The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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18. Chapter Fifteen





Quinn and Quincy managed to make it to the Arena. It took them a while, but Evelyn was waiting, pacing. “Is your Vloodmir friend still not here?”

Evelyn looked up and smiled, shaking her head.

“He’s probably a jerk.” Quincy shrugged, his voice slightly slurred. “What’s his name?”

“Uh, Elliot.” Evelyn replied. “Elliot King.”

“I heard my name!” Elliot smiled, walking out into the plains before the Arena where screams were heard. Evelyn had tried to block them out, it was too early in the morning to be hearing the screams of people. It was shocking really, that no one had said anything, but because this was done by Vloodmirs, they most likely took people who wouldn’t be missed. It was sad, that they were using other people’s pain for their entertainment.


Elliot threw his arms around Evelyn’s shoulders and she shoved him away. “Are these the only people you could find?” He asked.

“My God, Elliot!” Evelyn exclaimed, throwing her hands up. She was giving up on him ever so quickly. “You gave me less than 24 hours. I don’t have a job so I can’t rally people! Two people, okay? Just . . . just give me some more time, please? You can explain it to them.”


Elliot folded his arms and pouted, “Fine.” He ground out. He turned to the Lawson brothers and Evelyn who had come to stand beside them because she had no idea what was going on.

“I’ve come up with this idea-”

“A terrible one . . .” Evelyn muttered. Her comment received a threatening look from Elliot which was returned by a sneer.

“In which we can get equality for all! It will involve violence and murder and pain and suffering and the such-”

“All jolly stuff.” Quinn laughed, but he stopped after he got a look of disapproval.

“There’s a cargo train coming up to Vloodmir in the new year, I talked to some of my friends who work in that industry. From there, I talked to some people who knew other people and I’ve found out everything about this cargo train. What you three-”

“Aren’t you coming?” Evelyn interrupted. She tried not to laugh and Elliot screamed with anger and punched a tree. Poor guy, not that she cared anyway.

“The three of you are going to take out the Guards, I’ll get ahead of the train and chuck extra things over onto some of the carts further away. Then I’ll meet Evie at a connection thing and I’ll jump over and she’ll sever the cart from the rest of the train, leaving us with lots of weapons and explosives. Now I’m done, so now you can ask my lots of questions and piss me off.”



“Do we not get a say in this?” Quincy asked. He was still a little bit drunk, but it was wearing off now.

“Why would you get a say in this? I came up with the plan!” Elliot grinned, the light bounced off his blonde hair. It was to say that Quinn hated that. So many Vampires had blonde hair, Evelyn, Elliot, some of the workers at cafés and so, so, many Vloodmirs. Quinn was going to bet that his creator had had blonde hair.


The silence fell over them again. “No questions? Good! You three, go and find more people. Print out leaflets if you have to. Do something.”

Evelyn pouted, resting her hands on her waist. “It seems like you’re ordering us around now, Elliot. Are you sure you’re in on this, because you didn’t tell me about this plan of yours until last night slash this morning and you should be helping us.”

“I’m a Vloodmir, Evie!” Elliot growled. “No one’s going to trust me! They’ll trust a poor broken girl with a dead father and an abusive mother.” He had made a dismissive comment, but that sent Evelyn off.

She tackled Elliot, slamming him into a tree. One hand was clenched around his throat, the other containing an orb of electricity. “You’re good.” Elliot spluttered, but he moved quickly, he was just a blur, but he shoved Evelyn back, back into a tree where she rebounded and hit the floor. Face first. Evelyn got up and wiping the blood from her lip, a stone had cut her.

“You dare speak of my father . . .” Evelyn snarled, prowling forward, grabbing Elliot’s neck and jerking it to the side. It didn’t break – she didn’t want him temporarily dead, he was funny, and it amused her. She just jerked his head enough to give him a bit of his shock.


“Evelyn!” Quinn yelled in anger, running over to Elliot. Quinn didn’t like Elliot from what he had seen, but Evelyn had nearly broken the poor guy’s neck! Quinn was pretty sure that meant he could ignore his small hatred and prejudices about Elliot and help him. “What the hell was that for!”

“He pissed me off.”

“You killed him!” Quincy yelled.

