Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


21. Chapter 19

"Who's this Elder?" Iryn asked.
"She's our leader, she's waiting for you." said Adric as he turned back and started walking.
Amaya started following him "Let's go and see what she wants from us. Maybe we could find some clues about our quest"
They looked at each other for a moment then all followed Amaya.

The forest was so beautiful and well-preserved. Trees and flowers were everywhere. It was a rainbow of rich, lively colors. The scent of earth and water drifted through the air. It was too serene, too quiet except for the sound of their footsteps and the occasional birds chirping.

"This is wonderful! It seems like those trees were here forever, like they never been cut! I mean look at this one! It's huge!" Amaya exclaimed.

"Sun elves respect and protect nature, cutting trees or hurting animals is a serious crime that can be punished with death." Alar explained.

Vanya who was walking next to Amaya joined the conversation "Really? That's weird. I mean, they  don't cut wood even for cooking?"

Meyril who was walking ahead of them said without looking back "We use dried branches."

"How about weapons? I mean you have a bow and arrows, and they're made of wood." Vanya asked him.

"We use wood from the War Tree that the Forest Spirit allowed us to use."

"A spirit? Haha, funny!" Vanya said ironically.

Meyril looked over his shoulder, he was clearly annoyed by her mockery "Tsk.. How ignorant a Moony can be!"

"What did you say?" Vanya got angry, she dashed to him, but Amaya caught her by her arm.

"Let me go! I have to teach him  a lesson!" said Vanya trying to free her arm from Amaya's grasp.

"A lesson you say... huh, that would be interesting!" Meyril turned to face her, crossing his arms, a smirk on his face.

Adric stopped "Seriously Meyril! Cut the crap! You're so creative when it comes to troubles! The Elder won't be happy." He scolded Meyril who grimaced and continued walking.

"Yeah! You should listen to your mommy!" Vanya smirked.

Meyril turned back angrily "You little..." He clenched his hands into fists "You're lucky you're a girl otherwise you would be counting your teeth on the ground by now!"

"Hmph!" Vanya looked away.

"I think you should head back first." Adric suggested. Meyril sighed angrily and jumped up to a tree and disappeared into the woods.

Adric looked at Vanya with a kind smile on his face " And how did I end up being a mommy?"

She rolled her eyes and continued walking.

"She has quite the temper!" Iryn said to Ruvel.

"Yeah, but she has a really kind heart." Ruvel smiled.

They made their exit from the forest and a wide plain came to sight. Many tents in different sizes are planted in the area. Sun elves kids were playing and running to and fro, some elves were training, some were chatting and some doing their daily chores. It was a lively place.

"Why people are camping here?" Vanya asked confused.

Adric smiled "Because they live here"

Vanya's eyes widened "Like permanently? how can they live in a tent?"

"Well, a rich girl like you who only knows the great city of Orwyn and its gigantic buildings wouldn't understand." He started walking again "Please this way." He headed to the only tent that had two guards standing in its entrance.

Inside the tent, Meyril was standing with his head bowed "I'm sorry grandmother, I didn't know." In the center, an old lady was sitting with a kind smile on her face. Meyril looked over his shoulders when he sensed someone entering the tent.

"It seems our guests have arrived." said the Elder.

"Yes, your honor." Adric bowed.

Suddenly, a pale girl with light blue hair and eyes,  entered the Elder's tent. She bowed and looked at Iryn and her companions as if she was searching for someone, her expression confused.

"I beg your pardon you honor, where is the injured person who needs me to tend to his wounds?" The girl asked.

"Meyril?" The Elder looked at Meyril, urging him to speak.

He pointed his finger at Iryn without looking at her "That would be her.."

The girl rushed to Iryn "Please show me your injury"

"Ah.. Uh.. It healed.." When she saw that the girl was confused she added "He .. healed me.. with magic" Iryn pointed her thumb at Ruvel who was standing next to her. Ruvel was startled "Yeah ... I did"

"Magic? You're an elven mage?" She backed off a few steps, her face went pale.

Iryn was surprised at the girls reaction "Uh... I said healed me, not killed me!" She looked at Ruvel "I think she's scared of... you"

Ruvel made more distance between him and the girl without saying a thing.

"Your honor, I think no one needs me here, so allow me to take my leave." Said the girl to the Elder who nodded in approval.

The Elder smiled at Ruvel "Don't worry, it's nothing personal, Lyna had a bad experience with mages."

"With mages? Was she in Orwyn? Because we're not allowed to leave..."

"And why the f** you left?" Meyril asked, but Ruvel ignored him.

"Mind your mouth Meyril!" Said the Elder.

Meyril startled at her words and bowed his head "I'm .. I'm sorry gran... your honor."

The Elder looked at Alar and smiled "You did well in your mission. It seems that the flower you protected started to bloom"

"What mission?" Iryn said, looking at the Elder and Alar, who's gaze was very serious.

