Tom Hiddleston's Unknown Daughter

Tom thought she was just another girl to sleep with, though she was how many years younger than him. Later he found out she wasn't what he thought she was... she was his daughter.


1. The First Night


     "What's your name Love?" I use my accent, I get more girls with it than without. "Ella." She smiles. "Would you like to dance?" I ask. She nods, "sure." 


     We begin dancing in the center of the crowd. "How old are you?" I ask. She smiles, "twenty two." I nod. She's a good dancer. This could work.




     "Nice place." She says. I smile as she plops down on the couch. Her hands rest on her thigh. I take a seat next to her. I lean in wanting her. She smiles flirtatiously. 


     She places a hand on my chest and lightly pushes me to lean back so she could sit on my lap. I like her confidence. Her lips slightly part as she nears my lips. 


     "How do you want it?" She whispers, her lips are just centimeters away from my own. "How ever you like sweetheart." I smirk as her lips connect with mine.




     I position myself at her entrance. "Tom..." She moans as I slowly enter her, she gasps ever so lightly. I thrust into her again. Her hands hold onto me like her life depended on it. 


     Her fingers claw at my back as I begin to pick up the pace. She moans in pleasure. I can't help but groan, that was the sweetest sexiest moan. It turned me on. 


     The bed rocked back and forth. I need her. I began to pound into her as the headboard repeatedly hit the wall. "God..." She whispers. I tilted my head to get better access of her neck. 


     She'll have a hickey when I'm done with her. "Tom." She moans. "Hush love," I whisper. "Almost done." Her hips meet me at each thrust. I lift my eyes to her own as she tilts her head back giving into the sensation. 


     I let a groan escape my throat. Her lips lean in and leave a trail of kisses on my neck. I groan. She's trying to kill me. Her soft lips make their way to my ear. "Harder." She whispers. I obey and thrust harder. 


     "Right," she moans. "There." I smirk, I found her spot. I push into her faster. My breathing has become uneven. She groans. She flips us so she's on top. She moves her hips, going up and down. 


     I place my hands on her hips sliding them down her thighs. She flirtatiously smiles as she lowers her lips to mine. Her hair falls to one side over her right shoulder. 


     Her lips moved in sync with my own. She curls her fingers around my locks. Her hips can work magic. 


     I begin helping her by moving my hips with her. She smirks into our kiss as she slows. "God," I groan. "You're killing me." 


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