You are my drug

Hi I'm Anna Gilmore I'm 18. My favourite bands are 5sos nirvana 1D hey violet and green day. My life sucks. My parents are horrible I had to rase my little brother and now he calls me mommy. I am more of a mother to him that my mother is. I have a plan we will have a better life.


3. mommy and.....

Anna's pov:

These past two months me Luke and Ben have been doing a lot of stuff together and today we are at the beach. Luke and Ben were building a sandcastle. Ben said " mommy mommy look what me and daddy made." I looked at Luke and he had the biggest smile I had ever seen. I said " it looks great guys." Then I sat down next to Luke and said " Luke I'll talk to him about what he called you." Then he said " Anna I may not be his biological father but I want to be his dad. Look I love you and Ben. I want to be there for the both of you and you shouldn't have to raise Ben alone. He needs a dad because his father is a duche." I said " ok I trust you but you do know there is a lot of responsibility that comes with being a dad." He said " yeah I know and I want to do all of those little things with him." I said " and if you want you could move in with us. I mean it would make since." The he kissed me and said " I would love to move in with you." And is aid " I love you." He kissed me and Ben said " EW!!" We pulled away and I said " come here." He walked over to us and sat down and I said " daddy is going to live with us." He said " yay." And hugged Luke. We went home and I put Ben in his room and we went to our room and fell asleep in each others arms.

A week later

Luke's pov:

I went to go get the mail and I saw a letter from management.

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