Imaginary Friend

The Winchesters are at it again but they meet three other hunters who have the same objective: to survive. Teaming together means some rough things for everyone. For Dean, Sam and Castiel, they all fall for the same poison: a girl.


1. Wings

Amelia's POV





I pushed the shopping cart down the candy aisle until I stopped in front of the chocolates. The mixture of every single brand of candy bar were at my fingertips, yet they mostly made me sick to my stomach. Butterfingers were a gag, Twix made me want to die and whoever came up with 100 Grand hopefully died eating it.


“Crunch  or Almond Joy?”

I look  to Charlotte, who came walking up her arms filled with pie.

I shook my head quickly.


“Ok, no we are not getting six pies. Especially since they cost like four ninety-nine each.” I tilt my neck down, giving her a bitter glare

“If you can get six pounds of cheese, plain simple cheese, then I can get six pies.” She didn’t take no for an answer as she set the pies down into the cart.

Charlotte and pie was a mix you couldn’t fix. Trying to pry Charlotte away from the bakery section of the grocery store was like trying to pull a lion away from his dinner.

"It wasn't six pounds!" I fetch the small ball of mozzarella cheese from our cart.

"Sure looked like it." She stuck her tongue out.

"Whatever." I grab a handful of each candy bar and I drop them into the cart.

“Don’t you think we have enough? We have four cases of pop, seven boxes of cereal, three gallons of milk, five boxes of pop-tarts, six pounds of cheese.” Charlotte gave me a witty look before continuing


"Not six pounds." I mutter under my breath

“two bags of green apples, eight bags of Doritos and six pies and a lot of candy bars. I think we are going to have to pull out the credit card.”

I nodded my head slowly. Charlotte must have known what I was thinking because the smile faded off her face.

“Oh sorry. I forgot.”  she took control of the cart as we  walked over to the registers.


We set all of our food onto the belt and watched Abby Jingi sit up in her seat, popping her nasty blueberry and grape bubblegum. Abby Jingi was the only cashier here, at this dingi little grocery store that sat on the corner of Marigold and Pabila corner.

Charlotte paid, I bagged. I quickly and neatly packed each bag, as it rolled up next to me.I loaded the nine bags back into the cart and Charlotte paid off the one hundred and four dollars of groceries we had.


She pushed the cart out to our blue 2007 Dodge Charger. I stood there, watching Charlotte load the bags into the trunk.

“Are you going to help me?” she looked vexed. I was about to answer with a snappy comment when an Impala shot straight past us.

I looked at the license plate.

“Charlotte, remember KAZ 2Y5.” I lifted a bag and set it next to the others.


“What are we going to do? Call the police, for a car driving?” Charlotte placed the last bag in and slammed the trunk closed.

“No but we can hunt them down and run them over with our car.” I shrug.

Charlotte looked at me and rolled her eyes.


“Take the cart back will you?” Before I could object she shoved the cart into me.  She marched to her spot at the driver’s seat. I grumbled as I pushed the cart through the empty parking lot and into a cart collector. I turned around and the Impala was parked behind our car.

Two men sat there, talking and pointing to Charlotte. I prowled my way behind the car, still unseen. I snuck under the passenger’s side window.It was open just a crack and just enough for me to listen to their conversation.

“This is where Bobby said they were.” I peeped over the edge. The one in the passenger’s side was talking.

“He said there were reports of 2 hunters trying to pass as FBI. Sound familiar?” the one in the driver’s seat looked ahead to Charlotte who was blasting Maroon 5 throughout the entire town of Ann Arbor.


“Well it can’t be those two.” He pointed to our car.


“The freaking redhead was wearing a shirt that said  Fries before Guys.” He looked at the other guy.

“Dean, Bobby said a blue 2007 Dodge Charger, and even though he couldn’t find a name, he said their credit card is registered to a Megan Colt, who apparently died 6 months ago.” he pointed to the back of the car where the familiar  sticker that said “Best Sister Ever: Megan”

“Fine, let’s follow them.” I heard enough , I pull out my pocketknife, carving the words “Go to hell” into the door.


I sneak back behind the car, pretending I was just walking by. I gave the guy in the passenger seat a satisfied look as I passed. I pulled open my door and flopped into my seat.

