Poet Trapped In A Jar

Mercedes soon learns that the big world is not as easy as she thought it was. Is she just another poet trapped in a jar?


5. Wasted words

"Love is patience.

Patience in the face of words.

Words, harshly spoken without a thought.

Words cruelly spoken, but with no ill-will.

Patience will bring healing. 

Patience will be understanding.

Love is patience.

When those you love don't understand you,

Time will reveal your way to them. 

If only, you have the patience to wait long enough,

You'll be the matter of all around you."


  I waited so so long for his response. No communication trying to say patient. I start to give up, trying not to worry any longer. What's it worth if I am wasting my thoughts on something that will never happen? .......I receive a call....  

  Me: Hello?

  Him: Hey. ;)

  Me: Who's this? 

  Him: Kyle...

  Me: Why do you now decide to call me? Why make me wait so long. Make me feel like this?

  Kyle: *silence*

  Me: How did you get my number?

  Kyle: I know people.

  Me: What people?

  Kyle: Friends...

  Me: Why Now?

  Kyle: I didn't know what to say.

  Me: And you do now?

  Kyle: Nope...

  Me: *silence*

  Kyle: You're like my best friend. I can't just "not" call you...

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