Imaginary Friend

The Winchesters are at it again but they meet three other hunters who have the same objective: to survive. Teaming together means some rough things for everyone. For Dean, Sam and Castiel, they all fall for the same poison: a girl.


7. Champagne

Amelia’s Pov


I’ve seen this movie a thousand times.Charlotte even started to “ground” me from it if I didn’t listen to her, so that would mean I was always grounded from it. But Charlotte had stormed off with that idiot to her favorite place in the whole world. Bakers Square.  It’s a pretty long drive, like 3 hours long because the nearest Baker’s Square is in Indiana but she takes that ride to cool off and that is exactly what she needs right now.

The movie has barely begun before my eyes start to weaken, the light from the tv is like a trance. I don’t like to sleep, and especially not in front of 3 strangers. Charlotte has always had a laugh whenever I fall asleep with her in the room because she says I snore and talk, and believe me, when Charlotte has information like that, she won’t let it go. I mean it will pop up at any conversation. You could be talking about China and still the topic of my sleeping habits arises.

I shift my head so I could look at the strange man. He sat on the brown leather chair that would have sat right next to the couch if  the antique coffee table didn’t sit between them. He watched the TV mindlessly, like a robot. He barely said a word, other than a chuckle here and there and when I offered up some food, he shook it away, along with the water. He was odd, and for a moment I thought he wasn’t human. But that is just my inner “hunter” trying to find excuses just like Charlotte’s excuse on hurting Hael was for “information” on her missing boyfriend. My eyes move to the couch where two dark figures sat. By their silhouettes, I knew that the buff one was Sam and the small skinny one was Dakota.

Sam sat normally, his hands on his lap, his eyes would glance back and forth from the TV to Dakota. She was curled up in a ball, still watching but most likely thinking about something else other than dinosaurs.

I felt a little bit safer checking on them, knowing that at least 2 of them would be safe, and I am sure if Sam thinks that man is fine then why shouldn’t I?

Well I could think of a thousand reasons and I barely know Sam, why should I trust either of them?

I shift my head back to the TV but it immediately starts to drown all the energy from me and I close my eyes.


“I just wanted to say I am really sorry about what I did to you.” I open my eyes, the sun has just started to set giving the sky a beautiful orange and pink hue.

“I don’t know what I was thinking.” Charlotte?

I quietly shift my body and I peep over the end of the chair.

My view couldn’t reach to the kitchen so I glance back for a roll call.

Strange man? Check. Sam? Check. Dakota? Figures.

I grab a part of my hair and I put it over my face, specifically my eyes, just in case they were to walk in, at least they wouldn’t think I was awake.

“It’s….” Dakota started but she stopped at the sound of the stairs creaking. I knew who it was and so did she.

“What’s going on?” Dean’s shoes clicked on the hardwood floor.

“I was just talking to Dakota.” Charlotte laughed.

“Well, I have the movie set up.”

“What movie are you watching?” Dakota interrupted, little did she know curiosity killed the cat.

“Avengers.” Charlotte chimed in, with a hint of ecstasy. Of course, if there was one movie that Charlotte was going to show someone, it was The Avengers.

“Well, see you in the morning Dakota.” The sounds of Charlotte’s and Dean’s shoes carried up the stairs and I didn’t wipe my hair from my eyes until the door slammed shut. The sound of the kitchen chair scratching the wood floor made it clear that Dakota was staying in the kitchen.

I turn around so my body facing the chair across from me, where the man sat.

I was about to shut my eyes when I notice his bright blue eyes staring at me.

It’s so weird, like he is looking into me, which by my standards is creepy. His eyes look my dad’s, bright blue, giant, looking into you.

I slowly reach behind me, frantically moving my fingers until it grasps onto the soft velvet pillow.

I don’t break my stare between him as I heave the pillow from behind me into his face.

“Hey!” he gruffly replies, lifting up his head.

“Well don’t stare at me like that!” I growl.

