The Black Craft

How can I fear the end when I know that where I am
headed is to a new destiny?
Being a reincarnated Witch isn't easy. 18-year-old Billie
is struggling with coming to these terms. On the eve before her
eighteenth birthday she discovers she and her family are Witches,
her best friend is an Empath and the school Principal is a

The first eighteen years of her life she's been kept in
the dark all so that she and her brother could have a normal
childhood. But her fathers' choices has led to disastrous
consequences. Billie must learn to conrtol her powers and gain
strength as the first Vampire is reborn in the small town of Penn

A lot of questions surround the new kids, Astrid, Christian and
Desiree. Billie doesn't trust them and likes it even less
when her own brother, Brian, begins to date one of them. But
what can she do about it when she has to keep her own secrets


6. Hurricane Billie

I could hear Riley calling out to me from his front porch just barely over the wind, but I ignored him.  The wind was growing stronger and it felt like it was holding me back as I ran to my car.  The rain poured in sheets by the time I was in my car I was soaked to the bone.  My father had a lot to answer for, he may not be alive any longer but I just knew that at his grave I would find answers.


My reckless driving almost got me killed three times and the heavy rain and blinding lightening didn’t help my vision any better.  I finally reached St Christopher’s on Marshall Boulevard and Small Street.  I knew Riley must be looking for me and had probably alerted my family also so I parked the Beatle on Willow Road just past Holman Boulevard and walked back to the church.  In front of the church were large, black, iron wrought gates.  Even though the gates were swinging wildly in the wind they were closed securely with a link chain and large padlock.  I couldn’t climb the gates without hurting myself so I resentfully used my powers to unlock them. 


In my minds’ eye I imagined them opening for me and with a great clanking crash, the padlock unlocked itself and the large gates flew open.  It was dark and creepy and only a few lights from the street lit the small narrow paths.  It was near midnight and the wind was howling something awful which made my bones freeze with fear being in the creepy cemetery at this hour.  I walked up the stone path and turned right away from the church into the largest cemetery on the grounds.  The thunder sounded like drums to match my throbbing heart, the rain made a cacophony of noise as it clattered all around and the crunch of gravel under my feet made everything so much more terrifying as the wind blew me around in all directions.  I feared the cemetery; I feared the weather but above all that I was more afraid of myself and what I was becoming. As I neared the rows of hundreds of graves the burning spark within scorched me as I proceeded to walk up the grassy slope that led to my parents’ grave.  My heart was beating wildly as I approached their headstone I dropped to my knees and read it.


Here lies loving parents Brendan Owen Black born 5th September 1970 and Jessica Preston Black born 2nd February 1970.  Both tragically died on 8th May 2007.


“Why?” I shouted.  “Why did you leave me?  Why didn’t you tell me who I really am?  How am I supposed to do this on my own?  I don’t think I can, it’s impossible!” I shouted all this through my tears as the wind continued to eddy me around.  A branch from a nearby tree broke free and threw me to the ground.  For ages I sat sobbing lying on my stomach, I couldn’t move I was paralyzed with the weight of loneliness leaning hard on me.  “I’m so alone I wish you were here to tell me what to do.  I don’t know what comes next and I’m not sure I want to.  Everything is just happening too fast to make sense.” I said to the ground beneath me.


I turned on my back and sighed as the rain started to drown me.  I felt sleepiness begin to tug at my eyelids but then I saw something move down the slope I had previously ran up.  Sitting upright, all traces off sleepiness forgotten as all my senses went on wild fire.  There was someone standing at the bottom of the slope.  I think I’d recognize that red dress anywhere now.  Josephine was standing with an umbrella in one hand and gesturing for me to follow her with the other.  I climbed up and saw her walking along to the other rows where there were fewer headstones.  I dashed after her jumping over headstones not bothering when I ran right across someone’s grave.  She stopped in an empty part of the cemetery waiting for me.

“Are you real?” I asked when I was only a few yards from her.

“I’m very real, to you at least.  If anyone else saw us right now it would look like you were talking to yourself.”

“Why are you here?”

“To help you understand.  The magic is a part of you; it’s growing stronger all the time.  You must not fight it; this is a chance for you to do something good.”

“I don’t know if I want them though.”

“Don’t be silly.  It’s buried deep within you, why if the spark wasn’t a part of you I wouldn’t be able to communicate with you.”

“But I don’t know anything about magic.  I can’t control it either.” I said talking faster all the time.

“You have to control them otherwise they will control you and it will drive you insane.”

“But what does it matter if I’m a witch or not.  It’s not exactly like I can use it in a career.  What is the point to moving objects with my mind?”  I asked hysterically.

“You have no idea what you can achieve with your gifts.” She said, softening.  “I used my own to conquer evil and help those that I loved.”

“Conquer evil?” I asked timidly.

She nodded.  “And you can too.  There is a great evil brewing here, Billie.  Your enemies are gathering to raise a fallen enemy of mine.”

“Enemies?  I don’t have enemies.”

“You will.  I foresaw it long ago, which is why I cast a spell so one of my future descendants would be me reincarnate.”

“That’s not fair!  I had a life, I had a plan.  I was going to be a photographer.  An artist.  You have no right to force yourself on me like this.”

“I’m sorry, Billie, I really am.  I only hoped it would help you fight him.”

