Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


22. Chapter 20

It was already dark outside. Alar went to his tent and found the group gathered there.

"Welcome back! Where have you been?" Iryn asked.

"We are gathered to discuss what we should do now. Like from where to start looking for the remaining keys." Amaya added.

"I got the second" Said Alar while sitting on the ground next to Iryn and Amaya.

Iryn exclaimed "What? You're kidding! Where?"

He opened the woolen bag and took out the jewel. Iryn took it from his hand. "Wow! It's beautiful... But it's strangely warm!"

"Let me see." Amaya reached for the jewel "Yeah, it's warm! Where did you find it?"

"The Elder gave it to me. It's called The Sun's Eye"

The group passed the jewel to each other to take a better look, then they gave it back to Alar who put it back to its bag.

Vanya looked at Iryn "I don't understand! How can we search for the keys? I believe we got this one by absolute chance! We weren't even coming to Eastcastle at first!"

"Actually, we should follow the riddle, but it's hard to understand." Iryn pulled out the paper written by Ruvel from her pocket and opened it. "Let's see..."

"Where nature is served in the bright land." said Alar "That's the part the Elder recited to me before handing me the jewel."

"I see... the bright land is Eastcastle, it's always sunny here..." explained Amaya.

"The Sun elves respect nature, so they are kind of nature servants." added Ruvel.

"So this one actually was easy to solve and yet we couldn't! We're lucky we came here then!" Iryn placed a map next to the riddle. "Now let's read it again and see what we can get!"

"Sorry to interrupt but, I'm really hungry. Let's eat first then think." Vanya stood up.

Iryn's stomach growled. "This is embarrassing! I didn't know I was this hungry! And I smell food!"

"Excuse me.." Adric's head popped in the tent, he saw everyone in there so he entered.

Adric flashed them a kind smile "Good, you're all here. Food is ready, please come and eat with us."

"Oh thank you so much! I'm starving!" Iryn stood up and everybody followed.

In an empty space in the center of the village, a long cloth was set with a vast variety of food. So many people were there sitting on cushions.

"On... the ground!" Vanya whispered. "How savage! I can't eat on the ground!"

"Please Vanya, you can't turn down the invitation, it's disrespectful!" Amaya whispered back and sat on a cushion.

Vanya hesitated, she glanced at Ruvel who was already sitting. (The lord of Orwyn, the son of the duke is sitting on the ground to eat like some savage?! Well I guess I should too...)

"What's wrong princess? Why are you standing there like a tree?"

Vanya turned to the direction the voice came from. She saw Meyril looking at her. He continued "Oh, maybe you can't stand it huh... Eating together with savages like us!"

Vanya wanted to answer him, she wanted to say yes then leave, but she looked at Ruvel, he shook his head quietly.

Iryn broke the awkward silence "Haha... What are you talking about? That's not true! Right Vanya?"

Vanya finaly sat next to Iryn.

"No meat? How can they survive?" Iryn whispered to Ruvel.

"They are nature lovers remember? They don't kill animals." Ruvel answered and took a bit from his piece of freshly baked bread.

Vanya took a sip from a drink next to her. It was very delicious, the only thing she liked about all this dinner party.

Suddenly she stood up and started walking towards the forest.

"Hey, Vanya where are you going?" Amaya called for her, but she didn't reply. She continued walking.

Meyril looked at her plate, her food was barely touched but next to it was an empty bottle. "She finished a bottle? Alone?!!"

"Meyril, follow her" The Elder spoke to him with a kind smile.

"Now why should I..." Before he finished, the Elder interrupted him "It's an order!" Her face became serious.

"Yes, your honor" He stood up and walked in the direction Vanya went.

(This is annoying! Why grandmother always give me these crappy things to do! Now where is this stupid elf?)

He looked around but she was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly he heard a strange noise, he looked up.

"Wow wow, easy girl! What the hell are you doing up there?" He got surprised to see Vanya sitting on a tree branch.

"What a wonderful view from up here! You and the monkeys must be enjoying your time when you climb these trees everyday!"

"Me and the monkeys!" He exclaimed. "You mean I'm a monkey!!"

Vanya was trying to sit on the branch "I didn't mean it that way, I mean... You are all the time climbing and jumping from tree to tree, monkeys do the same, that's all."

"That's the same thing!"

"Plus you shouldn't be offended... You see, monkeys are part of nature, you guys respect nature, so monkeys are respectful creatures to you!" She jumped down.

"Wait..." He tried to catch her but he lost his balance. They were both on the ground, she was on top of him, her face very close.

(She smells good... and her eyes are beautiful... Crap! What am I thinking! She's a moon elf!)

Vanya smiled at him and caressed his hair "Your hair is so pretty..." She moved her hand to his check "Your face too..." Then she traced his abdomen from the chest "... and your body..." when she reached his abs, he grabbed her wrist. His was blushing "S.. stop" He sat up and removed her from him.

"You're drunk"

Vanya tilted her head to the side in confusion "No I'm not! I didn't drink any alcohol."

"You did! You finished a bottle of Spring Rays wine!"

"That was a wine, not a juice? I never drunk alcohol before.. So this is how it feels to be drunk! It's so nice! I xwant to stay drunk!"

"You never... Are you kidding me? This wine is very strong, but the effects is very slow, you dont feel it like other drinks..." He looked at her confused face, and said in a low voice "Well, you wouldn't know the effect of the other drinks." He stood up and gave her his hand "Can you stand up? I doubt that.."

"Of course I can.. I climbed a tree remember?"

With a smirk he said in a low voice "That was a while ago"

Vanya tried to stand but her knees had no strength at all. Meyril cought her hand before she fell.

"That's weird... I have no power over my body..."

"Who tald you to finish one bottle by yourself! even I can't drink more than 2 glasses from that wine!"

Vanya was on her feet, Meyril helding her arm. "I think... I can walk by myself.."

Meyril released her. She walked to steps and she lost her balance again. He reached to catch her before she hit the ground.

"Seriously! How stubborn can you be!" He looked at her face, her eyes were closed.

"And now you're sleeping... This is just great!"

Meyril put one arm under her knees and the other under her shoulders, then he stood up carring her.

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