Poet Trapped In A Jar

Mercedes soon learns that the big world is not as easy as she thought it was. Is she just another poet trapped in a jar?


1. Dreaming the words

  "But when we were friends,

such a good time we had.

Then what was the need to fight?

Why did we include the blame game?

Was it really important to prove who was right?

I had hopes that you would let go.

But I really didnt know.

That I had to do with this,

Yes you are missed.

The friendship I had. "

  "I'm still having dreams about him. What I did to him can explain the worst person in the world. I knew we should not have been in a relationship, it has ruined everything. I remember walking down the halls together. Just me and him. In the mornings before school. He would always try to give me his hoodie when he saw the smallest shiver in me. He made me laugh, the only one I could talk to and be crying, the only one to make me smile. *laughs* a momma's boy he was. Always telling me new stories about conversations between him and his mom. He has left now. To be with his mom. He loved me, but i never believed him. I'm so used to being hurt and used that when someone is actually the right someone, I turn them down thinking they are like anyone else.

 Trust is like a piece of paper, once crumbled it can never be perfect. I broke his trust. I most likely broke his heart. What am to do now?"

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