Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


23. Chapter 21

It was very quiet outside except for the noise of the crickets. Alar had the map on his hand, he was looking at it but wasn't focused. He was thinking about what the Elder told him about Iryn. Her voice echoing in his mind "She will awaken soon. You should be prepared".

(I didn't see anything suspicious about her, and she didn't tell me either. Is she hiding things from me? But why would she do that?)

Alar looked at his side, where Ruvel was fast asleep. He put the map down and stood up to leave the tent.

He headed to the girls tent to check on Iryn. He poked his head inside. Iryn and Vanya were sleeping in their places, but Amaya was missing.

Alar frown and turned around to look for her. He then heard a noise coming from the forest. He walked to that direction and hid behind a tree, his hand on the hilt of his sword. He poked his head out from behind the tree to see the source of the noise. In the distance, he saw Amaya shooting arrows at a tree in front of her, she doesn't hit the target. There were lots of arrows on the ground.

Alar sighed and walked in her direction. She didn't notice him standing behind her. Alar put his left hand on the bow, and his right hand on top of her hand that is stretching the bowstring. Amaya was startled. She looked at his tattooed arm and knew it was Alar. Her face grew red. He was so close that she could feel the warmth of his breath on her ear. Her pulse raced.

"Your left arm should be strong to keep the bow in place without shaking and it should be fully stretched, you should hold it at this level." Alar adjusted the bow, and Amaya found it hard to concentrate with him this close to her.

"Your right arm is so weak, you don't stretch the bowstring enough to get the arrow hit the target. Try to put more tension."

Alar stepped back and looked at her feet position. Then he knelt and held her right foot and moved it.

"You should put some distance between your feet. Your left foot should be here." He moved her other foot.

With his touch, Amaya lost the focus that she couldn't have in the first place. (Why can't I control myself? I should focus! He's trying to help me!)

Alar stood up and saw that Amaya relaxed her arms and was not holding the bow as he showed her moments ago.

"Am I wasting my time? You don't seem serious about learning archery."

"Wha... no! I'm totally serious, if I wasn't you wouldn't find me here practicing."

He sighed and held the bow with her "Now, release the arrow."

When she did, the arrow hit the mark.

"Wow, I did it!" She turned her face to look at him, but his face was so close. She turned back, her cheeks burning red. Alar released the bow and stepped back.

"I'll try to shoot now like you showed me." Amaya held up her bow and tried to do everything she was told, she shot the arrow but it his the bottom of the tree.

Alar saw her disappointed expression "Good, this was the best shot you did until now. Keep practicing to gain strength in your right arm. If you're strong enough, you could hit the target like you did when I gave you extra strength in your right arm."

"Ok, I'll practice everyday until I become strong!"

"How many arrows you shot?"


"That's enough for today."

"But you said I should shoot 200 arrows everyday!"

"Your fingers are bleeding."

Amaya looked at her right hand. "This is nothing, I can practice more."

"Taking care of your own body is a part of practice." With this, he started walking. Amaya looked at his retreating figure.

"If you don't follow, I'll leave you behind." Said Alar without looking back.

"O..Okey!" Amaya hurried to catch up.

It was quiet. The noise their feet made on the grass was unusually loud.

"Uh.. Why are you awake at this hour? Do you even get enough sleep?" Amaya asked.

"I don't need to sleep."

"Never heard of someone who doesn't need to sleep. Is it a Troid thing? Because I never saw you sleeping... during our journey.."

Alar kept walking without answering her question. He escorted her to her tent.

"Thank you for tonight, Alar."

"Treat those wounds before you go to sleep." He turned on his heels and went back to his tent.


In the morning, Iryn left the tent where Amaya and Vanya were still sleeping. She started walking around the village. She met the girl who came to the Elder's tent when they just arrived to Eastcastle.

"Hey, good morning!" Iryn went to the girl to greet her.

The girl who was holding some herbs stopped in her track. She turned to find Iryn smiling at her. "Good morning."

"We've met yesterday right? I didn't get your name."

"Meera, is my name."

"What a beautiful name! Nice to meet you Meera, I'm Iryn."

Meera stayed silent. But Iryn was trying hard to have a conversation with her.

"You're a Flecoi right? It's my first time meeting one! I never ran into a Flecoi in my travels! So this is the famous blue hair! It's beautiful!"

"Do you need something... from me..."

Iryn noticed that Meera was trying to keep a distance, she looked cautious. "Are you by any chance.. scared of me?" Iryn asked.

"I...well..." Meera averted her eyes "You're... friends with a moon elf mage..."

"You're scared of Ruvel, right?"

Meera looked down at the herbs she was holding on he hands. "Mages are bad and dangerous.."

"Ruvel is not bad! You just don't ..." Suddenly, a sun elf ran past them shouting "INTRUDERS!!"

Iryn's eyes went wide, she looked at Meera whose basket fell to the ground from he shock. Her face became so pale.

"No.. It can't be!" The Flecoi's voice was low that Iryn barely heard her.


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