Why Don't We Go There? H.S.

Hailee was a girl who could be popular if she wanted to, but chooses not to be. The popular girls pick on her because of it. But when her brother, Liam comes home with his band, One Direction, will she fall for one of them? Will they fall for her? Or will he play her?



3. 3

"GUYS!!! Let's play Fifa!!!" Louis yelled. I giggled. "I call first turn!" I stated. I noticed Harry kept glancing at me. "No!!!!!!!!!! I wanted first turn!!!!" Louis said like a little kid. "Toooo baaad! I already have it." I said and took off and grabbed the player 1 remote.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!" Louis yelled. "Oh, calm your tits. You can have 2nd player!" "Did you just 'calm your tits' me?" He said like he was a spoiled rich brat. "Yes princess. I'm sorry. *coughs* not *coughs*." I said sarcastically. He gasped as a idiotic bitch would do.

"Oh you did not just do that you bitch." He said trying not to laugh. "Oh yas I did!" I said and ran into my room. He ran after me. I shut the door and locked it. He started knocking.

"Louis! Stop harassing Hailee!" I think Harry said. "But she 'calm your tits' me!" He whined. Then the door handle shook. I slowly reached for the door and stopped. The handle shook again but longer. When it was in the middle of shaking, I unlocked it and opened it.

Harry crashed in and fell on me. "Oh.... I'm sorry." I said and he got up and helped me up. "Harry. Right?" "Yes." And I just looked in his eyes as he looked in my eyes. I got lost in the beautiful green of his eyes.

"Ok love birds," Louis said and my face got red and I looked away. "Time to beat Hailee in FIFA!!!" "Not sure about that Louis. Hailee is the best a FIFA." Liam suddenly chirped up.

"Oh please, if a girl beats me at FIFA, then I must be the girl. I'll make a bet with you Hailee, if I win, we are all playing spin the bottle and Truth or dare and Never have I ever, if you win we only do ONE of those games." He smirked.

"Deal." I said and shook his hand. We raced to the tv and started playing. After a couple minutes, we were at a tie. 19-19. I saw Harry look at me and smirk. He walked over to Louis and bumped into him a little. I giggled but not too loud. I scored a point. Harry kept being all jittery and got me to win.

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