Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


24. Chapter 22

"We should hide" Meera tried to take Iryn's hand.

Iryn removed her hand from Meera's "You go hide, I need to find my friends first. Hide well ok? You'll be fine."

Meera nodded and hurried to hide.

Iryn looked around her and spotted Alar and Ruvel standing next to their tent. She ran to them.

"Did you hear the news? They say there are intruders!"

"Yes" Alar answered, "Stay on your guard. They might arrive in no time now."

"Any guesses on who might be attacking?" Iryn looked at them and noticed Ruvel frowning and looking away.

"Ruvel? Do you have any thought on this?"

He looked at her for a short while then averted his gaze "I'm not sure but.. Maybe they are Moon elves."

"What's going on?" Amaya rushed to them with Vanya.

Alar looked at them " It's not safe here, they're being attacked. Go back to the tent."

Vanya gasped "Attacked? You mean like swords and arrows and people killing each other?" Her eyes were full of fear.

Ruvel put his hands on her shoulders and looked directly into her eyes "Don't worry, nothing will happen to you I promise." He smiled to assure her.

"What about you? What if something happens to you?" She didn't break eye contact with him.

Her worried reached him. He tried to look calm and gave her the best smile he could make "Nothing bad will happen to me. I'm tougher than I look. People feared me remember?"

She couldn't say more and lowered her head. Ruvel addressed Amaya "Please take her to the tent and stay there with her."

Amaya nodded and took Vanya's hand an they headed back to their tent.

Iryn saw Meyril and Adric rushing out from the Elder's tent. "Meyril!" She called.

Meyril nodded to Adric who went to meet a group of sun elves and started giving instructions.

The sun elf rushed to Iryn and her friends, but when he saw Ruvel, he grabbed him by the collar: "You bastard! You tricked us! You knew they were coming! Maybe you're a spy!"

"Hey! Calm down!" Iryn removed Meyril's hands from Ruvel and glared at him "It's not what you think! We know nothing about this attack!" 

Meyril's gaze was still on Ruvel, he had a deep frown on is face. He then stepped back and looked at Iryn with suspicion.

At that moment, they heard a ruckus, they turned to the source of the noise. Sun elves warriors were in fight position, looking towards the forest. Iryn, Alar and Meyril readied their weapons and rushed to where the warriors stood, Ruvel went with them. A group of moon elves riding horses appeared. They dismounted in front of the warriors and looked around them. One of them made a few steps forwards, he looked the highest ranked among all them all.

"Elyon?" Ruvel whispered, his eyes wide with shock. Iryn heard him "Do you know him?" Ruvel swallowed and stayed silent, looking at the elf.

Suddenly a sun elf boy, holding a dagger, ran towards the moon elf in an attempt to stab him, but the moon elf kicked him and the dagger flew away. He grabbed him by the hair and raised him from the ground. The moon elf had a creepy smile on his face. He then drew his sword and put it on the boy's neck.

"Elyon stop!" Ruvel screamed. Elyon turned to face Ruvel "Oh! Brother! Who knew you'd be in a place like this?"

He was still holding the boy who was struggling to release himself. He sighed in annoyance then threw him against a tree, leaving him unconscious. 

Ruvel clenched his teeth as he saw his brother making few other steps forward, his men were standing still and ready to fight.

Meyril walked forward to face Elyon "What did you come here for Moony? Take your men and leave at once!"

Elyon's smile got wider "And who are you? Clearly not the leader. I heard you're ruled by some old woman. Anyway, I am Elyon Aeson, the next Duke of Orwyn, and I came here for some new slaves."

"You.." He was about to storm towards Elyon when Adric held him to his place and said "But that's against the law. You know that king Leith abolished slavery. Even though there is still some underground trafficking.. But to come like this, as the ' Next Duke of Orwyn' with your men, it's too much don't you think?"

"And what does a human do in the Sun elves land? Well, I don't really care." Elyon crossed his arms and looked at Ruvel "You see, after I became officially the heir, I went to Strongvale castle to visit the king and interduce myself. While I was there I asked him to cancel that stupid law that forbade us from getting slaves, and you know what, he actually did!" He looked at Adric and added "So this is not illegal or anything, come on.. I wouldn't break the law." He had a sarcastic look on his face. He looked back at Ruvel "And when I went back to Orwyn, I discovered that my girls were gone, and you also disappeared, I knew you were the one who released them, cause no one would do something stupid like this except you brother." He smirked and continued "I wanted a replacement so I came here. So, actually, it's your fault that I'm here."

With a deep frown, Ruvel clenched his teeth and said in a low voice "Go back to Orwyn Elyon!"

"I'm not going until I get what I came for. I heard that Sun elf girls are hotties. But... this is weird..." He looked around him "I don't see any girls around.." He scanned the area and stopped when he saw Iryn. "Only this human girl.."

He sighed and continued "She looks.. somehow weird, but pretty!" His face broke into a big grin "Solders, search the village for the girls, and I.. am taking this one with me!" 

The Moon elf men started moving but the sun elves got in their way to stop them, and a fight started.

Elyon stepped towards Iryn who drew out her sword, Alar did the same. Elyon stopped and smiled "Oh? You're scaring me!" Some Moon elves surrounded them, Alar and Iryn started fighting them.

Ruvel stepped towards his brother and said with firmness "Don't touch her!"

Elyon reduced the space between him and his brother, their eyes were locked "Oh brother, don't tell me you have feelings for her! Oh wait, that can't be true. You don't have feelings, you're a monster!"

Ruvel clenched his fists and stayed silent.

"So you do have feelings I see, but that doesn't change anything. You are a monster that can't be loved."

With his eyes closed, Ruvel said with a low voice "Stop it.."

Not caring, Elyon continued "No one loved you, not Father nor Mother, and of course not me.. So sure thing she doesn't either."

Ruvel's breath quickened, wrinkles appeared between his eyebrows, he swallowed "Stop it."

"Or what? You're gonna burn me like you did to our childhood friend, Arun, remember him?"

Ruvel opened his eyes and screamed "I SAID STOP IT!!!"

Suddenly fire appeared everywhere, people started running out from their burning tents. Elyon's eyes widened in surprise for a moment then he smiled "Oh my beloved brother, you still like to play with fire!"

Iryn turned to check on Ruvel, he was panting and looking directly at Elyon, rage and hatred are burning in his eyes."Crap!" She ran towards him and held his arm.

Iryn gave Elyon a fierce look "What did you do to him?!"

Elyon didn't answer, he was enjoying himself looking at the two of them.

Ruvel's eyes looked dead, he was staring blankly at his brother and Iryn was trying to calm him down and bring him to reality.

"Please Ruvel, calm down! Look at me!" She stepped in front of him and cupped his face between her hands to make him face her "Ruvel.. Look at me!" 

His eyes slowly came to life "I..ryn.."

Iryn smiled at him "Hey, you're ok, I'm here with you.. please calm yourself. You don't want to hurt innocent people right?"

Ruvel looked around him and saw the fire he created,"Oh heavens, I.. caused this!"

Iryn turned his face to her again "No,no,no.. Don't panic, just breath ok?"

Ruvel closed his eyes and took a deep breath and let it out. The fire was extinguished slowly until it disappeared.

Iryn let out a sigh "That's good." Then she turned to Elyon who was still watching the scene in front of him.

"Now your turn." She held her sword in front of her. Her eyes's white became black and her irises turned from purple to red.






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