The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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11. Chapter Eight





Throwing himself at Jymes who was following his Evelyn, Elliot was blinded by rage. His fangs were sharp and Elliot hadn’t fed for a while. God he was starving. Jymes hit the marble floor and both went sprawling. Getting a mouthful of blue hair Elliot coughed, spit going into Jymes’ hair. “You ruined my hair!” Jymes snarled, looking up, offended.

“That won’t be the only thing ruined.” Elliot muttered. He didn’t know why he had even wanted to date Jymes. He was an open fuckboy. At least he was open about it. Rolling away and sending a boot into Jymes’ gut, he rolled across the marble floor and clattered down the few steps. The guests who hadn’t noticed the commotion now did and ran away. Elliot still couldn’t see Evelyn. He needed to find her. Jymes rolled over onto his front and curled up, his elbows resting on the floor. “Why did you follow me?” Jymes gasped between breaths. “You know you can’t have Evie back. She has no memory of you anymore. She cares only for me.”


Evelyn’s head poked around the corner and she walked out, her hair now in delicate curls down her body. The sparkles on the top of the dress which outlined her figure shone and glinted in the light. The sparkles on the under layer also complimented the jewels above and the red matched the blood which still had to be shed. It also brought out the intensity of her eyes. Jymes took this distraction to slam Elliot into the fountain. Another crunch heard.  Evelyn just stood there. Elliot was an enemy, she may have been corrupted by Jymes, but those memories had been put in six hours ago. They were fighting. The old fighting for control. Licking the chocolate from the back of her teeth she grinned, enjoying the spectacle.


Elliot was not enjoying it. While locked in physical battle with Jymes, both were destroying the other with their minds. Jymes could read which move he was going to do next, but Jymes was manipulating his thoughts. This was not done very well as he kept being thrown into walls and statues. Skidding back, his boots slid and squeaked on the floor. There were spots and splatters of blood on Elliot’s black outfit and Jymes’ white shirt looked like he had murdered someone. Elliot’s nose was bleeding and he held a hand to it, gathering his breath back. Jymes dabbed his split lip. Neither had gone for the neck – or the nuts – if they went for the neck then there was a chance he who went for the neck would get beaten up. Then there would be some form of pain to the nuts.


Flipping up, Jymes stumbled back. He didn’t have the poise and grace anymore. He had taken a good few beatings. But Elliot was smart and he had too much pride to realise that Elliot was reading his mind and his every move. Of course, Elliot read that too. Bracing himself on one knee Elliot pushed himself up, his hair flopping over his eye. Taking his hand from his lip he looked down with disgust. “Now my hand has blood all over it!”

Jymes looked on with confusion. Why Elliot was making references to his daily routine, Jymes had no idea. But he didn’t have time to think about it. Elliot tackled Jymes roughly and suddenly Evelyn was in the mix, both men at different ends of the room. Jymes was on his hands and knees, sliding to the French glass doors at the back which lead to the magnificent garden. Elliot on the other hand was back at the stairs, rolling, his back hitting the bottom stair. Evie’s dress spun slightly and made a slight whooshing noise as it scraped the floor. “Stop it.” Her voice was different, it was controlled, it was powerful and it conveyed dominance. She was the ringleader now and it made Elliot’s head spin. Or it was the fact that he had been hit with electricity.


Evelyn really had been corrupted.


Tossing her hair back, she looked at them both in turn. “Elliot, why are you here? Are you not loyal to Snow?”


Even her voice was different.


“You are a Trusoni ally, Evie. Jymes is gay, he doesn’t care for you.”

“I know what he is. He cares for me.”

“He doesn’t you damn idiot!” Elliot snarled, taking a threatening step forward. It didn’t faze Evelyn and the tip of her finger was pointed at him, crackling with energy.


She had never been this strong.


“Stay there.” She ordered and walked off, her heels clicking on the polished floor. It was so precise and so sharp. Throwing the doors open she walked into the adjacent room and headed straight over to the table. She wanted food. Vampires had evolved to be able to digest human food. It was helpful, but it wasn’t exactly fun and it hurt their stomachs. It didn’t go down as easy as blood. Pursing her lips, Evelyn spat out the food. She really couldn’t be bothered to eat food. She wanted blood but it was a sin to drink from another Vampire. She’d have to find a blood whore somewhere, they were always willing, and if not – well, Evelyn was very persuasive when she needed to be.


Heading back into the main room, the two men were where they should be. But something was wrong – there was an intense look of concentration on each of their faces. They were fighting each other with their minds. They were trying to destroy each other with their minds.

Evelyn found it pathetic. “You know I’m right here so say what you want.”

