Imaginary Friend

The Winchesters are at it again but they meet three other hunters who have the same objective: to survive. Teaming together means some rough things for everyone. For Dean, Sam and Castiel, they all fall for the same poison: a girl.


3. Cornered


 Charlotte's POV



“I think that’s all we need.” I set the blade on the desk pushed up against the wall.

Hael gasped for air knowing it was over for now.  Her head dropped under to look at the new cuts I had made, watching them close as her grace kicked in.

“What are we going to do with her?” Amelia looked at me with concern carved into her eyes.

“If those men want to come in, we are going to have to let them.” I told her bluntly without hesitating for it was true

“What if she yells or something.”

I shrugged and looked back to Hael. She lifted her head slightly and laughed.

“We can’t exactly let her off, she knows too much, more than she is telling us.”

I grabbed Amelia’s arm and pulled her over to the other side of the room and spoke as quietly as I could.

“We need more information, we can’t stop now.” I glanced at Hael then back to Amelia.

“We can’t risk this anymore, I didn’t want to do this in the first place, this was your idea.” Amelia’s voice cracked. She never had the stomach for torture, even when it comes to winged scum like Hael.

“We are doing this for information, it could help us!” I whisper shouted, she needs to understand.

“It could hurt us!” She spoke almost instantly, pain in her eyes.

I stared into them, but she quickly turn away.

“I am going upstairs.” she blinked quickly and ran toward the stairs. When she reached the top of the stairs, she gave one last glance to Hael before closing the door.

When Amelia got out of sight, I turned to Hael, who held a small grin on her face.

I walked toward her, angered by the mockery that burned in her veins.

I held my hand under her chin, forcing her eyes to look into mine. She smirked then spat at me.

“You think this is better because you need ‘info’,  you're just as bad as the things you kill” Her quiet voice uttered words that gave me the rage to cut deeper this time.

“You know about him, I just need some information and you can be on your way.” I clenched my teeth, fighting the urge to finish her right now, in this basement, where she will never see the light of day again.

“I know nothing.” she grinned bravely.

“Your lucky Amelia has some moral code or you would be a vegetable right now.” I stood up straight and turned toward the stairs.

Hael’s chuckles followed me up the stairs as I slam the door closed behind me. Making a small gust that pushed the ends of my long blonde hair up.

Amelia wasn’t in sight so she must be in her room. You could always tell if she was displeased with you she would go hunker down in her room till the next day. I walk toward the staircase that lead upstairs. I took slow and steady steps until I reached the first step, one step after another I pulled myself up using the rail, till I reached the hallway.  At the end of the hall, a small light escaped from under the door. Amy’s room.

I take three steps and I open the door to my right. My room was simple and organized unlike the mess that Amy called her room. My walls were white, simple white.

I fall onto my persian blue blanket. I closed my eyes, it was so pretty, the last memory I had of being normal.


The sound of the key clicking in the lock was like music to my ears. It had been such a long day at school and I just wanted to lay down and watch BlackList.

It was dark inside my dorm room, which was odd because Talia was supposed to be home.

“Talia?” I close the door behind me. I slide my hand against the light switch but nothing happens.

I turn on the flashlight on my phone, illuminating the small hallway leading to the living room.

I text Talia, and for a moment there was silence then a loud ping comes from the living room and a small light flashes.

“Talia?” I call out again, but still no reply. Maybe she is sleeping?

I walk into the living room and my flashlight shuts off.

“What?” I hit the flashlight but it only gives me a weak flash before shutting back off again.

A loud crash sends me flying into the kitchen. The dim glow from the night light reveals  a broken plate on the floor.

I look up and a figure stood in the doorway, my heartbeat races. Talia isn’t buff, or tall.

“Hey stranger” the deep voice and the sarcasm could only mean one person. Danny.

The lights turn on and there he is holding a pie in one and a box in the other.

“Danny!” I squeal, I jump into his arms, hugging him tightly.

“I thought you were stuck in New Haven for the weekend!”

He pushes me back from the hug and smiles.

“It’s your birthday, how could I miss it?”

He leans in for a kiss, so close.

So close….



My eyes fly open and I sit up. The feeling felt so real, his voice, his hot breath so close to me. I wish I had his warmth now.


I shake the feeling of Danny away and I get to my feet.

I run through my open door and I fly down the stairs. I run into the door and I look into the peephole. The men.

