A Month in the Life of Mandy A-C

This is a diary. My diary. It is a document of my life. I am not a movie star or any type of celebrity. So you don't have to worry about lies and cliche problems. These are actual thing that really happened to me. If you don't like stories of divorced families, distant friends, and glimmers of hope, then don't read. If you don't want to be thrown into emotional turmoil then don't read. All that I ask is that you give it a chance. Or don't. I mean, a diary isn't really meant for entertainment or fame. It's meant to give an everyday ordinary person a voice in they're own life; a place to console in troubling matters. But if you do choose to read-heed my warning. This is not a happy go lucky butterflies and rainbows tale. This is reality. And reality sucks. With that said, read on.


1. Chapter 1.


There are certain people in this world that test my every action.


My name is Mandy. Mandy A-C. I’m not going to put my whole last name in this diary for many practical reasons. I am not an idiot. Contrary to my step-dad George’s opinion, I do have some form of basic common sense. I realize that I won’t be the only person reading what I put in here. So you only get to know my nickname and initials. I will also be using fake names for all other characters in this book. I do not have the right to tarnish their names. They can do that on their own. Now, with that said, let’s get on with my life.


    Why don’t we start with some backstory. My life has been complicated since the day I was conceived. I didn’t have the happy married couple as parents. My mom, Sally, was one of ten children at her house. She had to work for everything she ever wanted. Life just wasn’t easy on her. So when my dad showed her a little attention, she soaked it all in. Now before I go any further I want you to know that my mother is my best friend, my favorite person, my hero, and the only person who has been there for me my entire life, putting my needs before anything else. Okay, now back to the story.


    My mom was 18 when she met my dad. He was 20 and worked in the auto shop with her. They thought that it was love at first sight. And so I was created, unintentionally. I actually counted back 9 months prior to my birthday, and I figured out that I am indeed a summer fling gone wrong. So, my mom put herself through her senior year pregnant and poor. She even missed her prom because my due date was the day after and she didn’t want to risk it.


Once I was born she enlisted in the Air Force in order to provide for me. While gone I was stuck with my lazy ass dad Bill and his parents, Sue and John. To make matters worse Sue kept trying to prove that they were unsuitable parents to get custody over me. Are you seeing why my life is kind of fucked up yet?


Over 50% of marriages end in divorce nowadays, and most at least last the first year. My parents divorced FOUR months after they wed, which was right after Sally’s graduation. I believe that it was the best decision that she ever made-even though it took me about 13 years to figure that out.


    After they split my mom went on a date with George, who was also in the Air Force. That night he went and had sex with his now ex-wife, Jacky. Now, that relationship did come out with one good thing. I got a step-sister. Lucy was the best thing that had ever happened to me. She was my playmate, my best friend, and just someone who understood what I was going through-ish.


    Sally and George dated for about 5 years before he finally proposed to her. They were wed on a cruise and retired from the military, so we had to move away from the base. That was the first move. Since then we’ve worked our way up the east coast, leaving Texas and heading for Virginia, while Bill stayed in Arizona. I moved so much that I never stayed in the same school more than a year and a half, and that was if I was lucky.


    Finally in 5th grade we stuck to a house. I got to spend all of my middle school years with the same friends, but I still couldn’t make lasting roots. Apparently there was only one high school in the county, and it had a whole list of problems; high pregnancy rates, gangs, you name it, they had it. So after my eighth grade promotion ceremony we moved again. This time though they swore to me that it would never happen again. But seeing as how I was graduating in four years I didn’t really care anymore.

    And that ladies and gentlemen is why there are certain people in this world that test my every action.

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