Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


17. Chapter 15

A group of guard were rushing towards the ship where Amaya was making sure everyone gets on. Alar and Iryn blocked the guards' way and started fighting them.

"Don't hesitate, we need to kill them all, they saw Ruvel!" Iryn shouted.

"Hesitate? Have I ever hesitated? That's weird coming from YOU" Alar said while stabbing a guard in front of him.

"What do you mean? I don't hesitate too!" she pulled her sword from a guard's body and turned to fight the next one.

He smiled wryly "Yeah, sure you don't!" He threw his dagger at a guard who made it through them and was running towards the ship. The dagger got the guards' neck, he fell down.

"Nice shot!" Iryn praised him. She was fighting two guards in the same time when she heard someone screaming behind her, she finished with the guards in front of her and turned to see the source of the scream. There was a guard's burning corpse on the ground.

"What?" Iryn turned to the direction where Ruvel sat "STOP using magic you idiot! Do you wanna die?"

She noticed that the last guard alive started to escape, she threw her sword at him from the back and he fell down. Iryn walked towards him and pulled her sword from his body "I hate it  when my sword get's all bloody and sticky! Sorry I'll use your clothes to wipe it." She knelt and cleaned her sword with the guard uniform then put it back on its scabbard.

Alar scanned the area to make sure there is no more guards, then he walked to the ship.

Iryn ran to Ruvel, he was sitting on the bench with sweat on his face and blood on his nose and mouth.

"You look horrible! Are you ok?" She tried to help him up.

"Stop... I..I'm not stable right now... don't know what would happen to..."

She interrupted him "Oh shut up!!" She put his arm on her shoulders and started walking him to the ship.

"Wait a moment" Ruvel asked with a weak voice. Iryn stopped walking, he turned to face the guards' corpses, he put his hand over his heart and bowed his head "I'm so... sorry.. You were just... doing your duty..." His voice was sad.

"Ok, let's go" Said Iryn helping him walking.

"Thank you" he whispered to her.

They got on the ship, the captain rushed to them "Follow me please, I prepared a cabin for the lord."

She followed him and entered the cabin. She helped Ruvel sit on the bed. "Now please rest, I'll bring some water to clean your face." She put a blanket over him and went outside.

one of freed girls sneaked to his cabin.

"Are you ok sir?"

Ruvel opened his eyes "Yes, thank you. You're... all on board right?"


Ruvel sighed with relieve.

"I just wanted to thank you for what you did for us. Now I should leave you to rest."

Ruvel had a small smile on his face "Thank you"

When the girl was about to leave, someone stormed to the cabin and almost knocked the girl down.

"Ruvel!!" She threw herself on him.

"Vanya! What... Why you're here?" Ruvel was surprised to see Vanya on the ship.

"You would be crazy if you thought that I would let you leave like that" She lifted her head from his chest and looked at his face "Oh no! are you injured? So much blood!"

"No... I'm ... fine"

"Your breathing... it's weird are you sick?" she lifted her body and sat on the edge of the bed.

"No.. I'm not, just tired. I'll be fine"

"That's all because of those stupid girls!!" She glanced behind her at the girl standing near the door, her gaze shooting daggers. The girl gasped at Vanya's words, then she ran out the door.

Vanya's tears started to flow, she rested her head on his chest "Don't do stupid things again ok?"

He put his hand on her head and caressed her hair "Is helping someone in need stupid thing Vanya?"

She didn't answer, he smiled "I'll be careful." He continued with a serious expression "But you shouldn't come here. I told you to leave me alone." 

She looked up at him "I can't leave you alone, it's painful! I ... thought about it really, but in the end I couldn't do it. I'm not asking you to love me, I know you don't want to love anyone, but please let me love you!"

Iryn opened the cabin's door "I brought clean water and... uh.." She saw Vanya sitting on the bed's edge and lying her upper body on Ruvel's, her cheeks were red and she had tears on her eyes. Ruvel's hand was on her head.

"Oh.. I'm.. uh.. I think I'm interrupting something." Iryn said feeling awkward.

Ruvel removed his hand from Vanya's head "No It's ok, Vanya was leaving"

Vanya looked at him for a moment with a small frown then she said "Yeah.. I'm leaving, rest well Ruvel" He nodded, she wiped her tears and left the cabin.

Iryn watched Vanya leaving the room then she walked to Ruvel's bed and put the water bowl on the nightstand.

"Who was that pretty elf? Your girlfriend?" Iryn asked him.

"No" He said quicker than he intended "She's...my best friend, the only one who believes in me."

"I see" Iryn wrung the towel and tried to reach his bloody face. He put his hand on the towel before it reach his face, he accidentally brushed her fingers with his own, and removed his hand.

"It's ok.. I can do it myself." He said.

"Ok" She gave him the towel and stood up.

"Take a good rest Ruvel ok?"

He nodded and watched her leaving the cabin.

Iryn walked out of Ruvel's cabin and started walking around.

(Why do I feel a little angry? This is annoying!) She thought.

(Ok Iryn focus! We've got the first key and that's a good start, but we still know nothing about the location of the other keys!) She sighed and headed to her cabin.

(I'll try to read the riddle again maybe I'll find something.) She took out the piece of paper where Ruvel wrote the translation of the riddle and sat on the bed.

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