The Silver Assassin

LIfe as the most notorious assassin in Endasia is quite easy, until the day that Alexa is hunted down by her last victims brother. Will she escape the clutches of the Elven Prince? Or will she accept the hand fate dealt her?


3. Assassinating a Prince; Alexa's POV

Okay, yes, I was being reckless. And stupid. But I figured, why not? I had a couple hours of complete darkness left, that was enough time to assassinate the Prince, right?  

I ignored my common sense that I needed to plan this out first, mark his patterns, find out when the guards switched shifts.  Instead, I found a horse and rode to the castle. 

From there, I  scaled the outer wall, staying in the shadows and avoiding the guards posted on it. When I made it to the courtyard, it got trickery.  

Between myself and the next wall, was an open, moonlit courtyard. I had to time this right, or else I was bound to be caught.  

After standing in the shadows for about fifteen minutes, I finally see my opportunity. By my count there are twenty-five guards that I can see, but only four of of them seem to check the courtyard regularly.  I catch my break when two of them stop to converse, and the other two are staring over the side of the wall that looks over the small town I came from. 

I bolt across the yard, not daring to look over my shoulder to see if I caught the attention of the men.

I make it to the other side without incident, and I let loose a breath I didn't know I was holding. Only when I am positive that I wasn't caught, I start to climb the wall at my back.

When I reach a window, I perch in the sill until I can open it. It doesn't take much, It wasn't locked, so I only had to pull it open without falling from the window sill.  I succeed and enter the quiet castle.  

My feet make no sound as I sprint around corners, tying to find the west wing where the royal family lived. After much confusion, I'm in a corridor in which I hope is the west wing.

I slow my pace and walk with purpose. The castle staff is starting to wake, and I can't risk suspicion.  This might have been a mistake.    

Ahead of me, a small blonde Elf rounds the corner, carrying a stack of sheets. As she nears me, she speaks up. "Can I help you, Miss?" I stop in front of her and fein confusion.

"Actually, you might be able to. I am looking for the Princes chambers, I have urgent news to deliver." She eyes the sword strapped to my back and the twin daggers on my thighs, obviously doubting my statement. 

I harden my face. "It is urgent news about the assassin he is pursuing." Her pale eyes widen, and she frees a hand to point down the hallway she came from.

"All the way down, the first door on your left. Tell the guards Parthia sent you." I nod in thanks. She has no idea that she just assisted in killing her Prince. 

I stalk down the hallway, keeping my head down, though I don't encounter anyone else. When the guards notice me, their hands immediately go to their sword hilts. 

"Who are you?" The first guard asks. His green eyes glare at me, and I know he views me as a threat to his prince. As he should. 

I sink into myself, becoming an innocent girl delivering news. "I have a letter for the Prince." I squeak out. The second guard thrusts out a gloved hand. 

"Give it here girl." He says gruffly. 

"I-I can't. I'm under direct orders to give it to the Prince himself." I adopt a scared expression. "Please- If I could just leave it on his desk--"

"The Prince is sleeping, and would very likely not be pleased to be woken for something like this." The first guard replies, his partner nodding in agreement. 

Well fine. If they were going to make this hard I carefully drop my hand to the pouch at my side, making it look like a normal gesture. I look down the hallway, making sure no servants were in hearing or seeing distance, before I pull a fistfull of pixie dust and blow it into the guards faces. They don't even have time to cry out before they slump to the floor. 

I cringe at the noise, but I don't think it was loud enough to draw attention. I'll have to make this quick, if anyone sees the guards, the alarms will go up and I'll be a goner. I step over the bodies and enter the Princes chambers.  Its completely dark, so I have to waste precious moments letting my eyes adjust. 

When I can see somewhat, I look around the large room. It seems to be a small living room, with a hearth still warm from the previous nights fire.  But I can't dwell on the rooms now, instead I walk towards the large four-poster sitting in an adjoining room, my feet making no sound on the wooden floor. 

The curtains are drawn, so I can't see where the Prince lies, but from the even breathing, it sounds as if he is on the left.  I draw a dagger and creep towards the left side of the bed, slowing pulling back the curtain to reveal an Elf, no more then a couple years older then me, but who could tell with Elves, sleeping peacefully. 

I raise my dagger posed to strike, when the Princes eyes open, and Ice blue eyes stare into mine. 

I loose my breathe for a fraction of a second before plunging the dagger down. But before my knife can reach its point, a hand grabs my wrist and pulls, and the dagger lands into a feathered pillow, inches from its mark. I curse, ready to draw my second dagger, when I'm yanked onto the bed, and the Prince is suddenly on top of me, my own dagger at my throat. 

"Who sent you." His voice comes out as a soft, predatory purr. And being the well mannered girl I am, I spit up into his face, grinning as he looks down at me with a gaze that could kill.  

Before I know it, the dagger that was at my throat is lifted, and the hilt meets the side of my face, sending me into oblivion. 








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