Poet Trapped In A Jar

Mercedes soon learns that the big world is not as easy as she thought it was. Is she just another poet trapped in a jar?


6. Hidden hopeful words

?It all began from a time I am unaware, 
I had no friends, no love to share, 
My heart shattered, the core went rotten,
My happy days long since forgotten.
My desire in life is simply to die,
I'm sick and tired of having to be in agony and cry,
My parents, family, classmates, they just build it,
They look at me as a mistake, best to fix it. 
They hand me the rope and the chair with a smile,
They play it off like they care for a while,
Then they shut the door and sit by the bay,
"Whatever happens, happens" they always say.
The disappointment on their face when I live, 
I must be a curse they seek God to forgive,
I'm constantly belittled and told to die,
The moments of love they give are but a lie."

 Ever since that one call.. I haven't talked to Kyle since. To be honest, yea i do miss him, but i think i am falling in love with Joseph... I know, I know, it sounds bad but to be honest, i think me and Kyle were only meant to be friends and nothing more. Joseph, now am going to tell the truth now, he was my rebound to get over Kyle. i am not going to lie, i still think about Kyle but only about how i miss our friendship. 08/31/15

 Joseph has been there for me, done everything he can to make me smile. I'm not used to that.. I'm used to the same old, same old, "Oh, i'm sorry I wish i could help..." but no.. Joseph holds me with the tightest hugs and tells me its okay, and begs me to smile. He cares. 

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