I like you a lot

Aaron Kimble is 16. In his sophomore year, he's already used to being bullied and picked on. He's a nerd, a scrawny kid who no one cares about. He's in love, but it's not the love anyone would expect. He's in love with Rhydian Low, a punk rebel who is the exact opposite of Aaron. Is true love truly found will opposites?


1. Chapter 1


I dragged my feet along the concrete sidewalk. Up ahead is Grant View High, or as I call it, hell. I watch as students arrive, keeping my eye on potential threats. Stuffing my hand in my pocket I look down at my feet, avoiding people's eyes. Rummaging through my pockets I pull out my headphones. Stuffing them in my ears I play Uma Thurman by Fall out Boy. Nodding my head I wander to my first period class, Spanish.

"Hola Señora Gomez." I said to my teacher, passing her by. I glanced to my right. Sitting next to me is Rhydian Low! Blushing, I remove my headphones. I try to concentrate on today's lesson, but my mind starts to wander to him. Tapping my fingers I copy the work. My heart gives a jolt when he taps on my shoulder. Stammering I ask,

"Y-yes? How c-c-can I help you?"

"Do ya wanna be partners?" I could feel my heart give away. I stare at him, dumbfounded. Raising his eyebrow at me, he moved his hand in front of my face.

"Hello? Anyone home?" Blushing I nod rapidly.

"Of course." I told him. "I'd like that." Smirking he said smoothly in his deep voice,

"Great." He turned away, his attention now on his phone. Oh my gosh! I'm Spanish partners with Rhydian! He turned back to me.

"Hey Aaron, toss me your phone." I give him a questioning look, before surrendering it to him. He started to type on it rapidly before handing it back along with his own phone.

"Put your number in." He commanded me, pushing it closer. I obeyed, and passed it back. Looking satisfied he picked it up.

"Look at me."

Snap! I blink spastically.

"What did you do?" Smirking he said,

"I just took your picture."

"Why?" I asked curiously. He showed me the picture saying,

"I did a pic for your contact." I blush darker. I look ugly in that photo. My hair is untidy, my glasses are sliding down my nose and I look confused. How embarrassing. I almost didn't notice him snatch my phone.

"Hey! What are you doing!?" I cry trying to take it back. He moves over and takes a picture of himself. He tosses over my phone. I fumble, trying to catch the stupid thing. I have another photo of him. The bell goes off, allowing me to escape. As the day went by, I noticed something. Rhydian is in all my classes, including my study period. I walked to the cafeteria, passing a large group of jocks.

"Hey dweeb!" I turned swiftly. Heading towards me was John, captain of the football team. He's also like the school min leader, along with the other football players and the cheerleaders. It was their job to make sure school is a living hell.

"What do you want John?" I tried to act brave, but it was just an act. An act John saw through. Smirking he pinned me to the wall.

"Well dweeb," he said looking me down. Did I forget to mention that I'm like five foot two and he's like six feet tall? "I'm not gonna do my geometry homework and I saw you doing yours. I'm gonna need you to cough it up Kimble." I struggle against him, trying to escape. His girlfriend, Taelor, lunges at me, and swipes my bag. Dumping all the contents out, she locates my homework.

"Hey babe, I found it." He let go of me and took her in, and they made out in the middle of the hall. They pulled away when I started to think that they were gonna strip.

"Thanks dweeb!" Cackling John walked away.

"Why didn't you stop them?" I jump in surprise. Rhydian appeared behind me without a word. He held his handout to me. With back of my neck heating up, I accepted it. "Well? Why didn't you stop them?" I look down a bit.

"What can I do against him? He's so much stronger than I am." Rhydian just shook his head, looking disappointed. He glared at their backs for a second.

"If you let them walk all over you, then they won't leave you alone." He lectured me, "But if you stand up to them, you might have a chance at getting them to leave you alone." I snort. Turning, I walk to the lunch line. Rhydian follows me quietly. The lunch lady sneers at me, before plopping some goo that's supposed to be my lunch.

"Thanks." I mutter, stomping away. I sit down, and again to my surprise, Rhydian sits across from me. I gawk at him. Since when has he shown interest in me? I thought to myself. I'm not that interesting. He simply ate the mystery goo silently, only giving me quick glances here and there. The bell rang after ten minutes. Collecting my tray I juggle my stuff until I was able to get rid of the stupid lunch tray. Rhydian just followed me to all my classes, always sitting next to me. Glancing at him, I realized he grew his hair out. His black hair was currently in a high pony tail, and his hair reached his mid back. I guess I was staring to long 'cause he caught my glance.

"Take a pic, it'll last longer." Flushing I ask,

"How long have you been growing out your hair?" He snorted turning away. I coulda sworn I saw a bit of pink showing on his alabaster skin.

"Since last year." He replied curtly.

"Oh." Awkward. We just walked silently, arriving to seventh period. Soon that was over and I was on my way home. I wonder if mom brought another man. I hope not. As I walked down the sidewalk, I realized Rhydian was across the street on his skateboard, his long hair flying through the air. I should also mention that Rhydian lives across the street from me. Too caught up in my thoughts I didn't notice the rock in my way until I face planted the sidewalk.

