Why Don't We Go There? H.S.

Hailee was a girl who could be popular if she wanted to, but chooses not to be. The popular girls pick on her because of it. But when her brother, Liam comes home with his band, One Direction, will she fall for one of them? Will they fall for her? Or will he play her?



2. 2

I woke up the next morning to my phone ringing. I groaned and just picked it up not looking at who it was. "Hello?" I said a little sleepily. "Yes, this is pizza hut. How may I help you?" A deep voice said. "Huh?" I asked. Not knowing wtf was going on. I heard laughing. "Asshole." I said. "Hey! That's not a nice way to speak to your brother!" Liam said. "You woke me up," I said then looked at the time. "AT 6:00 IN THE MORNING!!" "Oh..... Yeah. I forgot that it was 6:00 in England." He said. "Oh, Yeah." I said mocking him.

"I'm coming home tonight! Well, today for you." He said. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah, we just finished our concert in Baltimore. We have a week off now. You'll get to meet the boys...... Yay for you." He said sarcastically. "Love you too Liam!!" I heard a voice say in the back. "That was Louis." Liam said. "By the way, I heard your new song, Drag Me Down! It's amazing! I also watched the video. So I saw the guys a little." "Thanks. Did any of them look attractive to you?" He asked. "Not really." I lied. "Good. Because they aren't very stable with girls." "Shut up Liam!" Another voice said but it was different. "That was Harry. But, I have to go now, see you soon little sis!" "Bye big bro!" I said and hung up.


*4 hours later*


I heard the doorbell ring just as i finished putting make up on and doing my hair. I was so excited to see Liam. I rushed to the door. I opened it and hugged him. "Wow. Nice introduction." Someone said in a deep and thick British voice. I let go and saw it wasn't Liam who i hugged. "Sorry. I-I thought the first person would be Liam." They chuckled. "I'm Harry." The curly/long haired boy said. He stuck out his hand. I shyly shook his hand. "I'm Hailee." I said and let go. Liam stepped up to me. I punched him n the arm. "I thought you would be the first person dipshit!" I said playfully. I hugged him. "Sorry." He said. I let go. "Where's dad?" He asked. "I'm not sure. I woke up at 6:00 and he wasn't here."

I introduced my self to the other two boys. One was Irish. 

"I think I'll be ok with them." I whispered in Liam's ear.

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