“Only temporarily . . .” Evelyn muttered, looking at her nails. “Please, if I wanted to kill him, I could’ve done in easier and done my nails at the same time.”

“That’s totally not creepy and scary.” Quincy forced a laugh.

“You know I can hear you, right?” Elliot asked, standing up, rubbing his neck.

“You know I don’t care, right?” Evelyn replied, getting an sassy comment from the two brothers.


The three turned and leave Elliot. Evelyn walked on the left, Quincy in the middle and Quinn on the right. They talked as they walked. “So,” Evelyn began. “I’ll head to the bars and use my boobs to get information and persuade people.”

“I’ll head to the parks and places of interest, talk to them there.” Quinn smiled.

“I’ll go to the alleys then . . .” Quincy muttered, clearly not happy about where he was going.

“I’ll meet you all at the Blood Lust Café this evening, alright?” Evelyn asked, smiling as the others would nod. She was glad that they had all met early in the morning, it would give them enough time. “Wait.” Quinn stopped them all. “Leaflets?”

Evelyn groaned, slamming her fist into a tree. “Let’s go make them. We’ll head to my place.” She sighed and began to run out of the forest and down the streets. Quinn and Quincy followed closely. People moved out of their way and the roads were quiet. They used it to their advantage. If they had turned too quickly they would use the wall to bounce off and carry on. Quinn grinned and ran up the side of a wall, running across the buildings. Quincy looked up and shook his head, “Idiot . . .” he muttered. Quincy vaulted himself over a wire fence cleanly, hitting the floor and rolling.


Evelyn kept it simple, she stuck to the roads and she used it to her advantage. She ran down alleyways, cut through parks and took every shortcut she knew. She knew where her house was – she lived there damnit! Upon reaching the house a shadow flew over her and Quinn dropped down onto the floor, stumbling up and making his way to the door. Quincy was sitting on the roof, casually relaxing. “How’d you get here so slowly, Evelyn!” Quincy yelled, dropping down onto the floor. Evelyn laughed, but she was quietly fuming. She hated being stood up, she’d come off her game. She needed to improve and make herself better. She wasn’t going to fail in front of new people. She didn’t like looking weak, in fact, she hated it. “Sorry, it’s a bit of a-”

“This place is amazingly tidy!” Quinn exclaimed. Evelyn rubbed her eyes. The messy place she had left earlier today was now amazingly tidy, it was perfect. Shoes lined up against the stairway, the banister shining. Making her way through the spotless hallway, Evelyn turned left and went into the living room. This was tidy, Evelyn’s laptop left on the table, closed and cleaned also. Lifting the lid and turning it on, Evelyn got to work, ordering Quincy to set up the printer. Quincy obliged with a lowered head.

“Leave this to me, okay?” Quinn interrupted, shoving Evelyn off her chair and leaning back, his fingers flying over the keyboard, making the poster as attractive as it could be.


Half an hour passed and with their arms full of posters and leaflets and some tape, the three went their separate ways. Quincy didn’t have to go too far to begin his work, his first alley was where Evelyn lived. It was a shoddy neighbourhood, terrible even. It pained him that someone so nice and powerful who could give so much was living in a terrible place and had been abused by someone so terrible. But he was glad that she was finding her way and making herself feel better. Using her fangs to rip the tape, Quincy stuck a good couple of posters up on both sides of the wall and on the back brick wall. He stuck twelve up in total and left, smiling to himself.


Quincy went all around Vloodmir, seeing the others’ handiwork across the little kingdom. But Quincy stuck to his areas. Walking past a bar with lots of men in, he saw Evelyn fiddling with a man’s hair, playing with him. She pulled away and handed him a leaflet. Her shirt was tugged down, exposing some of her chest. But the man whom she had been playing with grabbed her arm and pulled her back onto him. Evelyn struggled and thrashed, whipping her hair from side to side. But still the man wouldn’t let go. Head-butting the man, Evelyn flipped back, throwing the man over her head and into a wall. The man fell onto the floor in a crouch and people made their way out. They didn’t want to get into the fight, they were just innocent bystanders. They had nothing to do with this! Soon the chanting began, “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” Over and over again. Evelyn circled the man, flipping her hair. She was going to take him down. The posters, leaflets and flyers were left on the bar and she saw some hands reaching for them. But her focus then shifted back to the man. She had to get the upper hand. But they were both Vampires. Sure one was stronger than the other – most likely the male – but she could use that against him.


