Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


11. Chapter 9

"But why you chose me to help you?" Iryn asked.

"I noticed you yesterday, you seemed like a warrior, and you are a stranger, so you are strong and have no loyalties in Orwyn, I thought you'd be a perfect ally." Ruvel explained.


She turned back and saw Alar coming towards her. She stood in surprise "Fath... umm.. Alar, what are you doing here?"

Alar hugged her tightly then released her and looked at her eyes "That supposed to be my line, I've looked for you everywhere all night"

"All night? You didn't sleep again?"

"So what are you doing here?" He looked at Ruvel in suspicion"Who's this guy?"

"I came here yesterday for a drink to clear my head, but I drunk a lot and .... I... passed out, so Ruvel took me to a room in the back... and.."

In a flash, Alar took Ruvel by his collar "You bastard! You took advantage of a drank girl!"

Ruvel didn't resist, his expression betraying no emotion. Iryn tried to pull Alar from him "No no no.. It's not what you think! Really.. nothing happened!" Alar turn his face to look at her with frown lines between his eyebrows.

"Please let him go, I will explain"

Alar released Ruvel reluctantly, the elf straightened his clothes without saying anything.

"Ok now please sit down. Ruvel offered to help us get inside the library."

Ruvel looked at Alar "Mister Troid, I just want to help you in your quest, of course if you accept to help me."

"It's Alar" Alar said with a cold voice.

Iryn explained everything to him "This is the only opportunity we have. And ... I trust him."

Ruvel looked at her when he heard her last words.

(She trusts me? How could she? She doesn't know me!)

"Ruvel?" She called him.

"Oh.. I'm sorry.. what did you say?"

"I said, when can we go to the library?"

"Anytime you want"

"Ok then, let's get going"

They went out of the tavern and found Amaya standing outside. As soon as she saw Iryn, she hugged her "Where have you been? I was worried about you!"

"I'm fine, it's just something embarrassing happened to me in this tavern, but at least things turned out good"

"I bet that was nothing compared to the embarrassment I got yesterday" She looked at Alar who was walking in front of them and blushed.

"What happened?" Iryn was very curious.

"Um.. I'll.. tell you later, we have company" She looked at Ruvel who was walking next to Iryn.

They arrived to the library, and Ruvel went to the library girl.

"Hello miss Lyra"

"Oh! Lord Ruvel! How can I help you?" She stood and looked panicked

Amaya wispered to Iryn "Lord?"

"Well, me and my friends here need to look for some information in the library" Ruvel talked gracefully.

"Of course, please go ahead."

"Thank you" replied Ruvel and started to walk and they followed him.

"That was easy! I can't believe I was depressed yesterday for it." Said Amaya with a big smile on her face.

"She called you lord, are you a nobility or something?" Iryn asked.

Ruvel looked at her "My full name is Ruvel Ivon, son of Duke Nieven Ivon"

"You are the son of the duke of Orwyn! So you practically a royal blood! Why you din't tell me before?"

"Because, I don't like how people act around me when they know I'm the son of the duke."

"You mean like the library girl? But I think that kinda cool, you can get and do whatever you want!"

He look at her in silence then he continued with a low voice "I hate the way the Orwynian treat other people according to their status and race." He sighed and asked her "Well, you're inside now, what are you looking for?"





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