I like you a lot

Aaron Kimble is 16. In his sophomore year, he's already used to being bullied and picked on. He's a nerd, a scrawny kid who no one cares about. He's in love, but it's not the love anyone would expect. He's in love with Rhydian Low, a punk rebel who is the exact opposite of Aaron. Is true love truly found will opposites?


2. Chapter 2

I woke up a bit jumpy. I rushed through getting ready. Showering, changing, eating breakfast, brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, packing up and getting through my door took thirty minutes tops. My mom scowled at me at the door. I ignored her, rushing to the street. Leaning on the fence post was Rhydian, waiting patiently for me. He smirked before walking away, not waiting for me to catch up. Panting I said,

"Slow down. I have short legs ya know." He chuckled, not saying anything.

"How's the hand?" He asked, breaking the silence.

"It's fine... Can't say the same for my ego though." I answered curtly, ignoring his snickering.

"Didn't know you even had an ego." I scowled at him. As we silently walked to school, I noticed John and his crew glared at us, but didn't come any closer. Why aren't they coming to pick on us? I felt Rhydian wrap his arm around my shoulder as we got closer to the crew. I tried to edge away, but he kept me in an iron grip.

"What you doing?" I hiss at him, "let go of me!"

"Why should I? I see no harm in it." He replied calmly, continuing to walk me to Spanish. A thought ran across my mind.

"How do you have all the same classes as me? I thought you had a different schedule than me."

"Simple. I had a different schedule than you. I had it changed."

"Why?" He shrugged, not answering my question. I wanted to interrogate him more, but we arrived at the Spanish 3 class. He continued to hold me until we got to our desks, then proceeded to scoot his desk to mine till they were one inch apart. I ignored him, copying down conjugations, past, present and future tenses, sentences and finally the homework. As soon as the bell rung, I was back under his arm. It's no fair! Why am I five two and he's six foot something!? Why is everyone taller than me!? I finally gave up after two periods went by, letting him drag me class to class, to lunch, repeating the process with the remaining three periods. Once the bell rung, indicating school was over, he grabbed my hand, dragging me outside. Wrapping his arms around my shoulder, once again, he steered me to his house. Shoving me through the door, he said,

"I need to go take a shower. Help yourself to anything in the kitchen." He disappeared down the hallway before I could reply. I stood in the hallway, awkwardly, looking at the shiny floors and the pristine, clean everything. It looked like some formal rich persons house. An older man came up to me, sneering as though I were a pest. He had his black and graying hair cut smoothly on the side of his head, he wore a suit and tie and he had the aura of some religious freak whom is married to his job. The exact opposite of Rhydian. His ice blue eyes stared at me coldly.

"What are you doing here?" He barked at me. Even his voice sounded icy. "Are you another one of Rhydian's friends?" He sneered Rhydian's name, his glare only hardening. I nodded fearfully.

"Go upstairs." He ordered, "his room is at the far end of the hallway. Go now!" I scurried past, practically running to his room. Opening the doors, I was greeted with stairs. I rushed up, only to run into a half naked Rhydian. I straddled his hips, staring at his muscles. I could feel myself grow harder. He reached up, pulling me off him. Ignoring me, he reached into a dresser pulling in a pair of jeans, but no shirt. Damn it! Why is he so sexy!? He stared at me with heavy lidded eyes before saying,

"Let's get started with the study session. I wanna end it early." I looked at him, startled.


"Just cause." I frowned. He beckoned for me to come closer. He indicated to a chair next to the desk. I sat down, while he claimed the other seat. We quietly worked on English, geometry, Spanish, Biology and we even studied cooking techniques, to Rhydians great dislike. During the entire time, Rhydian was acting fidgety, always looking at me, rubbing his leg. Breaking the silence I ask,

"So, what's it like? Living here?" He gave me a dark look.

"I hate it here." He snarled. "My father is a no good back stabbing, religious, stick up his ass hypocritical son of a bitch. He thinks he's god's given gift to earth and he loathes anyone who is not like him." I blink at him, startled. He stood up suddenly, grabbing me by the scruff of my neck. Dragging me to the bed, he shoved me roughly, ignoring my cries. He tackled me, straddling my hips. I could feel my face become hot and my cheeks turn cherry red when I felt his bulge against my thigh. 'Please don't get a boner', I thought to my self, 'please don't'. Pinning my hands next to my head, he leaned in.