“You fascinate me.” He sits up normally, shifting around.

“Why is that?” I can no longer see him as the sun disappears under the horizon.

“Your hair.” His voice is so low, it doesn’t match his face. I blink a couple of times before my eyes adjust to the dark.

“What about my hair?” I take a chunk of my hair toward my face. I’m a redhead, so what?

“It reminds me of pennies.” I look up and him, but I can’t tell if he was joking or not.

I let out a small laugh.

“Do you have something against redheads?” I laugh, and for once it was genuine.

“No, I know many redheads, like Wendy.”


“The redhead with the pigtails.”

I find it funny that he could be such an airhead. It’s almost unhuman how stupid he is.

“Goodnight Cas” I shut my eyes but I don’t fall asleep. I hope he falls asleep soon.


I have slept too long. The minute I open my eyes, I know it. I shouldn’t have even fallen asleep.

The seat where Cas was sitting in last night was empty. The only other person in the room was Dakota, who was curled up on the couch, playing with the end of a pen.

“Where did Cas go?” Her eyes flicker up from the pen.

“He is in the kitchen, with Charlotte and Dean.” her expression looked sour.

I roll off the chair, falling onto the floor with a thud. I roll onto my stomach and I push myself up.

“So why are you in here and not with them.” I hold onto the arm of the chair as I heave myself up.

“Dean kicked me out.” She turned back to her pen and continued to fumble with it.

What a jerk, kicking someone out of the room, it’s not even his house. What could be so important? He is such a jerk.

“Be right back.” I shuffle out of the room, keeping her in the corner of my eye as I stumble into the kitchen.

Sam, Dean, Charlotte and Cas sat around the table, with several pieces of papers spread across the table. I stop in the doorway, invisible to their fit of laughter

“The tickets are not sold out yet.” Sam turns his computer toward Charlotte and Dean, who were sitting a little too close.

“It could work, if we could force Amy into a dress.” Charlotte laughed, her hands covering her mouth. I cross my arms, leaning on the door frame. She looks up and stops, dropping her hands on her lap.

“Funny, but when was the last time a dress was in your closet?” Charlotte smiles and bats her eyes.

“I have several dresses in my closet, thank you very much.” Her voice was slightly raised. She was lying, but I knew that not because her voice was higher, or the fact I was just in her closet two days before looking for her orange knit sweater but the fact her cheeks got ten times redder.

“Right, the one with the clear lace and the sheer fabric.” I roll my eyes, peeling myself from the frame.

Charlotte glares at me before batting her eyes once more at Dean.

Sam, who looked like he was one step away from hysterical laughing, cleared his voice and slide his computer toward me.

I take a few steps closer but the blue and silver picture is already familiar.

“No.” I stomp forward and I slam the computer closed.

“Amy! Come on, this is where we are going to find whatever is killing people!” Charlotte pleaded.

She looks at me, her puppy eyes swelling with water. Charlotte has never wanted to wear a dress, let alone go to a ball. Unless, she was trying to impress Mr.Poppycock.

“Fine. But I am picking out my own dress.” I cross my arms as Charlotte cheers.

God, she is so annoying sometimes.

“Where are you going to hide your weapons? In your bra?” Dean’s stuck up voice practically slaps me in the face. His voice reminds me of that foul smell as you open a trashcan that has weeks full of rotting food.

Both Charlotte, Sam, Cas and I turn to Dean, who was snickering.

“I’m going to hide a bullet in your head.” I fake a smile.

He stopped smiling, but Sam couldn’t help but laugh. I like him, he seems the most sane out of us all.

“So when is it?” I dig the dirt out from under my nails.

“Tonight.” Charlotte’s smile strained her face, like it wasn’t real.

But like I know what a real smile was, I never had one.

“Get your keys, we are going shopping.” I pull the ponytail off my wrist and I twist my hair into a bun.  

Charlotte shuffles through her purse.