"Now Adric"

"Yes your honor"

"Please show our guests to their tents"

"Please follow me" Said Adric as he went out of the Elder's tent.

Adric guided them through the area, and showed them two tents "This is for the ladies, and that one for the troid and the elf"

"They have names.. you know.." Iryn said while checking the tent.

"Of course, I apologize" He smiled and left.

Alar ans Ruvel entered their tent. There was a heavy silence between them until Iryn suddenly entered.

"Wow! That's really awkward!" She grinned.

"I'll be... out.. for a while.." Alar passed her and left the tent.

"I think he hates me.. or something.." said Ruvel, looking down at his hands.

"Why would he? I can't think of a reason for him to hate you. He's just... not very.. Um.. social"

"Maybe because he's your father, and he thinks that I..." Ruvel stopped before saying too much.

"Thinks what?" She titled her head to the side in confusion.

"Uh.. Nothing.. forget it.. So why did you come?"

"Oh yes.. Um.. About earlier... Did you really not heal me?"

Ruvel nodded.

Iryn put her foot on a chair next to Ruvel to show him her thigh."I mean look! It's healed, and with no scar even! How's that possible? Or, maybe I wasn't shot and I was imagining thing!"

Ruvel examined where he thought the arrow was, he touched her thigh very gently. Iryn suddenly removed her foot from the chair and sat next to Ruvel.

"Well, I need to see it myself!" She pulled out her dagger and cut her palm. She grimaced at the pain.

"W.. What are you doing? Are you crazy?" Ruvel opened his eyes wide in surprise.

"Well, I have to do this and see if it heels, if not, then you heal me" She smirked and removed the dagger from her palm.

The cut was closing slowly until it vanished, leaving some blood on her hand as a proof.

"The pain.. It's gone." She looked at Ruvel who was still surprised at what he saw before his eyes, for the second time.

Iryn stood and took a bottle of water that was on the table. She poured it on her palm to clean it from the blood.

"The cut is gone too" Her voice was almost a whisper. She turned to face Ruvel.

"What does it mean? It has to be some kind of explanation!! Like maybe.. That time when you used magic to heal my headache, the magic was too strong it made my body unharmable or something!!"

"I can't do that. Nobody can."

"Then why this is happening? Tell me!!" She held his hand so tightly and begged for an explanation.

"I..." Ruvel looked at her, he didn't know how to explain something he doesn't understand himself. Her begging eyes made his heart tightened a little, he wanted to help her, but he didn't know how.

Iryn released his hand and looked down, she let out a small sigh "I'm sorry, I let it out on you... You too don't know what happened..." She stood up to leave the tent, but he caught her hand.

"I.. I will try to find out... I want to help you"

"Thank you Ruvel" She smiled at him, her smile made him blush a little, he averted his gaze and released her hand.


"I was waiting for you." Said the Elder when Alar entered her tent.

"Earlier you said something..." He stopped and looked at her, she had a kind smile on her face.

"You said something about me protecting a flower that is about to bloom... What did you mean by that?"

"I think you understand, that's why you came to me"

"I want to hear it from you"

"I was talking about Iryn, she will awaken soon. You should be prepared."

Alar's eyes went wide "H..How do you know all of this?"

"Because, I am the Oracle."

"That's... impossible! The oracle was with king Harold, thousands of years ago! You can't be her!"

"But of course, I'm not her! I am her descendant. My ancestors served the royals long time ago, but in the time of the tenth king, he wasn't really interested in the Oracle's service, so she left the capital to her homeland, Lohrna, a place that's now divided into two islands Orwyn and Eastcastle. After that, none of the kings asked for our services, and we were forgotten."

"So... You know everything"

"I do.. You did a good job until now, Mister Alar. But you didn't finish yet."

Alar narrowed his eyes but didn't say anything.

"From the darkness it came and to the darkness it went. To the one with a dark soul but a bright heart it belongs. It will rise from the darkness if it meets its keys." Said the Elder, gazing directly at Alar's eyes.

"This is ..."

The Elder continued "Where nature is served in the bright land"

"It's the riddle, how do you... But of course, you are the Oracle after all, and this riddle was said by the Original Oracle"

The Elder stood up, she opened a big metallic box and took out a small woolen bag. She walked across the tent and gave it to Alar. He opened the bag and took out a shiny yellow jewel, it felt warm in his palm.

"This is the Sun's Eye, one of the five keys, I believe that you already got the Bloody Rose" The Elder smiled.

Alar razed his eyes from his palm and looked at the Elder "Do you know where the other keys are?"

"It doesn't matter if I do. You should find it by yourselves."

"And why you gave me this one? I didn't even know that a key is hidden in Eastcastle"

"Your fate brought you here, to get the key." She smiled and went back to where she sat.

Alar put the Jewel back to the woolen bag, he bowed to the elder and left the tent.

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