like pixie lights.


A see – through box was handed to Evelyn. Evelyn took the box of hooks from the big box and begun doing the baubles while Delano did the little bows. They’d only knew each other for one day and they were already being friends. Close friends. It was amazing how fast friendships developed.




Quincy, had, undeniably got drunk and was stumbling down the roads, resting and leaning on his brother heavily. Quinn was, at least to say, annoyed. It had caused more trouble than it was worth, they’d gone back to the Insanity Syndrome every day, Quinn to talk to people. Quincy was meant to do the same, but Quincy always ended up getting drunk. It was awfully pathetic, feeble even. Quinn had a mind to just leave Quincy in the road and wait for him to wake up. But they were brothers and brothers didn’t give up on each other, brothers had to stick together. They had been created together and if they were going to die – they were going to die together.


Being homeless, Daemoniums. The two brothers lived on the streets. But they lived in a nice part. But it took a long way to get there. The district they lived in was near the forest, surrounded by beautiful plants, trees and flowers. The houses were nice too, they each had a beautiful back garden, some with ponds and swimming pools. But it seemed out of place. But these homes were built by Trusonis for the Vloodmirs.

“Pathetic . . .” Quinn growled, hauling his brother up. They’d have to sleep on the floor, the wet, muddy, ground. There was no way Quinn was going to be able to get his wasted brother into a tree.


Quinn dumped his brother on the floor. A feeble “Ow . . .” came from his lips and a laugh. “No need to play so rough.” Quinn rolled his eyes and slapped Quincy across the face. “That hurt . . .” He muttered, still not coming to.

God he really was wasted. Quinn slumped down on the floor, trying to ignore the disgusting mud seeping and already sticking to his clothes. Both of their clothes would have to be cleaned tomorrow morning. And they’d have to go to their makeshift wardrobe in the trunk of a tree and get some more clothes. It wasn’t ideal, having things in a tree, but it made do. And Quinn, being the sensible one for once, had retrieved their weapons as they left, the night still high and young. Knowing that a drunk Quincy and a weapon together would not end well. It would end horribly.


Quinn sat awake in the dark, perfecting his magic. He wanted to be stronger. He needed to be powerful, he wanted everything. If he had to threaten someone, he wanted to ensure that he had the strength and confidence to back it up. He worked on fire, creating a bigger and more violent explosion each time. But he had to make sure that he was safe. He couldn’t burn anything too much and Quinn was sure that he didn’t want to start a forest fire. That wouldn’t go down well with the people of Vloodmir. It would give the Vloodmir Fundatorums another thing to insult the Trusonis with. Quinn did feel sorry for them. He had to, he was on their side, despite being programmed by Vloodmirs. He had to admit, the Vloodmirs were cunning, but they could use their cunning and ambitiousness to achieve greater things and insult the Trusonis over a centuries long petty fight.


Quincy awoke just as the sun stretched her long tender fingers to stroke the Earth. It wasn’t warm though, the sun seemed to make everything colder. Shadows lengthened, and things seemed sinister. Quincy groaned and lifted his head, immediately heading back down onto the drying mud ground. “Why does the hangover last longer than the party?”

“To punish you.” Quinn smiled, ruffling his twin’s hair. Quincy spoke, but it was muffled and halfway through, Quincy spat out a load of mud he had taken in. Quincy tried again, sitting up slowly. He crawled backward slightly and leant against a tree. “Where’s my-”

“I’ve got your weapon.” Quinn smiled, looking across at the face which perfectly matched his. It was a miracle that Quincy still had his scarf. But Quincy was obsessed with the scarf. He never took it off, it was one of the few things which people used to identify which brother was which. Quincy had a purple scarf while Quinn had metal bands around his biceps. Hearing footsteps approach, Quinn stood up, raising his staff, the embedded jewel pointed to where the footsteps seemed to be coming from. In Vloodmir you couldn’t take too many precautions. A friend could be or turn into a foe.


Evelyn walked into the forest and was greeted with a jewel pointed at her face buzzing with power. Instincts kicked in and she flipped back (something Elliot had taught her a while back) and an orb of electricity was in the palm of her hand, ready to bring mass destruction.

“Who the hell are you!” Evelyn snarled, drawing her hand back, prepared to strike at the sight of an attack.

“I could ask the same of you.” Quinn snarled. “You’re a Vloodmir, aren’t you? You want us dead, don’t you!”

Evelyn gave a withering look and stood up, crushing the orb. “I’m a bloody Trusoni! God don’t be so fucking rude!”


Quinn snarled and lowered his weapon. “I still don’t trust you.”

“Good.” Evelyn smiled. She walked past Quinn and stopped in her tracks. She could try and rally them . . . even though it was a stupid idea. “Hey . . . can I ask a question?”

“As long as it isn’t stupid.” Quinn smiled.

“My friend, he’s a Vloodmir.” Evelyn began. “My mother made him work with me and it was weird because he was so willing – and so was I. And now he wants to get justice for us with a Takeover and do you want to join? Please join, because I’m confused and I want justice and . . . please?” Evelyn had been talking so fast, Quinn had just nodded. “A Takeover?” He repeated, laughing. “That is a stupid name!”

“I agree, but please. You don’t look like you have the best life here and you could make a difference.”

“I’ll do it!” Quincy’s muffled voice rang out through the trees.

“Fine, we accept.” Quinn sighed. “The name’s Quinn Lawson, and that, over there,” Quinn gestured to his brother who was slowing coming to. “is my brother Quincy Lawson.”

“Evelyn Parker.” Evelyn smiled. “I’ll meet you at the Arena!” She ran off without giving them any directions as if they were just meant to know where the Arena was.


Quinn sat back down and propped his staff like weapon up against the trunk of the tree, wincing as his brother threw up. They weren’t going to be going to the Insanity Syndrome any time soon.


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