He swung, quick, fast and deadly. Evelyn ducked and dodged the blow, flipping forward and kicking her leg out, tripping the man. He went sprawling, clearly he wasn’t as strong as she thought. Obviously he was weaker. Or he was hiding something. The man got up again, pushing his hair back. He faced Evelyn and smirked, baring his fangs. Suddenly his body glowed, this wasn’t an element Evelyn had seen before. Now Evelyn was quietly stressing. She had lost to people before – she wasn’t going to lose again. His body sparked and little embers dropped and flew to the floor.  The man crouched, one leg stretched out. And suddenly . . . he attacked. He pounced, he swung his fist, his knuckles connecting with her jawbone. Evelyn was sent to the side, she went flying through the air. Her back connected with the glass and in return the glass shattered, Evelyn hitting the decking. Curling up, Evelyn whimpered in pain, holding a hand to her jaw, hissing in pain. That was a punch she wasn’t expecting. She hadn’t expected anything like that.


Five streets away in a large park, Quinn was putting up posters, sticking them to trees and posts. Of course this was giving a lot away, but with Quinn wearing gloves, they couldn’t trace the DNA. He paused halfway through, his fang poking a hole in the tape. He may be playing safe with the gloves, but with his spit on the tape, he could get caught. Maybe this whole Takeover bullshit wasn’t as good as he thought. Maybe something was wrong about this. He was helping two random strangers, one a Vloodmir for God’s sake, and one stupid blonde, dumb girl. She seemed shallow and angry at the world. But she was a born Trusoni, of course she was going to be angry with the world.


Meeting up many hours later, Evelyn got there first. She slipped into the same booth as the same one the day before where she’d met Delano. She waited, ordering a milkshake. It was given to her by a large waitress who smiled. That girl clearly wanted a tip. Evelyn handed a five pound note to the waitress and slurped her drink through a striped straw. It was nice, having a retro place. The only thing that ruined it was the non – retro modern outfits. If Evelyn ran the bar, she’d have the female’s uniform as polka dot dresses with ankle laced socks and heels. Then the guys would have leather jackets, white tees and jeans. In her opinion, it would make the place so much nicer. But that wasn’t her call to make. If Evelyn managed to get work – which she would have to do after this foolish Takeover, if she wasn’t sent to prison – she would want to work in a boutique or a fancy, expensive, classy café. Lost in her thought, she didn’t see the Lawson twins walk in. She only snapped out of her daydream when Quinn snapped his fingers in front of her face and slapped her across the face. It wasn’t done in a harsh, mean, violent way, but a friendly way. It worked out well and they all had a laugh about it.


“So. What have we all got? And who’s number did we put on the leaflets?” Quincy asked, going straight in on the details. All of the leaflets were gone and Evelyn was hoping that she could get some more ink pots for her printer. They had cost her a lot of money. Evelyn raised her hand and smiled. “I did.” Looking down at her phone she sighed as it buzzed. “Looks like people are already in touch.”

“Really!” Quincy asked, excited. It was childish excitement, but Quinn smiled and put a hand on his brother’s shoulder. “Calm.” Was all he said.


Evelyn read out the texts as they came, some were good, some were supportive, others wanted more information while others said this whole plan was a load of crap. Evelyn also got calls which she declined, she would answer only to text. Alongside texts from Trusonis, Evelyn got a lot of threats which she also read out. Some were death threats, some were threats that the Takeover idea would be told to Snow. Others were just emojis. It was clear some people were taking this seriously. Evelyn regretted adding only her number. She should’ve added someone else’s, maybe Quinn’s or Quincy’s. They were there for two hours, each getting through no less than five drinks and different paces.

They managed to reply to as many as they could before Elliot came in, sitting down next to Evelyn.

“Merry Christmas! Now what’s going on.” Elliot grinned. He was far too happy today. It was mid-afternoon and Evelyn, Quinn and Quincy were shattered. He had clearly done something because he was way too smiley. Quinn just let it slide. He may not trust Elliot due to his heritage, but if Elliot really was intent on helping them, then that was something Quinn would have to get his head around.


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