Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


4. Chapter 2

Iryn entered her house, Alar was sitting by the fireplace cleaning his sword. When he heard her coming, he said without looking at her: “You’re late, what took you so long?”

”I told you I went to see Amaya, she needed something...”

Alar stayed silent and continued cleaning his sword. Iryn didn’t know how to start the conversation, she thought for a while before opening her mouth to talk:”Father.. I.. we .. we need to talk”

Alar narrowed his eyes and put his sword on the table and turned to face Iryn:”What’s wrong? did something happen?”

”No.. nothing happened”

Alar looked at her with suspicion:”Tell me.. you saw something suspicious did you?”

”No I swear, it’s just...” Alar waited for her to speak”Me and Amaya are going on a quest”

Alar interrupted her:”Are you out of your mind? No way, you’re not going anywhere”

”Just hear me out..”

”There is nothing to hear. You are not going, end of story” He took his sword to continue cleaning.

Iryn wanted to retreat but then she thought:”No, I'm not letting it go”. Then she started to speak again:”Father, let me tell you what Amaya found in her books then decid”

Alar didn’t remove his eyes from his sword:”I already decided, but well, you want to talk.. start talking”

Iryn told him everything Amaya told her, Alar was really interested in what she was saying.When she finished, he stayed silent for moments.

Iryn waited for him to speak, but when he didn't she said:”So?”

”I...heard about this story before” He said and started thinking.

”Really? you knew about The Dark Sword?”

Alar didn’t answer and drowned in his deep thoughts. Iryn was confused, she didn’t know what Alar is thinking. Then suddenly Alar said:”We’re going on this quest”.

”Hur?..We?.. You mean..” She looked at him with confusion.

Alar smirked:”Well, you’re not serious to think that I will let you go alone!”


The next morning, there was a knock at Iryn’s house. She opened the door and found Amaya standing outside, she stepped outside: “Change of plan!”

“what happened?”

A voice from behind Iryn:”I happened”

”Sir Alar!”

Alar with a smirk on his face:”You crazy impulsive girls! I can’t let you go alone, I’m going with you. Did you tell your grandfather? Amaya”

Amaya was a bit ashamed:”I... wasn’t planning on telling him, he was preparing for a travel in 2 days, I thought... I would go after he leave..”

Alar’s face became serious:”You sure wanna die don’t you? Are you out of your mind? Do you know how many dangers are out there? It’s not safe, even for warriors! Iryn is 10 times stronger than you but I couldn’t let her go without protection, believe me when I say it’s not safe. I know better”

Amaya looked at her feet and couldn’t say anything.

Iryn whispered to Alar:”Don’t be hard on her, we are going aren’t we? So no need to say all this”

Alar sighed:”Well, I see that I have no choice so, let’s prepare for the trip. Amaya, when you want us to leave?”

”In 3 days! We should be able to prepare in this time.” Said Amaya with a bright smile.

”Well then it’s settled. We will meet in 3 days time.” He said this and entered the house.

Amaya whispered to Iryn:”He scared me! Your father is a mysterious man, one moment he is nice and even funny, and the other moment he is scary, real scary! ”

”He is like this, but he is really a good man. Well , go prepare yourself.”

”Ok! see you later”

Iryn entered the house, she went to Alar’s room, he was standing in front of his open closet which was full of weapons.

“You sure have lot’s of weapons!”

Alar turned his head to look at her with a small smile in his face:”Well, I am a Troid, remember?”

He walked to the closet, opened a drawer and took out a rectangular wooden box, then he turned to face Iryn and handed her the box. She walked towards him and took it and opened it:”A dagger! It’s beautiful!” She took it out and started to examine it.

Alar with a kind smile on his face:”I made it for you years ago, I was waiting for the right time I give it to you. I guess that time just came”.

”You made it for me? It’s troiden steal! The best steal in all Orton! Not everyone can afford it” She said with excitement while still examining the dagger.

”Of course! You deserve the best Iryn. Besides…” He smirked and continued:”You should have a troiden weapon, you are my daughter after all”

”Thank you!”

Alar’s face became serious:”Take it with you in this quest, but don’t forget your longsword, you can’t rely just on a dagger”

”Ok” She put the dagger back into the box and looked at Alar who was again standing blankly in front of the open weapon closet :”You made all of these?”

Alar still looking at his weapons:”Yes… except for this one..” He reached for a long rectangular box hidden behind lots of arrows, he picked it and opened it. He took out a sword with a fine golden scabbard, he was touching delicately the small designs on the scabbard with his fingertips and drowned in his memories:


“You asked to see me, your majesty” Said Alar after entering the king’s study

The king looked up from a document he was reading and smiled:”Yes Alar.. and we are alone now, you are my friend, you can call me Leith”

“It’s ... not ... appropriate, your majesty”

King Leith smiled:“You’re too serious Alar”

“What’s the matter your majesty? Is something wrong?”

“No, everything is alright thanks to you. I just wanted to give you something” King Leith stood up from his chair, he walked to a table nearby where a nice golden sword was on it. He took it and walked across the room to where Alar was standing, and handed it to him:”Here, this is for you”

Alar was surprised he didn’t know what to say:”Your majesty, you needn’t...” but the king interrupted him:”Take it”

Alar bowed a little with his right fist on his heart, and reached for the sword and took it, then he kneeled on one knee:”I thank you my king, I will use it to protect you with my life!”


”Father? what’s wrong?”

Alar was still looking at the sword and touching it’s scabbard with his fingertips, he let out a gentle sigh, then he put the sword on the table with some few weapons.

”You will take that beautiful sword with you?”

”Yes” He closed the closet.


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