I Will Be Okay

Bethany Sanchez, 15, typically doesn't get people's attention. She is a struggling teen with a part time job and a love for the beach. One day while her family goes to the beach, which they usually don't do, she plays her ukulele. One thing that she notices is that someone is smiling at her. She than realizes that this is going to be a different summer than planned.


1. Explaining myself

I walk on the shorelines of California during sunset to think, to dream, to believe that one day i would walk with someone else. All I see is couples kissing, holding hands, but at these times nothing matters as the sun gleams on the water that keeps you in a trance until it's pitch black. I love the feeling of the beach. I love the sand that is rested on my feet. I love the water as the waves crash against the rocks that seem like they are so close but are so far. I love the sun gleaming on my tan skin, although I do get sunburn sometimes. The beach is my getaway from reality. It takes me someplace that seems more like home than any other place on the planet. In the end reality sneaks up on me and I have to go home.  My mom wakes me up a hour too early so she can go to work. It's Summer and I have to wake up early to go to my part time job. I hate that I have to wake up at 7:00 in the morning just for a stupid job. My mom wants me to be more independent because she knows she can't support our family all the way. I can't blame her because my dad left us when I was just five. She has to work over 2 jobs just to get food on the table. Me on the other hand has a good paying job because my friends work there and we work off of customers. Reagan, Julia and I all work together in a coffee shop down by the shores, that by the way sell the best donuts. Reagan and Julia are my best friends and I don't know what I would do without them. I am the most bored person in the world because Reagan is off in Hawaii visiting her relatives and Julia is off for the summer so she is also on vacation. For me I basically run the joint. Ever since my boss has gave me a raise she sees me as a loyal worker and not much people register as a worker. It's a small place but that's what's so awesome about it, it's the best place for a hangout for friends or just to go on the computer for the free wifi we offer. It's hard for me physically because I have a lot of back problems from my car accident back when i was thirteen. I have lost a lot of hope and the only people I have left are my mom and my friends.  When I get off work it's usually 7:30 pm. When I get home I have to do my homework, for the fact that I am in summer school. My grades are good but my mom can't afford for me to go to college so I am trying to get a scholarship. It's weird for a fifteen year old to think about college but I have already planned out my life because of how rushed my childhood was. I don't want to be like my dad. When I walk through my front door my mom is surprisingly home. How was work sweetie? She said as she was cooking dinner. It was fine. As I replied in a tired voice. Bethany you need to get some rest we have a big day tomorrow! She said excitingly. I will. I said as I was walking upstairs towards my room. As I walked towards my room my stupid sister was blasting her music. Carter can you turn down your music! I screamed hoping she could hear me. I'm trying to go to sleep. As soon as I finished my sentence she turned it down as I walked through my room to pass out for my big day. 

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