“Where were you?” Charlotte turned down the music from twenty to nine.

“Long story short, we got those two on our tail.”  I nodded my head behind us.

Since Charlotte is slightly  smart, she turned back to the front and pretended to adjust the mirror to take a look at them.

“The right one is kinda cute.” she smiled.


I looked out my mirror and saw the tall one with the hideous long hair.

“Which one? Shaggy or Scooby Doo?” I watch as the driver shoves a strip of beef jerky into his mouth.

She took a second look before her cheeks burned a bright red.

“Scooby.” I rolled my eyes and turned the music back up. She put the car in drive and we drove off to our house where at every step of the way, the black Chevy Impala followed us.

 “I really don’t want them knowing where we live.” I look back nervously, the impala still following us.

Charlotte didn’t look up, continuing  down the road.

“They won’t be able to get past security and besides, if we tell Andy that we don’t want them in, I sure we will turn in the favor after all he still owes us one.”

I look to her, her face displayed no emotion whatsoever.

“You're kidding me right?” I snort, covering my mouth.

“What?” she turned to me, keeping her eye slightly on the road,

“He doesn’t owe us a favor for you kissing him at the Christmas party!” My hands could not cover my smile or hide my laugh.

“I thought we were never going to mention that again!” she frowned, pulling into the security check.

She rolled the window down and Andy popped his head in.

“How you doin girls?” he looked around the car, making sure we didn’t have drugs by the barrel, sitting in the backseat.

“Good Andy!” Charlotte flashed her flirty smile, which made me want to throw up.

“I was wondering if you could not let those guys in the Impala behind us in, they keep following us.”

“Sure thing Chuck!” he did a follow up on the car and after walking the whole way around it he hit the button to the gate.


We drove through the gates. As we drove, I kept my eye on the car.

“Dang it Andy!” I clenched my fists as the gates opened once again and let in the impala.

“What?” Charlotte was too much of a “good driver” to look.

“Andy let them in!” I glare out the window. You could say I was mad.

“How did he let them in?” She shouted, giving the car a little swirl into the middle of the road.

“I wonder what their reason was.” I whisper, letting Charlotte cool off. I tapped my nails on the window to the beat of some song on the radio.


“Should we get out or..” I ask Charlotte, who shut off the car.


“Yeah, what are they going to do?” She unhooked her seatbelt and opened her door.

The men had parked right across the street from our house. They sat there, talking and giving the occasional glance.

I followed her lead, and I opened the car door. I reluctantly slid out of the car and “helped” by  taking the bags inside, and locking the door shut.

“Amy, help me put the food away.” Charlotte calls from the kitchen, but I ignored her and pressed my nose against the window, watching the two men talk to each other.

“Amy!” Charlotte was getting impatient, but one of them handed the other one a photo, but from my view I couldn’t see who, or what it was.

“Amelia Aubrey Colt!!” Charlotte used my full name so I knew Charlotte was irritated.


“I’m coming!” I yell back to her.

How long were they going to sit there?

I was about to go to the kitchen when the driver got out of the car.

I shot back from the window, shutting the curtain closed.


“Charlotte, we better go talk to her before these guys get a sniff of what we are doing!” I stumbled through the hallway and stopped in front of the giant  picture frame of a castle.

“Ready?” I look to Charlotte who nodded.

I pull the ring off my finger. The ring was a silver band, with a small red jewel, this was given to me by my sister and it means more to me than anything could.  I gently place the small red jewel into the hole on the frame, and I turn it, like a key.


The painting swings open, unveiling the secret doorway that led to the basement.

Charlotte went first and I followed, slightly closing the door. The stairway was barely lit from the one light that dangled from a wire. We entered a large room with shelves that covered almost every wall, filled with supplies.


"Hello Hael." Charlotte said in a monotone.


The girl who was chained to the chair lifted up her head, revealing her bloody and bruised face and her glossy brown eyes. You could see the scars that were healing and the scars that were fresh. I can still recall the scar on her left cheek, right under her eye. The first scar we gave her.


"We have some more things we need to ask." I lifted the angel blade from the wooden table next to me.

I shuffled it in my hands, before handing it to Charlotte.


"Let's try not to scream to loud this time ok?" Charlotte said softly.


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