The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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21. Chapter Eighteen



SEVEN deadly SINS .part two.


Delano had to admit, that waking up with a hangover wasn’t good, nor practical. What also didn’t help was that she was passed out on someone’s bed with rays of light streaming in which was slowly burning her. Pulling her hand away, Delano looking at the pale, now scarred skin. She had no idea how long the rays had been grazing her. Lifting her head up and gazing around she saw blurs, a man standing, pulling a shirt from the wardrobe. Delano had to admit that this man, whoever he was, had a very attractive, muscled back. But something was off about his back. There were two long, deep, jagged scars down his back and the rest of his back was red.

Rubbing her head, Delano sat up. Her head swam as blood rushed different places. “Woah . . .” she muttered, the man turning around to face.

“Are you okay there, love?” The man asked. There was something about his accent too. His accent was so nice, it was smooth and gentle. It wasn’t American, Delano had heard Elliot speak enough times to know what was American and what wasn’t.

So, no, it wasn’t American. Delano tried to go through other accents, but nothing seemed to fit. It wasn’t French, that wasn’t always nice to hear. German was too violent and this man’s accent was as smooth as water. It could’ve been Italian, but Delano was hungover and for all she knew, he could be Dutch.

“I’m fine.” Delano growled, resting her head between her knees, trying to calm down. But she wanted to know things. She wanted to know what was going on. “Who are you? Where the hell am I and how did I end up here?”

The man laughed. Everything Delano had seen and currently heard was beautiful. It showed care and affection, it showed tender and raw love, something that was hard to come by in the modern day and age. Most men wanted women who would make them sandwiches or they wanted women to have sex with. Delano wasn’t a massive feminist, but she was glad that there was someone who cared for her well-being. If he didn’t, then it was a nice thought for Delano to comfort herself with.


The man sat down next to Delano and wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her in close. “I can’t tell you anything.” He whispered, pulling her bra strap up.

“That’s just stupid.” She growled, trying to be fierce, but it didn’t work, her voice still slightly slurred. The man laughed gently as if she had amused him rather than try to insult him and her kissed her forehead tenderly.


Delano lifted her head and lay back down on the bed. It was soft and comfortable. “Well then how did I get from my house to here?” She laughed. “Did you take me from my bed and whisk my off like they do in fairtales?”

Again, the man laughed and turned his head, Delano turned her head to try and meet his gaze, but the shadows hid the man’s face. That was odd as well. If this man seemed to care so much, why did he laugh like she was a sex toy and make her seem like a child.

“No, my dear, I didn’t whisk you off. You were walking down the street, clearly drunk and I took you to my place. From there, I was caught by your astounding beauty and then you, well . . .”

“I what?” Delano snapped as the man’s voice trailed off.

“I think you can guess what happened. Your mind isn’t as pure as others.” He winked, or at least Delano hoped he did and the man went back to doing up his shirt. Delano turned her body away, looking towards the windows, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.


“Don’t be uncomfortable, love.” The man smiled, he spoke quietly, but his voice travelled well. “Your body is flawless and there’s no reason to be awkward. Everything about you is perfect and amazing. There’s no reason to feel shy now that your mind isn’t guided by alcohol. There’s nothing to hide and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I understand you may feel awkward in my presence, but there’s nothing to truly fear.”

Although he didn’t state it, Delano sensed that there really was nothing to fear. Yet. This man may’ve been charming, but there was something off. The way he carefully hid his face and the way he was so charming and poetic with words. Something wasn’t right. Delano wanted to get up, she wanted to get up and run. She wanted to run from this building and escape. She wanted to escape and get home. She wanted to get home and drown out her problems with alcohol. She didn’t care how bad it was for her body. It was the only way she could break the strain. It was the only way to stop herself from freaking out every time she left a building. She would never admit it to Evelyn, because if Evelyn found out about why she drank so heavily, then Delano could risk being chucked out. And Delano had too much pride to be kicked out onto the streets again. And she didn’t want to be alone. On the outside, to some, Delano acted cold, and harsh and brutal. But those who really knew Delano knew that she was kind and caring. Those who knew her even better knew that Delano played Devil’s Advocate, seeing the good and bad in everyone and everything. She never let her past define her way of thinking.


