The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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14. Chapter Eleven





Quincy ran his finger down an arrow, the sharpness making a dent in his finger. Being genetically modified and built in a lab there were some drastic differences to him and his brother. Both had similar abilities – unknown to Snow who had wanted them built in the first place. Snow didn’t want the Vloodmir’s to be attacked by the Trusoni’s if the Lawson’s secret came out so he ordered the scientists to make them a Trusoni ally. From there – if it was found it, he’d have a reason to destroy the Trusoni’s.


Quincy shuddered and acted as if it was from the iciness of the arrow. He always brought the same brand of arrows as it was easy and they had the same feel. Looking to the shopkeeper, Quincy grabbed the two quivers in the shop and walked with the shopkeeper to the till. The saleswoman was toned and muscled, her body adorned with weaponry. Quincy was a little bit of a coward, he despised close quartered fighting and preferred to take his enemies down without looking at their face. It made life easier and fighting less daunting. But if he had to fight close quartered, his bow had sharpened metal tips making close fighting brutal for him. Yet more so for his enemies.


Looking out the windows he saw his brother – bored. Quincy couldn’t blame him, Quincy always seemed to re-stock on arrows. But it worked both ways. With Quinn staff he could strike from afar and close, bringing his enemies down with an astonishing amount of pain and agony. But Quinn had to stock up once a month whereas Quincy seemed to stock up almost every week or two.


“That’s twenty pounds.” The woman coughed, bringing Quincy back to the present.

“Twenty pounds?” Quincy coughed, slightly shocked. Arrows were normally half the price. “What happened?”

“Well the weapons are now of a higher quality so we have to charge more. We can add an extra five pence if you want a bag?”

Quincy gave the woman a death glare and quickly shoved a ten pound note in the woman’s hand, snatched up the arrows and ran out the door.

“Hey! Oi! That’s only a tenner!” The woman yelled, vaulting over the till. Quinn looked up as the shop door was thrown open and his brother appeared, running. Throwing a quiver to Quinn for him to hold, the brothers in sync turned a sharp left and dashed up the hill, the shopkeeper not too far behind. Reaching the town centre they dashed past ‘Lush’, ‘Claires’ and a range of other stupid stores for basic bitches while the woman chased them. Quinn tried to grab his Mage’s Staff, but while moving it was harder. He was used to being surrounded and then slamming the stone down and frying his victims.


Neither of the Lawson’s could focus on where they were wanting to go. Their elements were ruining them. Quincy saw seeing how someone would die – one poor slut would be killed by a truck while another would die from a papercut. Sometimes it was funny, but most of the time it was downright scary. Quinn on the other hand saw when someone would die. The slut would be killed in a few hours and the papercut guy would die in three hundred years.


Glancing over his shoulder, Quincy still saw the woman chasing them, yet the lunch trade was quickly gaining strength and soon the Lawson’s would lose the woman. Turning into the mall, they both shoved people out of the way. They needed to find a good shop, someplace where they wouldn’t be found. There was no travel agents – there wasn’t an airport in Vloodmir and there wasn’t anywhere to go. They couldn’t go into fashion stores – they didn’t need any clothes. The only place to go was to run out of the mall, back up another hill, back around and into the newly opened ‘Insanity Syndrome’. From what the people had heard, it was bigger, better, flashier and more poles for strippers. It was a playboy’s dream. But the Lawson’s wanted to go away and slaughter the people who made them, just for fun.


By the time they reached the end of the mall and were outside in the car park, the woman had gone. They’d lost her at last and now they both leaned against the brick wall, laughing. Handing Quincy the second quiver of arrows, Quinn put the leather over his shoulder and when the quivers were one hundred percent comfortable they both set off slowly, regaining their breath and energy. The Lawson’s went at a gentle walk, too tired to move quickly. They looked down at the floor, hands in their pockets. As the harsh December winds cut the air, Quincy was glad for his scarf. Each of the twins had something discernible about them. Quincy a royal purple snood around his neck and Quinn a wide array of piercings and studs over his ear. It was a nervous tick to rub them if he was nervous so now Quinn was rubbing the small bit of flesh left on his ear. It was the middle of the lobe – the one small section which was not pierced. Quincy was tugging at his knitted scarf, another nervous habit. Quinn, now walking at a slower pace swung his hand up, grabbed the cold (almost ice) holder and swung it down, a tight grip enclosing the bar. Wrapping his arm around Quincy, ignoring the arrows poking into his arm, Quinn pulled his brother close and Quincy’s head rested on his brother’s shoulder. They both found comfort in each other being different and abnormal.


“Where do we go now?” Quinn asked

“A park?” Quincy suggested, looking up

“No, there are people there.” Quinn growled. He didn’t like people – people were dangerous because he would have to see when someone died. Quincy had the same problem. But Quincy liked people, he could get on well with them. As long as they didn’t look above the person who they were talking to. That was where they saw when the person would die or how they would die. Some weren’t pleasant and sometimes each of them found it hard to not smile as they glanced up as the digital figures and letters displayed themselves.

“Fine. Then we head to the nightclub.” Quinn suggested. There was no other say in it. Quinn liked having power. Although he didn’t like close fighting, he liked giving orders. It was vice versa with Quincy. Quincy was bold and strong in his fighting, but he preferred to take the backseat.

“So,” Quincy prompted, “how do we get there?”

“I suppose we just meander around until we see it.” Quinn suggested, snatching up an apple as he walked by. The person who owned the stall yelled and shook his fist, but was silenced as the twins glared in sync at him. The stall owner shrank back and they continued on their way. Quinn spun the apple in his hand and shined it up on his shirt. Digging his fangs into the apple, the taste was sweet and juicy. Now this was a modification to something that was really helpful. The Lawson’s could eat human and Vampiric food without feeling discomfort. Of course, they couldn’t devour human food too often, or else become a suspect.


With the apple finished, it was tossed in a side bin and they walked down the streets, the cobbles frozen and last night’s rain nice ice puddles. It was a miracle they didn’t slip over. They had to make their way to the club before the queues got busy and they weren’t allowed in. They had to be let in. They weren’t fuckboys, they just wanted to drink away their problems for one night and maybe chat up some girls with corny pickup lines. It was so awkward. But there was a strong chance that with their weapons there was a chance they wouldn’t be let in.


Slowing down to almost nothing, Quinn and Quincy sat down on the marble steps. It was only six, the club would be open by seven and no more people would be able to get in by seven thirty. From there it would be a mix of sluts, drug dealers, gangs and rich, flashy people. But of course, this was a hot spot for seeing how people would die and when. When it came to avoid not using their powers – there wasn’t a choice, it just happened – they weren’t very smart and they always seemed to go to places where they would see it.


It really wasn’t smart. But hey – they were experiments and if they were going to be found out, they may as well have the time of their lives being reckless.




At last, the large clock tower’s bell rung seven and the Lawson twins were at the front. As expected, people were shoving, even though they knew they were able to get in. The bouncer’s checked everyone as they went in. Of course, weapons were allowed in but they couldn’t be used. Quinn and Quincy wouldn’t’ve bothered to use them with all the security around. They didn’t want to be kicked out. Heading over to the bar they dodged the couples making out already. They swerved through the dancers – those with an electric element sending up small bolts as they moved. Quincy looked to some of the guys who were already drunk, he was disgusted by them and his face showed his disgust. Quinn was already chatting to some girl, ordering drinks. After paying fifteen pounds each, they would probably all be drunk due to the free drinks. Smiling, Quincy headed over to the bar, grabbing a bottle of tequila. By Quincy’s view of this place and the people in it – he wouldn’t be having sex with any of them.


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