Imaginary Friend

The Winchesters are at it again but they meet three other hunters who have the same objective: to survive. Teaming together means some rough things for everyone. For Dean, Sam and Castiel, they all fall for the same poison: a girl.


5. Feathers

Dakota’s POV


The memories of my family flash through my head. Most people think of this as comfort, I think of this as agony. She called me a monster, was it me or was it her?

This doesn’t feel right. There are too many people around for me to fall apart. Be brave Dakota, be brave. The words that my mother said to me many years ago linger in my head like the raindrops that slip from the gentle tips of the leaves after a heavy rain.

Was I still crying? Were they still staring? I lost all sense of reality. Why is the past still haunting me, it was almost twenty years ago or is it the recurring nightmares haunting me. I peeked through my fingers for a second, only one to see if they were still staring.

They weren’t, thank god. They were talking to each other but my mind wasn’t bothering to listen. Who was that girl who cut into my skin for so long, longing for unanswered questions. She had so many questions, Hael didn’t have time to answer before she cut deeper. I felt as though I was ignoring the fact I was just sobbing in front of some random people. I look down at the hardwood floor, crawling five feet from me was a large black spider. The hairy legged ones, that give you the jeebies.



Closer it crawled

“Ahh!” I scream as the spider crawled upon my hand.

I fling my hand frantically until the spider loses grip and flies toward the man.

“No!” he jumps up and flies back onto Amelia.

Amelia shoves him off, and he tumbles to the floor, not too far from me.

“Oh god!” Amelia jumps out of her chair as the spider creeps onto the arm.

She grabs a giant book from the table and smashes it right where the spider was.

She lifts the book up, the spider’s body crushed.

The spider’s dead body reminds me of my first knowledge of death.


I held it’s lifeless body in my hands.

“What’s wrong with it ?”

I look to my mother but she looks away.

“It’s dead.”

It’s dead….

“That was close.” Amelia sighs, dropping the book back on the table.

“I hope Charlotte doesn’t mind that her Harry Potter book is covered in spider guts.”

It’s dead…

“I really hate spiders.” Amelia laughs, looking toward me.

It’s dead…

The worst memory starts to seep into my thoughts.

My only memory of family.


The beautiful white snow now dyed with

the color of pain, the color of regret.


  The warm tears that stained my face burned, I could see the pity on their faces. This feels strange crying in-front of people I’ve never met before. Suddenly I want to hide, I feel vulnerable. This isn’t the first impression I had in mind. I felt alone and small sitting there on the floor, everyone looking down on me. There faces pained by my display of brokenness. This feeling had to be masked, there was no place to hide. As always I buried the feelings I stuffed them deep down along with the memories I’d rather not uncover. I whipped the tears off my face once again, after so many years of practice. My eyes locked with the man in-front of me, his words were lost though. I couldn’t pull myself away from the way he looked at me, like he could see me. He didn’t feel like a stranger. I’ve been in my head for four years, I’m going crazy. I ripped my eyes from his and looked down at my bruised and bloodied hands, they were shaking. My whole body was shaking with the overwhelming cold in the room. A shadow fell over me as the man laid his jacket over my head. I let a smile escaped my miserable face of cuts and bruises.


  There were no words, there were none for this situation. The redhead, Amelia I believe. She sat in the large chair with a book in her hand, she scanned each page with no emotion. Sam sat next to me on the couch, I had let myself fall half asleep on his shoulder. My whole body ached, from the cuts to the ripped skin where the  chains had rested on my wrists. I didn’t want to move, my body had been used for years without rest, no sleep, no moment of stillness. My eyes felt heavy with the stress of everything, the stress on my emotions, the stress on my body, heck the stress being here. Yet everything was quiet, peaceful. Every breath burned in my throat, my stomach sore as I exhaled. Breath after painful breath left my lunges, I wish the pain would stop.

“Sam?” A rough voice questioned sternly from out of nowhere. I sat up letting the jacket fall from my head.

“Cas?” Sam looked confused, like they knew each other. I shuttered with the now realized pain I had provoked by moving so quickly, no moving at all. The unfamiliar man took a step towards me, he looked at me as if I was familiar.

“I guessed you would have found her by now” The strange man glanced at Sam then back at me. “She's in worse shape than expected.” he leaned closer to me examining the damage to my face.

“Hey who’s this?” Amelia’s question didn’t stop the man as he continued to stare at me.

Amelia stood up quickly, dropping her book on her seat.

The man lifted his hand, bringing it closer to my face until it lay on my cheek.

I pull my head away, and nervously slide closer to Sam.

“What are you doing here?” Sam stood up, making him 4 feet taller in just seconds.

“The question is how he got in here!” Amelia brushed past both Sam and the man and sat next to me. She gave me a small smile before wearing her scowl toward the man.

“I heard about Hael, so I tried to go to Dean but I ended up in some Pie Square and I thought I found him but he was with some girl so I came to you, which is in this ridiculously hideous living room.” He spoke slow, his voice cracking on several occasions.

“Excuse me, but you never answered my question on who you are and how you got in here.?” Amelia glared at the man, glancing to Sam and then back to the man.

“He’s uhh Cas.” Sam scratched his head, speaking low.

“Thanks Sam. That helps.” Amelia dropped her hand to her side. I hadn’t noticed it before but as she lifted the hem of her shirt, the gun’s  engraved handle was revealed. I’ve seen the harm guns can do, even in the hands of good honest people. I pull my legs in closer, remembering what memories I have of people with guns.

“I’m Castiel.” He held his hand out to Amelia, but she kept her hand to her side the other rested on her leg.

Sam glanced toward me, trying to convince me it was ok, which suddenly relaxed me but his glance fell on Amelia’s hand, as it gently started to pull the gun out.

“Amelia, he’s not a threat.” Sam was pleading with her.

Sam and Amelia kept an eyes on each other, a dark stare that lasted only a few seconds.

“Fine.” Amelia’s hand lets go of the gun and I let out a sigh. I looked back to Sam who smiled to me, so I smiled back. If I had to pick one person who really helped me, it would be Sam. I wanted to be back under his jacket but the man was still there, so I turn back to the man, who was no longer standing next to me, but sat next to the TV, reading a dvd box.

“Jurassic World.. hmm” he snapped the case open.

Amelia brushed past Sam and ripped the box from his hands.

“Two rules, don’t touch this movie and sit in a chair.” She pointed to the adjacent chair , he would be closer, it made me feel nervous. I felt my heartbeat began to pound in my chest, going faster and faster as he gets closer. Finally he sat down. I don’t know what to think about him, he came out of nowhere and made a fuse.

“So… Who wants to watch Jurassic World ?” Amelia smiled, shaking the box.

“They made another one?” My question seemed stupid at the time. I remember the second and the third, they both were nowhere near as good as the first.

“Yeah! It’s almost as good the first one.” She seem excited as she popped it into the dvd player.


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