But sometimes, the past got in the way and begun to haunt her again. And the past was something Delano had tried countless times to drown in alcohol, but no matter how hard she tried, her Vampire instincts would either cough up the alcohol with blood or give her a hangover. But her mind played the most amount of tricks in the world. Being able to read minds was a curse. She heard what people really wanted to say, she knew people’s true intentions. She knew what people really wanted and how they were going to get it.

That made her a target. She was a target and she would always be a target.


The man made his way before Delano and gripped her chin, lifting it up. “And thanks for last night, it was . . . interesting.” He kissed the tip of her nose and turned away, grabbing a hat that had been left on the table next to the door. The slamming of the door echoing around the empty room.


Delano woke herself up by screaming. She was in a cold sweat and her body was tense. Gripping the sheets, Delano’s muscles were tight and strained. She had no idea what was going on. What the hell had been happening inside her head? Delano had built up so many walls that it was impossible to get in.


Having heard the screams of her friend, Evelyn had rushed in and launched herself onto Delano’s bed. “Shh . . . shh . . .” Evelyn whispered, pulling Delano close. “It’s gonna be okay . . . it’s all gonna be okay.” She whispered, rocking Delano. Although Evelyn didn’t want to admit it, Evelyn was scared now. Delano had never shown any weakness, and if something had shocked Delano so badly that it made her cry, Evelyn was scared. If it made Delano cry, what would it do for her?


But soon after, Evelyn’s fear morphed into anger. Evelyn was livid that something so bad had made Delano scream and cry. Evelyn swore that she would boil the blood of whoever had made Delano had cry. But Evelyn was getting ahead of herself. She had some more, slightly more important things to be worried about. For example taking over the train which would be entering Vloodmir soon.

Evelyn decided that she would be good, she would make it up to Elliot and she would help in the Takeover, no matter how much of a failure it would be. But, it was only Boxing Day, and Evelyn wanted to relax, so, the day went by slowly.


Delano hadn’t been in the mood to talk about why she had woken up screaming, so locking herself in her room seemed like the best option. But before she had locked herself in the room, Delano ensured that she had enough alcohol, books and films to keep herself occupied. But Evelyn wasn’t going to push Delano to open up. When, or if, Delano opened up was her own choice.


So, Evelyn spent most of her day in the snow covered garden, creating stronger bolts of electricity, increasing the voltage each time. She wanted to do more with her electricity, she wanted to create weapons, she wanted to create clones of herself, she wanted to do everything. But it was never going to happen. She wasn’t powerful enough; she would never be powerful enough to do all that she wanted to. But after half an hour of trying to improve to become better, she had made barely any progress. On the verge of collapsing, Evelyn left the freezing garden and stumbled inside, gripping the door to keep herself up. Although Vampires didn’t feel the cold or heat, if the temperature was too hot or too cold, then they would feel something. As Britain was notorious for being as cold as the Devil’s heart, Evelyn was feeling the iciness seeping through her skin.




Elliot didn’t have to worry about the cold, Snow and Genevieve were sat on the same sofa, facing the fire, the flames reflecting in their dark eyes. Elliot stood by the door, the couple’s back to him. He didn’t understand what they saw in each other. He hated to be prejudice, but he didn’t trust Genevieve, yes, she was a traitor to the Trusoni’s, but it didn’t seem right. A cough alerted Elliot and he turned. “Master King?” The servant asked, his gloved hands holding a slim note. Elliot approached the servant and snatched the note. The servant didn’t even flinch; the poor man was probably used to it. Reading the note, a small smile coated Elliot’s lips. A visitor, how nice. And he knew exactly who it was.


Evelyn walked up the Vloodmir Manor steps, her hair flowing beautifully, each strand in sync with the other. Elliot sighed, and hung his head, rubbing his eyes. He had seen the damage Evelyn had done, Guards were killed, most likely from shock – literally and metaphorically. Evelyn turned and smiled. “I’ll save you a dance.” She winked and Elliot blushed, looking down. Then his head snapped back up.

“What do you mean?” He asked,

“We’re going to have a party when we take over Vloodmir.” Evelyn grinned, her eyes alight with excitement. It was an emotion he had rarely seen in Evelyn, and it made him happy. He had no words to express how he felt. But still, Evelyn carried on walking down the steps, running her finger down the banister, her heels making no noise on the old wood. She had improved her stealth dramatically, a true benefit to herself and Elliot. A true master of murder could blend into any environment. Evelyn did just that in enemy territory. If she didn’t then she’d die. And that wasn’t on her agenda. If she could live forever, then she intended to survive.


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