"Your so defenseless." He breathed out, his cool breath washing over my face. I shivered, refusing to blink. He scooted me forward, before putting my hands underneath his knees, preventing from using them. He reached over and grabbed two pairs of hand cuffs, attaching my wrists to both sides of the bed.

"What are you doing!?" I cried out, struggling against my bonds. A thought occurred. Maybe he's a serial killer and he lured me here! "Are you going to kill me!? You won't get away with it!" He laughed.

"I'm not going to kill you." I stopped struggling. I stared him in the the eyes, hoping he might betray his thoughts and emotions. But the only emotion his onyx eyes gave away were.... Lust. He leaned forward, his teeth grazing against my collar bone. I gasp, trying to writhe away from his touch while secretly enjoying it. He started to bite at the spot between my shoulder and my neck. I moaned, trying to stifle any sounds. Kissing lightly, he trailed up my neck and to my jaw. I could feel my eye lids get heavier as he traced my ear lightly with his tongue, his hand went under my shirt, tugging on my nipple. I cried out moan/gasp when he started to squeeze and pull at it. His other hand found my hand, turning so I faced him. He stared at me, before slipping my glasses of my face, setting them down next to my head. His face went blurry, forcing me to strain my eyes. Heart throbbing I started to hope he would do what I thought he was gonna do. He leaned forward slowly, taking his time, teasing me. I whimpered, wriggling a bit. He stopped, pulling his hand from out of my shirt. His tongue traced the shape of my lips and the inside of my lips. I stifled a gasp when I felt his tongue nudge the end of mine. He pulled away, examining my red hot face. Feeling infuriated and tired of waiting, I leaned my head forward, pressing my lips to his. He froze. Did I do the wrong thing? I was about to pull away when he kissed me back, pressing my head into the pillow. His hands cupped my cheeks and he tilted his head, deepening his kiss. I moaned, my heart racing at a thousand miles. He tastes sweeter than I could have imagined. Eyes fluttering closed, I continued to kiss him, twisting my legs around his thigh, pulling him closer to my body. His long hair tickled my face. He finally broke the kiss, a long string of saliva connecting out lips. I gulped in deep breaths of air while he breathed heavily. Wiping his lips he said seductively,

"How was that little boy? Or do you want more?" Little boy? He started to trace my jaw with his left pointer finger, while leaning on his right forearm next to my head.

"I'm not a little boy!" I exclaimed though deep breaths. "I'm not your toy either, so let me go!" He chuckled darkly, gently caressing my cheek.

"Your not in much of a position to be making demands." His whispered, his dark eyes fixated on my lips. "I could fuck you here, and you couldn't, or wouldn't do a thing. How do you like that?" His hand moved down my body, his fingers lightly tap against my semi straining cock. I gulped, trying not to give myself away.  "I won't do that... yet. Do you know why?" I looked away before answering.

"Because you'll get in trouble." I said, my voice trembling. "But why are you doing this to me?" He tsked at my answer, ignoring my question. His deep voice rang out with a sigh.

"For such a smart person, you gave quite the most idiotic answer." I scowled at him, turning my face back to him.

"Well what answer were you expecting!?" I snap at him, not caring if I was rude. He rolled his eyes, leaning forward until our faces were an inch away.

"How obvious can I fucking get? I changed my schedule to mimic yours and I walked you to school and back. I held you close today hoping you'd take a hint. I even traded my damn locker to be next to yours. Do you get what I'm trying to say now?" I remembered being startled when he had opened the locker next to mine. It had belonged to Stewart Jennings. But what does that have to do with what's happening now? I shook my head at him. He snarled and scowled at me saying,

"Okay then. Since you aren't fucking getting the clues I've been giving out, I'll say it slowly for you." I froze, waiting for him to give out one of his biggest secrets. But I was caught completely off guard when he uttered the words quietly:

"I love you."

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