The Silver Assassin

LIfe as the most notorious assassin in Endasia is quite easy, until the day that Alexa is hunted down by her last victims brother. Will she escape the clutches of the Elven Prince? Or will she accept the hand fate dealt her?


4. The Prince; Rowan's POV

The Assassin thought she was being sneaky, thought she was being quite. But when you're as old as I am, you learn a few tricks. 

That and having superior hearing, smelling and sight help.

I heard the guards drop from outside my door, then the soft pads of feet on the stone floor. It was a good effort, really, but she still lost. 

At first I thought it was him, the Silver Assassin, coming to kill me in my sleep just like he did to my brothers, but once I had the girl pinned beneath me, I knew I was out of luck. 

Still, He could have sent her to kill me. I wouldn't put it under him to use a girl against me, thinking I would be soft. 

But He was wrong. Oh so wrong. 

I make my way to the dungeons, two guards flanking me, hands on the hilts of their swords.  Do they really think this girl could pose a threat?

We reach the cell the girl is being held in, her form hanging limp in the chains supporting her. I snap my fingers at a guard. "Wake her."

The guard smiles savagely. "With pleasure, Your Highness."

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