Poet Trapped In A Jar

Mercedes soon learns that the big world is not as easy as she thought it was. Is she just another poet trapped in a jar?


2. When we were friends

"Fall in love or fall in hate.

Get inspired or get depressed.

Ace a class or flunk a test.

Speak the truth or lie and cheat.

Dance on tables or sit in the corner.

Life is divine chaos, Embrace it.

Forgive yourself, Breath.

And enjoy the ride."

  I look at this photo. The face I am making is strange, like ew.. but the face he is making. He looks like he is madly in love with me and I never even noticed it. His blue eyes and pale skin, the few freckles on his face. He is beautiful.

  He texts me;

Kyle: Hey baby

Me: Hey Amor :)

Kyle: How are you today?

Me: I'm doing a little better, I miss you of course.

Kyle: I miss you too, you know that.

Me: Yeah I know. are you gonna come to my sweet 16?

Kyle: Another night...

Me: What do you mean

Kyle: I dont want to get into this right now.

Me: Kyle your in Californa I want to see you, you promised you would come.

Kyle: .........

Me: You're not comming are you? :(

Kyle: No, baby. I'm not.

Me: First you stop talking to me, you barley call me. I cant ever get ahold of you. Kyle, either your phone is dead or you have no service, or you are just too busy for me. Now, you cant even come back to see me on my birthday? Thanks for that, makes me feel great. I love you.

Kyle: I know I know but that is the reason I have been distant with you. I wasn't ready to tell you that I would not get to see you..

Me: Kyle, we didn't even get to see one another on the 4th of July.

Kyle: I know. I'm sorry. but you will see me on christmas. I promise.

Me: Okay.

"She is too scared to

get close to anyone.

because everyone,

who promised they would stay

turned their backs

and walked away."



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