The Silver Assassin

LIfe as the most notorious assassin in Endasia is quite easy, until the day that Alexa is hunted down by her last victims brother. Will she escape the clutches of the Elven Prince? Or will she accept the hand fate dealt her?


6. Drawing Blood; Rowan's POV

The girl doesn't utter a sound as I draw the knife across the marred skin of her forearm. She barely even grimaces, glaring up at me with hatred. I mirror the same cut on her other arm, getting the same reaction. Fine. I can take it up a notch. 

I flip the knife up, catching the hilt and plunging it into her gut, making sure to avoid any thing important. Can't have her dying so soon in our fun game.

She grunts in surprise, looking down at the crimson stain blossoming on her tunic.  

"Ow." She says looking up at me, her strange blue-silver eyes alight with stubbornness and mock bravo. 

"Just let me know when you would like to talk about your master." 

"Of course." I twist the knife, and a cry escapes her lips, the first sound of pain that she let show.  I pull the knife put slowly, watching as she bites her lip, drawing blood, trying not to cry out again. 

"Now, I'm going to go have my morning meal. When I return, I hope to have you in a more compliant mood." I snap my fingers, and the two guards move forward, twin evil grins on their faces. "You may do what you please." 

I turn as the first guard sends his fist into the assassins gut, and her scream that she evidently could not hold back echoes in the small cell.  

I wonder whats for breakfast...

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