“Dakota!” Charlotte stops, looking up at me.

“We are not seriously bringing her?” Charlotte glances back and forth between, Sam, Dean and Cas.

“Well, we can’t leave her alone.” Sam shrugs, looking to Dean for backup.

“Yeah, and besides, there are a lot of things out there ready to get their hands on her, we have to keep her in sight.” Dean for once says something intelligent.

“Exactly” I look to Charlotte who finally gave in, just as Dakota slowly enters.

“What?” She quickly glances toward Charlotte and then to me.

“We are going dress shopping.” I grab my bag from the back of Cas’s chair and I grab Dakota’s hand.

“Car rules, Charlotte drives, I sit in the front seat and if anything Beatles comes on, I am legally obligated to scream the lyrics. Got it?”

“Yeah.” She nods and smiles a little bit.

It’s a real smile, because who really smiles so big, for any reason. Because what thing in life makes you so happy that you can smile cheek to cheek?


“Let’s go.” Charlotte brushes past us.

“You heard the boss, let’s go.”


“Champagne?” Sam hands me a petite glass full of a yellow tinted substance.

I take it, holding it to my nose.

“Don’t smell it, just drink.” I look up at him, as he takes a sip.

I follow his movements.

“How do you know so much about looking like you fit into such a… prestigious environment.” I emphasize prestigious as I take a small sip.

“You just trash talk senators and middle class people.” He chuckles, before taking another sip. He glances behind me, and then turns back to me.

“Anything suspicious?” I tilt my head slightly, taking yet another small sip.

“No, ju-st keeping an eye on Dakota.” He takes quite a big sip of his drink which had a different color than mine.

“Are you drinking the same champagne as me?” I clink my glass to his, comparing my yellow to his orange.

“I don’t know.” he clinks his glass to mine.

“Cheers for the high class snobs!” He says, a little too loud.

“Cheers!” I laugh, clinking my glass to his.

We stand there, taking sips of the champagne while Charlotte and Dean sit on the couches and talk. They don’t know how to blend in as Dean places his feet on the the table and Charlotte slouches back.

“Look at those pitiful middle class losers.” I speak in my best british accent, pointing to Charlotte and Dean.

“Yeah, such fools they are.” He tries the best accent he can, but he sounds more Australian than British.

“Your accent sucks.” I smile, shaking my head.

“Yours isn’t better.” He smiles also.

I gasp, turning my head.

“Rude.” I walk away, smiling.

This is the most smiling I have done in forever. But I am not smiling ridiculously. Because nothing can make me that happy.

I brush past two old men, whispering and pointing to Charlotte and Dean who were laughing obnoxiously.

I stop, thinking about Dakota. Where was she?

I looks back and forth through the people wearing bland tan and blue dresses.

I stop at the girl whose hair was cut shorter than most others.

Dakota. She is speaking to an old man, who looked like Dean would in 70 years.

She looked comfortable, speaking to a stranger. Which was odd, because she doesn’t seem like that kind of person.

I start toward her, squeezing through people and yelling sorry back at them.

I got close enough to where I could hear their conversation.

“It is such a pleasure to see you grown up. You taken up such an acute wardrobe. Nobody would think you out of the ordinary. My darling I hope you enjoyed that scholarship.” The old man, pulls a handkerchief from his breast pocket.

“So who are your friends? I saw you enter with that pair who are obnoxiously loud and the other two who took too many sips of that champagne.”

Dakota laughs, which I have never heard before.

“Just some people.” She looks down at her feet.

“Well you really need to find some people who aren’t going to jeopardize your whole life, they will never get you far.” He lights his cigar and blows out a puff of air.

God, this grandpa is getting on my nerves.

Before I can hear anymore, I turn around and push through the crowd, ignoring my ‘higher class’ etiquette.

I stop at the man who was holding a tray of glasses.

“Thank you.” I swipe two glasses of red liquid from the tray.

Now where is Sam?

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