The Silver Assassin

LIfe as the most notorious assassin in Endasia is quite easy, until the day that Alexa is hunted down by her last victims brother. Will she escape the clutches of the Elven Prince? Or will she accept the hand fate dealt her?


7. Outsmarting; Alexa's POV

I try to stay focused as the guards pound their fists into the knife wound, but it becomes harder to stay conscious with each punch, sending wave after wave of pain through my body. 

I was trained for torture, so I know I can hold out long, but losing consciousness is something I can't control.  Suddenly the fists stop, and I'm left hanging limply from the chains my wrists are chained in.  I hear their wicked laughter, and I manage to lift my head to see them smirk at me, my blood covering their leather gloves. 

"Ain't so tough now, eh?" The bigger of the two guards says.

"I will kill you." My voice is strained, and the guards just laugh, the big even one going as far as spitting on me. 

How dare he. My rage is hot and longs to be released, but in my current position, I could to nothing, so I push down on my boiling temper, storing it for the right time.

I start to feel light headed, and I remember that blood is pooling from my body. It will probably cost me, but I can't bleed out and be caught off guard if I'm released, so I let my head hang limply and focus all my strength on the wound. I start to feel the tissue and skin knit back together, and the pain slowly subsides, replaced with a small throbing.

This nearly wastes me, and I can feel the darkness closing in around me. Blissful darkness...

"Did you beat her into unconsciousness?" The cool, steady voice reaches my ears, pulling me from the clutches of the dream world. "Ah, glad to see you are still with us." The Elf Prince says smiling. I try to return it, but I have officially lost all of my energy, just keeping my head up takes effort I don't think I have. "I don't suppose you're ready to talk yet?" He interprets my silence as a no. "Well then, I guess we should get back to having fun then!" The icy Prince snaps his fingers, and a new guard emerges into the torture chamber, a hot iron in hand. 

I can't stop the scream that tears through my body as iron burns into flesh. My body shudders with the excruciating pain, and the smell of my burnt skin, a sweet, charcoal like smell fills my nostrils, making me gag. 

The iron is removed from my shoulder, but I can feel the imprint and pain it left behind. I pull back as I see another iron being readied, and see the Prince smirk, thinking he's got me. But he's wrong. I will not let him break me. I will not give away infor- Wait. 

"Okay! I'll-I'll tell you whatever you want to know." The iron is lowered, and the Prince smiles. 

"Glad you finally came to your senses."



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