Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


5. Chapter 3

Three days had passed, and the day to leave Aldbridge had came. Alar, Iryn and Amaya met on the town square.

”Are you ready Amaya?” Alar Asked

”Yes, I brought some dry food, emergency medicines and herbs and some blankets”

”Wow, you’re really serious, never saw you like this before… I see you brought your bow and arrows! But you still suck at archery!” said Iryn.

Amaya murmured while looking down:”That’s the only weapon I have, I wasn’t planning on bringing it until.. your father scared me last time...”

Alar smirked ”But there is no point in bringing a weapon that you can’t use to protect yourself”

Amaya had a sad look in her face, she didn’t look up. Alar sighed:”Don’t worry, You will be safe with me. I can protect both of you”

Iryn protested:”I can protect myself! You..”

Alar interrupted her:”Shut up” Iryn crossed her arms and pouted. Alar smiled then looked at Amaya:”Very well captain, when should we leave?”

Amaya finally smiled and looked up at Alar:”Everyone is ready so we will be leaving now”

Alar with a military tone:”Yes Sir!”


They left Aldbridge started walking through the forest. Alar was 2 steps in front of Iryn and Amaya.

”So Amaya, how many times you walked through this forest?” Iryn asked her friend.

”This is my first time”

Iryn was surprised ”Oh, so let me rephrase it, how many times did you go in a trip out of Aldbridge?”

Amaya in a low voice:”This is my first time”

Iryn smirked:”I hear so many firsts girl”

Amaya a little annoyed:”Well, nobody is born knowing everything right?”

Iryn still has the smirk on her face and was enjoying herself:”Right! So, allow me to teach you some useful lessons. First, you should be very focused and concentrated, you have to be able to hear any noise. Second, you should be careful when you walk because if you don’t...”

”Aaaahhh!!!” Amaya suddenly screamed.

Iryn finished her sentences with a big smirk on her face:”This could happen!”

Amaya stepped on a hunter's trap, and was stuck on a net hanged on a tree.”You! you.. saw it and you didn’t tell me!”

Iryn was laughing so hard:”Hahaha… I was teaching you a lesson, you can’t understand if you don’t practice hahaha .. But .. haha .. it was hilarious hahaha”

Amaya became so angry:”I can’t believe you! You are so mean! Wait, maybe you dragged me where the trap was!”

Iryn shrugged her shoulders:”Maybe… who knows”

”I can’t believe you! Help me down!”

”Let me enjoy the view first” said Iryn crossing her arms and smiling

Alar came back and saw what happened, he sighed and jumped up to the large tree branch where the net is hanged, he pulled himself up and sat on the branch, then he took out a dagger and cut the rope.

”Ouch!!” Amaya fell on her butt. Alar jumped down and cut the net to let her out. Then started walking forward again.

”What is this? are you two punishing me or something?”

”Come on! haha, ok, I’m sorry alright? But it was fun!” She looked at Amaya who was pouting and angry, she stopped smiling and said:”Ok, I’m truly sorry, I won’t do it again I sear! Forgive me?”

Amaya looked at Iryn for a while then she sighed:”I forgive you, but don’t make fun of me again! I know I’m stupid and I don’t know so many things, but I will do my best to learn. I won’t be a burden”

Iryn hugged her and said with a big smile on her face:”You are not a burden, I will protect you, you crazy little girl!”

Suddenly Iryn got alarmed, she was looked around her. Amaya was puzzled:”What’s wrong?”

Iryn whispered:”Shhh, stay behind me” At that time Alar was back. He and Iryn had Amaya between them with their backs towards her. Four men appeared and surrounded them. They wore dark clothes and they hid their faces except for their eyes. Alar guested there’re human.

One of them looked at Alar and said:" Red hair, weird haircut, red eyes, black tattoos around the eye, arm and chest, that's a lot of tattoos! You must be a Troid! Now that's a surprise! But isn’t it just unfair to have two gorgeous girls only to yourself? Sharing is caring you know!"


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