Imaginary Friend

The Winchesters are at it again but they meet three other hunters who have the same objective: to survive. Teaming together means some rough things for everyone. For Dean, Sam and Castiel, they all fall for the same poison: a girl.


4. Broken Vessel

Amelia’s POV


Oh my god, Charlotte has never acted more like an idiot in front of anyone.

But here she is, cheeks burning and tripping over her words. It was just disgusting to watch them flirt at each other. She has the heart of a cat, you could throw her across the room and she still would come crawling back, with the same love she gave before you hurt her. I’ve seen her fall and fall for men who break her heart and yet she still comes crawling back. Always crawling back. I stood leaned against the fridge, while they made no acknowledgment of me at all. No point into watching them. I walked into the other room where the startled girl sat curled up on the couch, resting her head on her knees. This doesn’t seem like the heinous, cocky winged angel that has been locked in our basement for a year. There was something odd about her. She seem too innocent and shy to be that jerk. I spent that year watching Charlotte cut into her, for information that should have been left alone. What did Charlotte do to her when I left. Charlotte could have shut her up, and maybe that is why she is not acting normal.  I take a seat across the room in the soft leather chair, directly facing her. Her face was pained with shock, as her eyes stared into nothing. She takes short breaths and her eyes well up with water. I never saw her cry before, not even when she cut her so deep that you could see her bone.

This can’t be Hael, no way. I stand up quickly, causing her eyes to shift toward me.

She looked scared, almost afraid I was going to do something terrible to her.

I turn around quickly and I walk into the kitchen were Charlotte and Dean sat at the table.

“How about you leave, and we stay.” She laughed.

“How about we stay and you leave.”

“How about I talk to Charlotte while you sit there quietly.” I retort, causing them to both look at me.

“We are busy.” Charlotte gives me a sharp look.

“Yeah but this is more important than your bickering.” I storm next to her and I grasp onto her arm.

I pull her out of her chair and I pull her through the hall and up the stairs.

She is resisting but I am more determined  so there is no point.

When we reach the top of the stairs I push her against the wall but not in anger, in urgency.

“There is something wrong going on here.” I speak low, hoping that Dean was not being nosy.

“What do you mean?” She clearly didn’t understand the concept of being quiet because her voice was loud and clear. Almost as if she wanted them to hear.

“I don’t think that is Hael.” I stress, throwing my arms in the air.

“Why not?” She looked almost annoyed that I interrupted her conversation.

How naive could she be. Her mind is in a different place, because of some stranger that she is falling for. How can she not see how that girl is acting different than the creature that has been chained up, how could she not see the game that those men were playing with us. How could she not see how big of a problem everything is.

“You can see the pain and suffering in her eyes. You can see the amount of pain that she is in as she takes every breath. Does that sound like the barbarian that we tortured?”

“She is playing with you, it’s just some stupid act she is putting on. She knows that you don’t have the guts to hurt her.” Charlotte rolled her eyes, as if what I was saying was insane. I do have the guts, I have killed a lot more than some snobby angel whose information is useless to Charlotte and me.

“I have felt pain, I have felt something so bad that it almost took my sanity. That was it, it wasn’t an act. It was real. She looked almost dead in the eyes, gone and breaking apart.” her ignorance boils something inside of me, but I keep calm.

“I have felt pain too, you are not the expert here.” She began to raise her voice.

“Shh.” I cover her mouth with my hand. “They don’t need to know your whole life story”

She slaps my hand down, rage in her eyes.

“You know what, I will prove it’s an act” She pushed me back and stormed down the stairs, stomping with every step. Charlotte and I always fight, it isn’t something new but she is usually the one who keeps her cool. I am the one who storms off, with my fists clenched, ready to punch the next moving thing. This was the first and hopefully the last.

What is she doing? I quickly follow after her, only a few steps behind as she storms into the living room. I watched as she ripped the girl from the couch by her collar, slamming her to the ground. She held her in place holding the blade close to her neck.