There was no response to that. Giving up with rage and starvation Evelyn slammed her heel on the floor, the sound ringing out and sending both back onto the floor. The Electric Bomb. She was powerful. Evelyn didn’t know how she got this powerful. Of course, they were taught in school how to harness their ability, but she had never, ever been this strong. Looking down at them she repeated herself. “You know I’m right here so you can say what you want.”

“But-” Jymes began, his voice shaking a little. He had been hit with high volts of electricity a couple of seconds ago so this reaction was normal. His brain was trying to make sense of the situation, but Jymes wasn’t very smart so it would take him a while.


Turning her full attention to Elliot, she saw that he wasn’t moving. Clearing her throat Elliot lifted his head slowly. His whole body hurt and ached all over. His mind was a mess and he knew he would have bruises by the time the sun rose up in a few hours. Elliot didn’t dare look Evelyn in the eyes – he feared he would kill her. She probably would if her mind wasn’t fighting a battle of memories. Even if Elliot got Evelyn out alive, then she would still be at war with herself. She would have fleeting moments of trust and hours to days of confusion. There would be times when she would trust no one – not even Elliot. There was no way of telling what Jymes had done to his Evelyn.


Elliot would bring it crashing down to the ground.


Jymes’ eyes looked up and around, trying to find Evelyn. He had to get her out of here. He had to ensure she felt so much hatred to Elliot that she couldn’t look him in the eye. But his palms tried to get some form of grip on the tiles and failed miserably. They were covered in sweat, he had done too much work and he was shattered. Trying a new tactic, he rested his knuckles on the tiles and quickly sat up, letting his weight push down on his heels and he pushed his blue hair back. His intense gaze rested on Evelyn. She was crouching before Elliot and if Jymes could’ve seen through people then he would’ve seen Evelyn’s gentle fingertips lifting Elliot’s head up. Jymes tried to get in her mind but he couldn’t. He couldn’t reach that far. That mental fight with Elliot had drained him.


Jymes’ hated being gay at that moment. He hated fighting with his ex. He hated anything to do with Elliot. He hated that Evelyn was looking down at Elliot the way Jymes had. Jymes had never wanted anyone else to look at Elliot like that. But someone was. And someone was doing it better than him. Shoving himself up to his full height, Jymes walked forward slowly, stumbling. His footsteps made Evelyn turn her head. She saw the state Jymes was in and she stood up, clicking her neck. She wasn’t suited for close battle. Despite it being a stolen dress from who-knew-where, it was actually rather nice and Evelyn didn’t want to ruin it. Of course, it matched the colour of blood so that didn’t matter at all. “You’re an egotistic bitch.” Evelyn growled. She then realised she used the wrong insult word and waited for the snarky reply.

“I’m a bastard, darling.”

Evelyn had had enough, taking a large step forward, Evelyn’s hand closed around Jymes’ neck and squeezed. She didn’t want to kill him, just teach him a lesson. Not to mess with a Trusoni. Yes, they may have lost the war in 1800’s but they weren’t weak, not anymore. The Vloodmir’s weren’t fully Nazi-like, but there was still a large portion of jobs and roles which only Vloodmir and their ally’s could fill. The Vloodmir’s got the better blood whores and the first pick of food – if there was a war. That rule hadn’t come into play yet, but the Trusoni’s hoped it would never, ever happen – and got the best of pretty much everything.


Bolts suddenly reflected in Jymes’ eyes and Evelyn let him down, his body slamming onto the floor, the head hitting the tiles last. Turning and gracefully walking back to Elliot, Evelyn crouched down slightly and gave him her hand. He willingly took it and pulled himself up, nearly pulling Evelyn down. She regained her balance and rolled her neck. “Can we eat?” Elliot’s first words were.

“I saved you, taught Jymes a lesson and was all bad-ass and I don’t get a thank you? All I get is a ‘can we eat?’.” Evelyn smiled, but she was slightly annoyed. “Thank you, much appreciated. Now can we eat?”

“Well the local blood whore central is a long way away from Vloodmir Manor and I’ll have a long time to wait. I’m not even a damn Vloodmir for Christ’s sake! You are, so you get privileges. So you can eat. But I’m going to take something off the streets because I can’t be bothered to walk my fancy ass down to a blood whore building!”


Evelyn didn’t know where that came from. She took a step back and she could see in his eyes that he was shocked. Elliot knew she defended Trusoni’s and her family, but he never thought it would’ve gone that far. Carrying on with small steps backwards Evelyn suddenly turned and fled, hauling the dress up. It was like Romeo and Juliet where Juliet ran from her suitor (and dead boyfriend). But Evelyn was going to feed. She’d seduce some guy from the street and rip his throat out. That happened to a lot of Vampires so everyone wasn’t really surprised when dead Vampires were in the street – aside from their families. But that wasn’t Evelyn’s concern.


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