Imaginary Friend

The Winchesters are at it again but they meet three other hunters who have the same objective: to survive. Teaming together means some rough things for everyone. For Dean, Sam and Castiel, they all fall for the same poison: a girl.


2. Empty Vessel


Dakota’s POV


The best memory I can think of is the day I learned to ride a bike. The picture of me and my dad so vivid in my mind after so many years, but with all good there's the bad. That was the day my family was ripped out from under me. The police called it a massacre, that day I met the nice lady from the adoption agency. Theres my start, no one wants to adopt a five year old. I went all across the state, foster home to foster home. Well thats me! I've been watching myself from the inside, I have no control over my body. My friend Hael has taken the pain of life away, but I kind of  want it back. In here I can't talk to people, or go outside. I’m not alive anymore. She's slipping I can feel it, the two "Hunters" who captured us keep cutting in to us just for her knowledge.

"Hael! What’s happening?" The feeling of her detaching from me was excruciating.

"I have to go! There’s nothing left here for me." her voice was in my head the same voice I heard the day before my twentieth birthday. The feeling of being alive was thumping all around me, her leaving was like someone ripping you open from the inside. The pain lasted for only a minute, the light, sound, touch, and smell, it all came at me at once. The overwhelming feel of life kicked in. I looked around the dark room. I've been in here for a year, yet it feels unfamiliar. The door at the top of the steep stairs was cracked open like someone had forgot to lock it. The only light was coming in the room came from the crack in that door, the only way out. There were voices whispering and shouting to each other, almost like they were under pressure. I pulled gently against the chains, that’s a lot of hardware for one person. Aaha! They were heavy duty chains, almost indestructible  but it was the a crappy lock that gave way, that’s a waste of metal. I felt for something to hook the chain on. There was a small nail poking out of the wooden beam holding up the ceiling. I leaned back on the chair then thrust my shoulders forward, flipping the chair and snapping the lock. Doing this made a large crash, there were footsteps getting closer and closer to the doorway. The adrenaline of escaping was fading, this is bad. I dragged myself behind the large bookcase. In hope of buying some time. The footsteps grew, and grew until they stood at the top of the stairs scanning the room for any trace of their missing prisoner. They grew louder and louder. I covered my mouth for the feeling of fear and vulnerability sinking deep into my stomach made me want to cry. The shadow loomed in front of me. The only sounds that my brain could process were the echoing of my heart pounding with fear. I feared they would hear the rapid thud, thud, thud of my heart beating out of my chest. Now, I have to run,mo the red headed girl was in sight. One…, two…, three! I stumbled out into the light grabbing ahold of the chair and throwing it at her. She caught it without flaw or hesitation almost as if she had no fear. The panic to beat her up the stairs gave my legs the unstable and heavy feeling that  blurred my vision. There was a tug on the back of my shirt. I was yanked backwards down the stairs. Getting my balance back before she could catch me, I sprinted up the stairs and into the unfamiliar upper level of the house. The girl grabbed me from behind covering my mouth and dragging me into the other room. Looking around frantically she shoved me into a small cabinet and blocked it somehow. There were only sounds, blackness and the smell of dust. First there was the sound of a door opening, then large footsteps approached, louder and louder as they stepped closer., thump, thump, thump. my heart started to pound again.

“Whaut aru ya doin” The muffled and distorted voice boomed down. The light poured in as the door was opened, and I tumbled out. I lay flat on my back, face up to the strangers who all stared down at me.

“Hi…” I said stupidly.

The man who had opened the door looked to the others confused.

“Oh I don’t remember buying a human.” the redhead pointed to me and looked to the others, almost innocently.



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