Poet Trapped In A Jar

Mercedes soon learns that the big world is not as easy as she thought it was. Is she just another poet trapped in a jar?


3. The words are drugs


"A friend indeed won't make you smoke that weed.

A friend for now will never let you see,

There are more words then the word 'drugs'.

A friend indeed will be there with hugs,

While the others are being slugs. 

Know that a true friend,

Will always hold out a hand."

  "The guys will be here any minuet." Katie announced. I wasn't aware of the situation. It's the middle of the night. Jaclyn and Joseph don't come until morning? "Why?" I asked. The Joseph came out of no where and hugged me from behind. Me, Katie and Maria were supposed to work out tonight. The boys have only been here 3 times, and they act like they can come up out of no where? I guess Maria told them to come, I don't know. 

 Katie: Did you bring it?

  Jacyln: Yeah do you have your own pip or do you want to use mine?

  Katie: I have my own. 

  Me: Joseph, I don't think I am comfortable with this. Maria lets just go back to the house. 

  Joseph: Hey, I thought we were just going to hang out? 

  Me: Apparently not..  Maria lets go, Joseph I'll see you later. 

  Maria: Shut up and quit being a baby, you don't have to do it, you can just watch. 

   Me and Joseph look at one another. The other kids walked away, towards Jacyln's car. We followed. 

Jacyln is in the drivers seat, I'm in the passengers seat with Joseph. Maria and Katie are in the back with some other random dude. 

Maria and Katie start to smoke i'm just looking out the window. But you know how it is. Blah blah do this blah blah we will keep you safe blah blah nothing could go wrong. 

so fine. I let Katie blow the smoke into my mouth and finally I started to loosen up some. Laughter soon came. 

 Big or small, lies are lies. 

" She is woman,

She is a person,

She is strong, smart, crafty,

She is passionate, courageous, generous

Cooking barefoot is only one of many superpowers

She is action, emotion, devotion

She has hope, beauty, power

She has a brain and she knows how to use it. 

She gives you life

She gives you respect, love, gratitude 

She believes in you

She will nurture you, fight for you

She deserves nothing less from you."




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