I Will Be Okay

Bethany Sanchez, 15, typically doesn't get people's attention. She is a struggling teen with a part time job and a love for the beach. One day while her family goes to the beach, which they usually don't do, she plays her ukulele. One thing that she notices is that someone is smiling at her. She than realizes that this is going to be a different summer than planned.


2. Meeting A Friend

As we packed to go to the beach I had to remind myself that I didn't need to bring my sunglasses. It was overcast today, but that wasn't going to ruin my big day. We never go out as a family. Carter, my mom, and I got into the convertible to have a amazing adventure. When we arrived there wasn't much people there. I like that there wasn't much people because I wouldn't have to get hit by a surfboard, or not hear myself talk over the loud screams, and laughs of random people. As we set up I took out my ukulele I got for my fourteenth birthday. I love music. It makes me happy when I am sad, or just lets me get away for a while. I started playing it by the rocks where i could be in peace. Before I could finish I saw a guy in the distance. Smiling. I got distracted because usually I'm not noticed by much people. To be honest I am a loner. I kept playing my ukulele until he approached me. Hi. He said. Hi. I replied. So how long have you been playing? He asked staring through the distance. Uh.. I have been playing for about a year or so. I said nervously trying not to make eye contact. Now I know I am not as bad with social anxiety as I used to be but this guy was different than guys usually are. He seemed about sixteen. He had brown hair and hazel eyes, and he was a little taller than me. Than it happened. We made eye contact. So what's your name. He asked still staring at me. I'm Bethany. I replied. I'm josh. He said. So what's brings you to the beach. He said. Uh.. That convertible over there. I replied making a stupid joke. He laughed and we started walking and talking. Surprisingly we had a lot in common. So we should hang out sometime again. He said walking towards his car. Yea we should. I replied, and at the moment I walked towards my mom. She didn't see which is good because she would flip if she knew I was talking to a guy. I was blushing pretty hard as at that very moment I kinda missed talking to him. He was nice. I texted him later until I knew he wasn't driving. I texted hi. And almost instantly he texted back, hey. 

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