The Silver Assassin

LIfe as the most notorious assassin in Endasia is quite easy, until the day that Alexa is hunted down by her last victims brother. Will she escape the clutches of the Elven Prince? Or will she accept the hand fate dealt her?


5. Torture; Alexa's POV

Ice cold water wakes me from my unconsciousness. I gasp, water running down my face. I notice a throbbing in my head as the night comes back to me. 

My arms are stretched from my body, chains biting into my flesh.  

It takes a moment for everything to flood back into my mind. Elven prince, attempted assassination, capture. I've never been captured before. This brings a growl to my sore throat. 

I hear a soft chuckle and lift my head to meet the Elven Princes icy gaze. 

"So the Assassin finally awakens." He smirks.

I give in a toothy grin. "Well, I have your henchman to thank for that.  It was a very refreshing wake up call." His smirk speeds to a grin.  

"Lets not dally with small talk, you know why you're here." The smile stays  plastered to the Princes face, but a blizzard erupts in his eyes. 

"Yes, for the food." I grin. His falls from his face, replaced with cold hatred. He reaches me in two strides, the guards behind him tightening their grips on their weapons. The prince stops when we are nearly nose to nose, his warm breath caressing my face. 

"Do not mock me in such a way. I know the Master for which you work, The Silver Assassin, and I know he sent you here to do his dirty work for him." I almost laugh. The Prince doesn't know that he is face to face with The Silver Assassin.  I manage to school my features before any hint of amusement shows. "Now, I will give you the opportunity to give me the information about your master freely, but if you don't yield-" A wicked smile crosses his face. "Then I will very much enjoy maiming your pretty face." 

"Awe, you really think I'm pretty?" The Prince pulls away form me with a snarl. 

"Have it your way, Assassin." He holds out a hand and a guard drops a wicked looking blade into his hand. Let the torture began. 

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