You are my drug

Hi I'm Anna Gilmore I'm 18. My favourite bands are 5sos nirvana 1D hey violet and green day. My life sucks. My parents are horrible I had to rase my little brother and now he calls me mommy. I am more of a mother to him that my mother is. I have a plan we will have a better life.


2. the truth

Anna's pov:

I asked Luke "can you keep a secret?" He said " yes" I said " everybody thinks he is my little brother. I even told him that but the truth is he's my son. My parents hid that and so did I because the father wasn't my boyfriend it was my own dad." I started crying. Luke said " it's ok Anna. What he did was wrong but now you have this wonderful kid." I looked up at him and said " you look for the best and not the worst." Then I said " I tried to tell Ben that my parents were his parents but they treated him like he didn't exist like he was a ugly and a mistake. So he always called me mommy and my parents hated that so the took it out on me and beat me and a lot of the time Ben saw them do it. And after they were done Ben would run up to me and cry." He hugged me and said " everything is going to be ok. You guys are safe now. And I will always protect you too." I fell asleep listing to Luke's breath. I woke up and saw that Luke was gone and so was ben I started to freak out. I ran down stairs and saw Luke trying to cook but not being very successful and Ben drinking chocolate milk. I hugged Luke and said " thank you." He looked down and me and kissed me. We both pulled away and I smiled. Then I remembered that Jennifer was probably in the guest room. I walked I to the gust room and saw that she was still asleep so I woke her up and said " hey chica I have to tell you something big." She said " what." I said " wellllllll..." I told her everything that happens last night. He started jumping up and down saying " my best friend is dating Luke Hemmings!" I said " shut up." She ran out of the room and in to the kitchen not knowing that Luke was in there and I swear she almost fainted when she saw Luke. I just said " Luke this is Jennifer, Jen this is Luke." She just smiled and said " Hi. Um Anna I have to leave I will talk to you later." And she walked out of the door. I walked over to Luke and said " need help." And he said " YESS I suck at cooking." I started cooking and Luke hugged me from the back and rested his head on my head. I gave Ben his plate and Luke his plate and we ate. I walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I pulled up my shirt and saw the HUGE bruise from last night. I touched it and let out a little scream. Luke ran in and said " are you ok?" And turned around so he could see. He gasped and said " ok we need ice and a ace bandage." I got out the ace bandage and he got the ice. He rapped my ribs and gave me some aspirin. We laid on the couch and I put on phineas and ferb for Ben. Ben laid down with us and fell asleep.

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