The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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8. Chapter Five





Evelyn screamed, she couldn’t take it anymore. Her mother was a cold hearted, manipulative bitch. It wasn’t a surprise that she had done this. But with her father dead and Snow going on and on, she just couldn’t take it. She would protect her family with her life, but if one of her family members crossed the line . . . well then she would leave them behind.


Elliot backed away, Evelyn wouldn’t sense him but he shoved his way through the crowds, past the strippers and out through the doors panting, shoving a drunkard out of the way. He barely made it down the steps before the top section exploded in a raging ball of fire. Elliot watched with fear and he licked his lips as he heard the screams. This was the only nightclub in town. But he had heard the thoughts of some of the people – it was an old building on the outside, it needed to be revamped and made better. They were in 2017 for God’s sake! Surely they could’ve done something better! But now they had a reason to, and looking around he was in the swarm of people trying to get away, girls tripping over their heels. He heard glass smashing and Elliot became nervous. He needed to find her. But in the flames a lone figure was there. Evelyn was looking around and seeing Elliot before she threw her palm out, a sharp bolt connecting to the floor. Gripping it with two hands she swung herself down and landed on the floor. Her heels clattered and Evelyn struggled for a few seconds to regain her balance, but she fell. Her Morality was off and her rage had burnt her out. As Elliot grabbed her he pulled her close. Picking her up bridal style he dashed off, sprinting down the roads. His speed was incredible and he was soon back at the house. Elliot didn’t know if Snow was dead, but Evelyn was here, so that made things a bit more bearable. But he would have to teach her a lesson, that she would have to obey him and to not freak out. But anyone would be upset after what she went through tonight. Still unconscious, he placed Evelyn on her bed and walked down the stairs to see Evelyn’s mother drinking lavishly. He pulled her aside and sighed. “You were passed out, and now you begin again?”

She laughed, Elliot grimaced, he had had enough alcohol breathed onto his face for one night, but he couldn’t snap her neck. He didn’t want to leave Evie and orphan, he was an orphan and he . . . he hadn’t turned out okay.


The snow was settling on the ground, it really did look beautiful. It was early morning and the city’s snow was undisturbed. Erik woke Elliot up before their parents awoke and soon the two young adults were looking out the windows like two young boys. They had come home from College for the Christmas Holidays and despite being in their early twenties, they had a strong desire to steal from their neighbours gardens and make a large snowman. Erik raced downstairs – he was ready first, he was older – and as Elliot put on his warmest clothes he heard a scream. It was female, it was their aunt, aunt Chloé. Looking down, he glimpsed Erik running in, but Elliot didn’t hear his brother’s footsteps. He knew how everyone’s footsteps sounded, but these weren’t footsteps that he knew. There had to be one upstairs and one downstairs. His aunt would’ve been asleep. They would be coming for him next. He would be killed. But as two men hurtled towards Elliot, Erik hurtled and barrelled through the men. There was no way he could’ve turned to quickly. But he had. He tacked each of the men, ripping their throats out, coated in blood. He could sense Elliot’s fear and Erik tackled his own brother. Pulling him close, Erik’s fangs grazed and his fangs sunk in, the poison racing through Elliot’s blood. Elliot felt faint, and weak. But Erik pulled away, leaving his brother to collapse onto the floor. He looked dead, so much blood had been taken from him. But Erik’s new life didn’t live long. From half open eyes, he saw his brother stumble and fall forward, the silver tip of a stake sprouting from his chest. Erik was  never going to get married now, he would never have children. But Elliot was alone. There would be no one to help him. No one to support him in his Change to be a Vampire. He was left for dead, but when he was sure no one was in the house he walked over to a mirror, looking at himself, coving his face and letting out rasping gasps and coughs in agony as his canines evolved. He forced his eyes to stay focused and not to look at the body of his dead aunt. There was no dignity left for her. He was a killer. He wanted revenge, but they were all dead. Except he who had staked his brother. His blood. His family. He would kill that man.


Genevieve swanned off, her dress spanning out, not effected by Elliot’s actions – she had no need to feel fear, she wasn’t going to be killed. But Elliot could now keep Evie away from her now that they were friends . . . of sorts. Granted, they weren’t close, but it would do and it was the best they could do. Turning away from the drunken mother Elliot made his way back up the stairs, heading back to Evie’s room. The wardrobe built into the wall was open and seen immediately as you walked in straight on the left. Elliot had a quick glance inside – sweaters, jeans, designer skirts and sweaters and a few gym clothes. There was a couple of big Gothic dresses and a good deal of slutty ones. Shrugging he flicked his wrist, his fingers connecting with the door and gently pushing it shut. Moving over to her bookcase he smiled. She’d read Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. There were a few he knew nothing about: The Hunger Games, City of Bones, Dorothy Must Die and many more. They were placed in alphabetical order of surname – just like a library – but then something shiny caught his eye. A beautiful necklace. Two angel wings with diamonds encrusted. Gently picking it up Elliot gazed at it in the sun. The diamonds were beautiful. Evie opened a single eye and gazed up at Elliot, he hadn’t noticed she was awake. He really did love that necklace. She had seen him looking at shiny things last night – he wasn’t a Magpie, he was a Vampire. “So why the obsession with shiny things?”