“You’re old enemy?”

“Yes.  I fought and destroyed him many years ago but there are forces being put in motion to raise him from the damned.  I don’t know how and I don’t know when.  But you are the only person with the power to send him back to hell.”

“How?” I can’t believe I asked that.

“I’ll show you the way but first you must remember who you are.” She said stepping closer.

“Who … Who am I?” I stammered.

“Me.” She said placing her hand on my cheek and then I was falling.



I awoke in a dank and dirty cell; it was only the morning after my trial.  Scores of innocent men and women were to be executed.  Some were witches and some were not, but none of the witches I knew were bad people.  They may not be very good Christians but that didn’t mean they were monsters either.  Someday those liars and murderers will pay a price for this injustice, whether it is now or tomorrow or in another time when their future generations will pay it.  I hear the footsteps of the judge and executioner approach.  The day has come for your execution, Josephine. says the Judge as the masked man pulled me from my prison.  He bound my hands and blindfolded me.  He led the way out of the stinking cells up towards the light.  Youll regret this. I say.  I doubt that, this is only the beginning.  Were finding more and more like your friends every day and we will eradicate you all.  Says the judge.  I could hear the crowds baying for my blood now.  I wasn’t ashamed of killing those men, they deserved it.  The masked man frog marched me across to the gallows up to the platform where the noose awaited.  They placed the noose over my head and removed the blindfold from my eyes.  I scan the crowds; glad my children are safe from these murderers and liars.  How could God let these lowly creatures run amuck of this town.  They will pay for their crimes just as surely as I am.  There, amongst the filth that calls themselves humans, is my good friend.  Leonard.  Oh my dear friend, how sad a day for him to lose me.  I winked at him and he frowned I call to him, I will return!  The mob grows wilder and they chant Down with the wicked witch!  I know my time has come and there is no means to magic or bargain my way out of this.  But all the good I have done in my life is not forgotten, Ive fought demons, cursed the deadly and damned the soulless.  Even the devil himself fears me.  How can I fear the end when I know that where I am heading is to a new destiny?  I turn to my captors and raise my head high, You may kill me now, murderers.  The masked man pulls on the lever as I watch my dear friend cry.


“What the hell, Josephine?” I groan.  I had forgotten where I was.  All I remembered was the sensation of falling.  I look to my right and see Josephine lying next to me.

“Do not fear, Billie.” She says.  “It’s only seconds till midnight and your destiny waits.”

“What the hell was all that about and where are we?” An enclosed, cramped and tiny space.  Oh, no, this couldn’t be what I think it is.

“Your biggest fear is being buried alive, is it not?” She asked.

“If I’m in a coffin, I’m gonna kill you.” I say as the burning ignites my skin and the humming begins once more.

“How can you?  I’m already dead, remember?” She asked shrugging.


My biggest deepest fear was in fact being buried alive and now I realized I was in fact buried alive.  “Why have you done this to me?” I shrieked.

“A test.  If you can face your greatest fear and overcome it then you’ll be ready to fight what waits ahead.”


I start tearing away at the coffin interior until I feel wood.  Panicking, I start punching the wood in an attempt to dig myself out.

“Oh, that’s no good.  You’re not strong enough, only your powers can help you.” She said unabashedly.

“How can I use them?  They‘re burning me.  I … can’t breathe!”

“Relax, Billie.” Josephine said patting my arm.  “How can you overcome fear and claim your power if you are choking to death?  That won’t help anyone.”  I lay still closing my eyes trying to find a way to distract myself from the obvious fact that I was buried alive.  “Good, now, midnight is mere seconds away.  I want you to think about your powers, how you controlled them at the gates.  They will return to you when the church bell chimes midnight.”

“I don’t think there’s enough oxygen in here.” Istammered.

“Just concentrate, Billie.”


I began to see earth moving in my mind’s eye and the coffin lid lifting off me.  I heard the bells chiming, I stopped breathing and began to choke.  “Now, Billie!  You must hurry!”

The burning pulled into my heart and I could feel it egging me on.  I threw my hands out as far as I could reach and felt the mass of earth lift as the coffin lid flew off.  When I looked around Josephine was no longer lying next to me.  I ached all over and was not only wet from rain but also from sweat, I could tell.  Gulping large breaths of air, I sat up slowly and registered my surroundings.  It looked like a bomb had gone off and I was sitting in the exact spot where it would’ve gone off.  More earth had been moved than I had planned; it covered the grass around me and some of the nearer headstones.  The lid of the coffin lay broken and scattered in several places.  I was still deep down, even though the earth had been moved, I had to climb up the small hill of earth.  The spark was nothing more than a kindling flame within me.  When I finally made it up and was back on my feet I saw a small gathering further down the slope but closer, still, was Josephine leaning against a tall headstone.  “I see the forecast in the weather has changed.”

I looked up at the sky.  The night was clear once more, the wind was only a gentle breeze, the rain had stopped and the only thing to light the sky was the moon and the stars.  When I looked at the moon I saw it was crescent shaped and there were three large, twinkling stars right next to it.

“Are you ready to accept your destiny?” Josephine asked.

“Yes, I am.” She smiled.


I looked down at the crowd at the bottom of the slope and turned back to Josephine.  She was gone.  But not really since I finally understood that I was her in every way that she was me.

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