"Ouch..." I groan, getting up slowly. I wince set the palm of my right hand on the ground. Lifting it gingerly, I notice my palm was bleeding profusely. I started to dig through my bag with my left hand when a tissue appeared next to my head.

"Here" Rhydian offered me the tissue. "You should be more careful."

"Thanks." I mutter. Taking the tissue.

"Do you need help?"

"I'm fine!" I snap. "I didn't hurt my legs." Growling under his breath, he grabbed my arm and jerked me up. Yelping in shock I become unbalanced, falling onto his chest. Before I could say anything, he swept me into his arms, my backpack in had as well, and walked to my house.

"I can walk!" I cried, trying to get out of his arms.

"Calm down." He said briskly, not slowing down, "What's so bad about this? I'm just helping a friend."

"Yea, you're helping a friend who doesn't need any help." I snarled a bit. "Besides, we're two dudes. This is kinda wrong."

"So?" I groaned, hiding my face in my hands. I could feel people staring at us. Then it hit me. MY CRUSH IS HOLDING ME!!!

"Rhydian, I feel fine. You can put me down."

"Nah." I deadpanned.

"I hurt my hand? Not my legs! I can walk!" He smirked at me. Smug bastard. Why does he have to be so damn hot!?

"It's too late. We're at your house." I looked up. He finally set me down. Collecting my things I ran to my door with a quick 'See ya!' before closing the door. I walked down the hall to my room.

"Hey baby cakes." I looked over to my mom. Standing next to her is some strange dude. I guess I should explain. My mom and dad divorced and I got stuck with my mom. Now every day she brings home different men. It's not hard for her either. She has dark blonde hair and shiny blue eyes. No man could resist a woman with those features.

"Hey mom." I mutter before passing her by. She doesn't try to stop me either. She just embraces her new lover of the day. I opened my door and slammed it closed on the same note. I sat down at my desk, pulled out my books and began to study. Halfway through my English homework, my phone goes off.

Rhydian Low: Yo

Why is he texting me? He just got my phone number. Why is he now trying to buddy up with me?

Me: Hey Rhydian.... What's up?

Rhydian Low: Study time. I need u 2 come over.

Huh? He wants me to study with him? Is that the only reason he wants to be my friend? Heart sinking I respond.

Me: Why?

Rhydian Low: Like I said, studying time. Come over now.

Me: I'm busy. I can't come over. Sorry.

Rhydian Low: Bullshit. I can see u through ur window. Ur doing homework. Come over now.

Twitching I look through my window. Sure enough I can see him peeking out of his window. Growling under my breath I text,

Me: Stop stalking me. I don't want to come over.

He doesn't respond. Standing up, I shut my window blinds, blocking me from his view. I take in a deep breath. I go back to my desk and finish my English homework. I check my phone again. One new message.

Rhydian Low: If u aren't coming over, then I'm coming 2 u.

I feel panic rise through my chest. Why is he obsessed with me today!? Aren't I supposed to be obsessed with him!? It kinda does feel romantic though.... A sharp knock at my door interrupts my thoughts. Rising I open the door.

"Hello?" Before I could say anything else, Rhydian pushes his way through my doorway.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" I snarl, not hiding my anger. He ignored me, setting his bad on my bed before plopping on it.

"I'm here to study." He said coolly.

"Is that the only reason you're here?"

"Nope." He put said, popping the P.

"What else?" I interrogated, trying to pry into his mind, "What is your other reason?" He moved off subject waving a book in my face.

"Let's start on this first." I sigh, and for the next three hours we study up on Spanish, Geometry and Biology before he announced that he had to leave, disappearing from my room in a flash. I left my room for the kitchen. Gathering my needed ingredients I started to cook steak and twice baked potatoes. Once I finished I called my mom over and we ate together quietly.

"So, how is school?" Trying to find anything out to judge me. Classic.

"Its fine. I have a new study partner." She sneered a bit.

"Of course. The Goth boy. What's his name?"

"Rhydian." I reply coldly. My tone surprised her a bit.

"But, you need better friends than-"scowling, "riff-raff like him." I slam my hands on the table.

"You have no right to judge him!" I yell, standing over her. "You bring men over who are worse than him, yet you try to act like a saint! At least he shows who he truly is!"

"Don't you talk to me like that young man!" She shrieked at me, "I've raised your worthless ass when your father left us! I provided food, clothes and-"

"No you didn't." I said quietly. I could feel tears brimming at my eyes. "You've done nothing for me." With that I left, slamming my door and locking it while she screamed at me from the other side. I sat on my bed. With a bad taste in my mouth I striped down. My phone went off again.

Rhydian Low: Hey, study session tomorrow.

Grinding my teeth I respond.

Me: Fine. Can it be at your house?

He responded almost immediately.

Rhydian Low: Yes.

I was about to answer with 'great' when he texted me again.

Rhydian Low: Wanna walk with me 2 school?

Me: Ok.

Rhydian Low: Great!

Me: I'm tired. Goodnight.

Rhydian Low: G'night

Yawning I shut off my light. Tomorrow is a new day. And I get to walk to school with my crush! Yay! I pull the warm blanket over me, sleep taking control of me before my head even hit the pillow.

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