You are my drug

Hi I'm Anna Gilmore I'm 18. My favourite bands are 5sos nirvana 1D hey violet and green day. My life sucks. My parents are horrible I had to rase my little brother and now he calls me mommy. I am more of a mother to him that my mother is. I have a plan we will have a better life.


1. the master plan

Anna's pov:

My parents just left to go to the bar. This was my only chance to get out safely. I grabbed my stuff and my little brother Ben who is 3. I ran out of the house and hopped into my car. I drove a hour to my best friends parents beach house. They agreed to let me stay there for free because they knew my situation. I pulled up the the house. We walked in and I put my stuff down in my room and walked Ben to his room. Ben asked " mommy where are we?" I said " our new home baby away from those horrible people." He said " ok." I set his stuff down and I went down stars to the kitchen. Jennifer( my best friend) said that she would go grocery shopping for me before I came. I wasn't poor or anything. My grandparents left me all of their money. I got $20,000 when I was 15 and they said in their will that I should spend that money on fun stuff so I did I have been going to every 5sos concert in Sydney and I always had a front row seat. So I have like $9,050 left and I still work and everything. In two more years I get another $20,000. So I'm not worried about money. Tomorrow was 5sos' last concert of the tour and it was in Sydney so I was going. I made dinner and we ate. I put Ben to bed and went to sleep. I was woken up by Ben crawling into my bed. We were in the middle of a storm and he is really scared of storms. I pulled him close to me and said " it's ok Ben I'm right here." He said " goodnight mommy." I smiled and fell asleep.

Next morning

I woke up and made breakfast. Ben came down and ate. We watched TV until Jennifer got here. She was going to babysit Ben until I got back from the concert. I opened the door and let her in. I walked up to my room and changed for the concert I put on my black skinny jeans, and 5sos muscle tee and a red and black flannel tied around my waist and some black vans. I slightly curled my hair and put on lip gloss and I was finished. I walked out of my room and said goodbye to Jennifer and Ben. I walked to my car and started driving to the concert.

Luke's pov:

I'm so nervous today is our last show and it is in Sydney. I always see the same beautiful girl standing in the front row. I think I may have a small crush on her.

Anna's pov:

I walked up to my seat. I waited like 1 hour before Hey Violet came on. Then I screamed like hell when 5sos came on. *skip the concert* I was walking in the halls looking for the bath room when somebody grabbed my arm I turned around and it was my dad I screamed "HELP ME!!" Then he punched me in the face and in the ribs I fell down but I didn't hit the ground I fell into somebody's arms. They picked me up and carried me somewhere while security was carrying my dad away the person set me down on a couch and I barley got a look at him before I blacked out. I woke up and heard two people whispering I listened to the voices and it was Luke and Calum from 5sos they were saying

L-Luke C-Calum

L- i heard somebody scream so I ran to them and saw a guy punch this poor girl twice. I picked her up and saw that it was her the mystery girl.

C- oh the one you have a crush on.

L- yea her and I picked her up and carried her in here and she blacked out. I cleaned up her face and everything but I wish I could help her more.

I touched my belly and winced in pain. Then Luke came around the corner and said " do you want some ice?" I said " yes please." Calum left to get ice and Luke said " can I look at it for a second." I said " yea and by the way my name is Anna." Then he said " hi Anna." He lifted up my shirt a little and gasped and said "Anna we should take you to the hospital." I said " No you can't." The he said " why not?" I said "Because if my dad finds me there he wont just punch me he will kill me." He looked at me and said " that was you dad who hurt you?" I said " yea it's not the first time.

Luke's pov:

I looked at Anna. Her dad abused her. That is horrible. I asked her " why would your dad try to kill you?" She said " because I ran away with my little brother." I said " do you want me to take you home?" She said " If you don't mind." I said " I don't mind at all." I picked her up and carried her to my car. She gave me directions to her house and I said " hey you live next door to me and the boys." She said cool. We talked the whole car ride. We had so much I common.

Anna's pov:

He pulled up in the drive way and helped me out of the car. I pulled out my key and oped the door but when I tried to walk in I failed at walking and tripped and twisted my ankle. Luke picked me up bridle style and said "point me to your room." I showed him the way and he carried me up there. I grabbed my pjs and changed in the bathroom. I walked out and crawled into bed. Luke started to walk out but I said " stay please." He said " ok" he took off his jeans and shirt and crawled under the covers and opens up his arms for me. I snuggled up to him and fell asleep. I was woken my somebody saying " I had a bad dream." I opens my eyes and saw Ben. I said " come here baby." He laid down in the small gap between me and Luke. I laid my head on Luke's chest and started crying. I felt somebody grab my hand and say "what's wrong?" I looked up at Luke and said " nothing I'm just so happy that I got out and I am safe." He kissed my head and said "Anna will you be my girlfriend?" I looked up at him and said " yes." He smiled and pulled me closer to him. I felt Ben crawl up on top of Luke and fall into and even deeper sleep. I just said " he is a cuddlier like me." Luke said " so I'm guessing this is your little brother." I said " can you keep a secret?"

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