“Stop with the games!” She screamed in the girl's face. I didn’t focus on Charlotte, no I looked into the girl’s eyes. Her hand flew up to her mouth as a single tear fell from her sad sorrow filled eyes. It was like watching someone take over Charlotte, but confusion spreads across her face, this is my chance.

“Charlotte!” I run behind and peel her from the girl.

“I--i-i” Charlotte was lost for words. She just had to find out herself.

She just had to prove her point right, when in fact her point was wrong.

The girl bites her lip, but tears are streaming down her face, she notices that she couldn’t stop the tears, so she covered her face with her hands, sobbing.

I pull Charlotte out of the room and into the dining room.

“What were you thinking?” I yell in her face.

“I was thinking she was playing one of her stupid games.” Charlotte showed no regret and little sorrow in her voice. I don’t know what has changed since the young determined girl I met 2 years ago? She was so happy, so cheerful and sympathetic, now her she is, showing no sorrow for the girl that she just scared the crap out of.

Dean, he must be the one who is slowly creeping into her mind.

Then it hits me, the sound of the girl’s gasping cries. She finally cracked.

“Well do you believe me now?” I am just done with her.

“She is a monster, Hael or not.” Charlotte pushes past me and storms into the kitchen. After a couple seconds I hear Dean’s annoying voice trying to console her.

I run my hand through my hair. What did Charlotte do.

I am going to get her back, even if that means I have to shoot a stinking bullet through Dean’s annoying face.

I turn back into the living room where the girl sat on the floor, pushing herself away, her hands still covering her face.

“What did your sister do to her?” The taller one yelled, towering over me.

“She is not my sister.” I mutter “My sister is dead.”

His face falls, but he quickly regained his anger as he stares back at the pitiful child.

“So what are we going to do about her?” His voice was still harsh, as if it was my fault that she was falling apart on my floor.

“I don’t know, how do you fix a broken doll?”

“Glue?” He looked confused

“I was thinking, you can’t and to throw her in a dumpster.” I shrug but he clearly wasn’t in the mood for laughter.

He looks back at her and crouches down, placing his hand on her shoulder.

“Are you ok?” he speaks soft, but she pushes away.

“I’m fine!” Her voice sends a sharp knife into my heart. She is no longer upset, but angry. Was she there, looking back at Charlotte and I as we cut into her skin for 12 months.

“Are you really?” I speak quietly but she releases her hands and reveals her red and wet face.

“What have you done to me?” She yells, half blubbering through her tears.

She jumps up so fast, and I am taken aback by her sudden rage.

“What is going on?” Charlotte and Dean walk in, smiles on their face.

I wonder what corrupted things he said to her that made her so happy after what she did.

“You did this to me!” She shouts, tears still streaming down her face. she walks quickly toward Charlotte but Dean stood in front of her.

“You ripped her from me, you taken away the only thing that kept me alive!” she runs her hands through her hair, slightly tugging at her roots.

She falls down, curling up into a ball, sobbing.

“Look what you have done!” The taller man looked frustrated at Charlotte, and the look from Dean made it clear that he didn’t like the fact that the other guy was siding with the sobbing girl on the floor.

“She was a monster. I did her a favor by taking that animal from her.” Charlotte pushed Dean out of the way and walked toward Dakota.

“I helped you, and someday you will thank me.” Charlotte glares at me and the other guy and walks toward the door.

“If you would like to apologize, I will be at Baker’s Square, with a pie.” she yanked the door opened and slammed it closed.

“I will be back.” Dean chases after her.

After the door slams closed for a second time, the man and I stand in silence while the girl sobs silently.

“Your sister is a monster.” He mutters sitting down on the couch. I shake my head quickly

“She is not my sister.” I growl. “I would rather be dead with my sister than even have Charlotte be my sister.”

Those dark words escaped my mouth before I could think. For a moment I almost stop myself from speaking anymore, but then something hits me. I would rather be dead with my sister anyways, and that is a dangerous thought.

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