I open the door slowly.


“FBI.”  They both held out their badges.

The badge was familiar, because it was fake, just like ours.

“Is there a problem?” I pause “Officers”

“We just need to take a look around.” The tall one peered around my shoulder, while the short one talked.

“Mind if we come in?” His mouth, I couldn’t take my eyes off his mouth.

“Yeah. Umm sure.” I open the door wider, and they walk in.

The tall one begins to look around while the short one starts talking to me, almost like a distraction.

“We are just doing a follow up on a recent case.” His eyes, they were a beautiful emerald green. Something stirred in my stomach. No Charlotte, don’t do it.

“That’s o-o-k.” I wanted to slap myself in the face. How more stupid could I act?

“Dean!” the taller one calls out to the shorter one.

“What?” We both turn to him, he held one of our guns. Amelia must have taken it up here and forgot about it. Dang it.

“Why do you have a gun?” They both look at me, and my mouth ran dry. His eyes focused on me. Those beautiful eyes.

“Ever heard of the Second Amendment?” Amelia appeared at the top of the staircase.

“And also you don’t have a search warrant so you have no permission to look around here, fourth amendment.” She looked to me, almost embarrassed of me.

“Looks like we a history nut.” Dean said quietly.

“I don’t have to be a history nut to know my basic rights, although you should know them.” She crossed her arms and proceeded down the steps.

“If you were really FBI agents.” Amelia glared at them and she was about to speak when a loud crash came from below. Hael.

“What was that?” Dean looked to the other one.

“Rufus, my dog. He likes to get into some trouble.” She turned down the hall and grabbed some rope off the hook.

“Your dog?” I nodded and stepped in front of their view, and Amelia slipped through the door.

“Yes, enough about our dog, now how about our rights?”

“What do you mean?” Dean’s eyes, why can’t I stop thinking about his eyes.

“You heard Amy, the fourth amendment.” I crossed my arms, trying to look annoyed, but the only thing I was trying to hide was my blushing.

“Dean, she’s right.” The tall one whispered, and they look to each other.

“We will get go--” Amelia appeared in the hall again, but a figure with her. They disappeared quickly but not quick enough.

“What was that?” They walked closer but I stopped them.

“Rufus, she told you.” my heart started to race, stop looking at me with those eyes.

“She said Rufus was a dog, not a five foot human.” They pushed me aside before I could speak.

I followed them quickly into the kitchen where Amelia, was planted in front of the cabinet door.

“I thought you were leaving.” She huffed, crossing her arms, making a agitated face.

“Where is ‘Rufus’ your ‘dog’?” ‘Dean’ (Or Mr. Cutiepants) looked around but saw nothing in sight.

“Outside.” She pointed out the window, where an unfamiliar dog sat, tied to the tree with the rope.

Amelia didn’t move, not one inch, which was weird on so many levels, and Mr. Cutiepants must have been thinking the same thing because he walked over and pushed her aside opening the cabinet door.

Hael tumbled out and landed on her back, looking right at him with widened eyes.

"Hi," Hael said.

"I don't remember buying a human!" Amy said, innocently.

“So you were just sitting in front of the cabinet for fun?” The taller one commented, which was the most I heard from him today.

“For you information that is my favorite spot in the whole house.” Amy glared, pulling a fake smile upon her face.

“What does it have good structure?” Sam smiled.

“Maybe.” She grunted.

“So, you just happen to have a girl in your cabinet.” He looked at me. My legs felt like jelly.

“It’s a girl thing.” I stuttered.

“Keeping other girls in cabinets?” He raised his eyebrow. Ugh stop being cute.

“Yeah, it really helps your… skin.” Amelia looked at me as if I was an idiot. Gosh I am!

Mr. Cutiepants looked at the guy and back at me.

“It is an illegal offence kidnapping people.” He looked at me and then Amelia.

“Well, there is no proof of kidnapping here.” Amelia pointed to Hael.

“Well I need your name if you want a confession from me.” I smiled, which resulted in a glare from Amelia.

He smiled and looked at his partner then back at me.

"Winchester," He winked.

The other guy looked at him in disgust. I tilted my head.

"Is there a first name to that?" I asked.

He blushed at me. He actually blushed at me.


I nodded and held out my hand.

"Charlotte Keller, pleased to meet you."

He hesitantly shook it.

"Now, about the angel..."


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