Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


6. Chapter 4

Alar drew his sword without breaking eye contact with the man who spoke and said slowly:”Amaya, run and hide”

Amaya was in shock, she couldn’t move immediately until Alar said again but angrily:”move!” She then ran and hid behind a nearby tree.

Alar faced two men while Iryn faced the other two. Then the fight started. Iryn drew her long sword from the scabbard in her back, but she was mostly going defense, Amaya took out an arrow and hesitantly put it on her bow.

" Amaya I’m begging you put down that bow! I don’t wanna die by one of your arrows!” said Iryn

Alar killed both of the men he was fighting and turned to Iryn:”What the hell are you doing? Kill them already”

Iryn said while still on defence:”I thought we could just scare them to run away”

Alar put his sword in his scabbard and said:”We can’t have them following us can we”

”Oh, right” then she kicked one man in his stomach and stabbed the other one, then went back to the first man and stabbed him.

Iryn looked at her sword with disgust:”Eww! My sword looks disgusting!” She shaked it to remove the excess blood, then she put it in the scabbard in her back.

Alar walked towards Amaya who was resting her back against a tree, she was shaking and looking blankly to the corpses in front of her. He frowned a little, and put his hands on her shoulders:”Amaya”

She was still shaking and couldn’t remove her eyes from the sight of those men’s dead bodies.

Alar said with concern:”Amaya, look at me” She then closed her eyes for a moment then looked up at him. He was looking right into her eyes:”Are you ok? you look very pale”

“I... ” she swallowed “I.. think I’m fine”

He continued looking to her with concern, and she felt like he was looking through her soul, somehow this made her more scared, but she couldn’t break her gaze. He tightened his grasp:”You’re not injured are you?”

She shook her head, then he continued:”Listen carefully, what you saw right now is just a small example of what we might encounter. I wasn’t joking when I told you there are many dangers.” He waited for a moment to let what he said sink. He continued:”So, do you understand now? Are you really ready and prepared to this quest? Or you want to go back to town? We are still close to Aldbridge”

Amaya said with a low voice after a moment of silence:”No, I’m not going back. I want to do this.”

Alar looked carefully into Amaya’s eyes to make sure she meant what she just said, then he sighed and his facial expression relaxed, he released her and said:”Ok then. Let’s go” He started walking.

Amaya looked toward Iryn who was searching the dead men’s pockets:”What are you doing?”

”Looking if they have something useful… ok this one has some coins...” She past to the other one:”This one has ……. nothing….. hmmm…let’s see ….this one….nothing…..the last one …. how come they walk empty handed? they supposed to be thieves! Well….” She removed the last man’s dagger and threw it to Amaya:”Take this, it’s not that beautiful but it might be more useful that your bow” Amaya caught the dagger.

”Ok, let’s go before we loose Alar”

They started walking through the forest, Iryn noticed that Amaya was silent more than usua ”What’s wrong? Are you sick or something?”

”No, I’m fine… It’s just… I never saw these much dead people in my life… I actually never saw a dead body… or someone killing someone else… then suddenly… You and your father… I’m sorry...”

”It’s ok, I know Aldbridge is a very peaceful town, I doubt anyone fought or killed before, but me and Alar are not from Aldbridge, we are different, we are Troid, well… he is, I am a Troid in a human body if I may say...We are fighters and we are used to this. I should’ve warned you”

”You’re father did, he said there are dangers...He may think now that I am a weak little girl… Do you think I’m weak? Holy Oreus, I am truly a burden to both of you”

”No, you’re not! We knew what we will be facing and we knew that you have no experience. You better do what we say, stay close to us and don’t do anything reckless, you will be fine.”

Alar stopped walking and turned to face them:”We will spend the night here” He opened his bag and took out a tent and started to build it.

”Oh! lake! Time to clean you my baby!” Iryn drew her long sword and started cleaning it.

Amaya was standing in the middle not knowing what to do, she asked Alar who was building the tent:”Do you need help?” He gave her a fast cold answer:”No”

Iryn finished cleaning her long sword and put it in his scabbard. She noticed that Amaya is standing awkwardly:”What are you doing? Let’s build a fire, do you want us to be attacked by wolves?”


”Well yeah! Wolves, bears.. We are in a forest honey what do you expect? Now move your ass and bring some dried branches to build the fire”

Amaya Put down her bag and started looking with Iryn for wood.

After building the fire, they sat by it. Alar came with a rabbit in his hands.

”Dinner! when did you get it?” said Iryn with excitement.

”Before we got on that fight” He skinned the rabbit with an incredible speed, he drove an arrow through it and put in on the fire.

”So tomorrow if we start early, we will arrive to Janford in the afternoon. What’s the plan?” said Iryn

”Sir Alar, I’m sorry for before, I …  will be more... stronger I promise” Alar didn’t reply and continued turning the rabbit from side to side

Iryn sighed ”Ok Amaya focus, what is your plan? You do have one right?”

Amaya looked away from Alar and faced Iryn:”I think we should go to Orwyn”

”Orwyn? The Moon elves land, why?”

”You know, they have the biggest library in all Orton, we may find something useful there to guide us. Moon elves are known for their knowledge, maybe someone could help us”

”Yeah, you have a point.” She looked at Alar and asked ”What do you think?”

”Good,Then we will head to Janford port... ok now, dinner is ready”

After dinner Amaya and Iryn headed to the tent to sleep but Alar stayed, Iryn asked him:”You’re not coming inside?”

”I will, but not now”.


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