Elliot jumped, and the necklace clattered to the floor. “I . . .”

Evelyn looked up, eyebrows raised. She wanted an answer. As Elliot bent down to pick it up he spoke. “It’s pretty, and they’re so pure.”

“Like you?”

“No. I don’t have a soul.”

“That’s stupid, everyone has a soul.” Evelyn laughed. She turned over and looked up at the ceiling.

“I don’t. It vanished when I broke the neck and ripped out the heart of the man who slaughtered my brother.”

“I’m sure that’s a great Campfire story.”

“Shut it, Evie.”


Evelyn laughed and Elliot growled and was suddenly leaning over her, pinning her arms to the bed. “Don’t laugh at me. You know nothing of me.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Evelyn laughed, turning her head to the side. She was probably still recovering, but the way she was acting now – she was probably fine. Scowling Elliot pushed her away and went over to the window, resting his palms against the ledge. “That necklace allows me to go into the sun.”

“You weren’t wearing it this morning.”

“Because it was raining, you idiot.” Evelyn lifted her body up, pulling the front of her dress up as well. Elliot regretted telling Evelyn to wear a slutty dress. Turning around, he felt the small of his back being dug in by the painted wood. Using her enhanced speed, Evelyn was suddenly on top, Elliot being pinned down on the bed. “Are you still drunk?”

“Nope!” Evelyn grinned, pushing her hair back, she didn’t have a hair tie so she let it fall, the curls cascading down her shoulders. Pushing Evie off, Elliot stood up and walked over to the door. He was about to open the door when Evie stood before him, a snarl on her face. “No goodbye? You said I was your murder buddy, I saw that you cared for me. I may not be able to read minds, but I sure as hell can read your face and tone, just like anyone else, and make my own guesses.”

“Leave me alone!” Elliot yelled, he felt as vulnerable as he did when he was about to be killed by his own brother. Wincing, he clenched his fists as Evelyn’s fingertips touched his chest, bolts racing down his body. He fell to his knees as Evelyn grinned, curling her fingers and slowly turning her wrist, hand shaking. Her Morality was off and she wasn’t going to turn it on – at least not for a while. Curling up, Elliot felt weak. He didn’t know how far Evie would go with this, but she wouldn’t kill him. Despite her Morality being off, he could still read her thoughts. Currently she viewed him as a plaything. She was toying with him, seeing how much pain he could take. His heart was jumping, his blood rushing in awkward intervals.


Stopping suddenly, Evelyn dropped her hands, she turned and pulled the dress off, Elliot looking to the floor. He heard the rustle of fabric and he didn’t dare raise his head. “You can look, don’t be so bloody shy.” Evie snapped, she still wasn’t herself. Raising his head, the view wasn’t that bad. She was wearing cropped sweatpants and a loose shirt. She’d got changed fast. Elliot was still in his full black outfit and slowly got up, a hand to his heart. He was still in pain and his body was having problems recovering. Vampires may be able to heal quickly, but when put under that much pain in such a short amount of time, it took longer. Gripping the door he watched Evie, the way her body moved as she threw herself onto the bed was elegant, she didn’t try to be pretty but she was. Stumbling over to her, he lay down, the soft sheets making him feel slightly better, but he gripped them, still gasping for air. Anaerobic Respiration. He hated feeling weak – he was done with feeling weak. Shaking as Evelyn stroked his head she grinned, lifting his chin up, gazing into his eyes. “I’m not your plaything.” He gasped, gripping Evie’s shoulder and pinning her down. “Whatever you say.” Evie laughed, pulling him down, slamming her lips onto his. This wasn’t Evie, it was out of character and she was acting like a whore. But his lips told another story, holding her down he kissed back, Evie arching her back, she wanted to be with him. Her Morality changed everything about her. She dug her nails in, creasing the fabric of his shirt and she felt him shiver, Goosebumps coating his body. Rolling over, Evie was on top and throwing her head to the side, she got her hair out of the way and slowly pulled away. “Looks like someone-”

She never got to finish as Elliot’s lips slammed onto hers and his fingertips traced her body, pulling her down onto him.


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