Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


15. Chapter 13

Ruvel turned back and narrowed his eyes when his saw the moon elf girl standing in front of him "Vanya! What are you doing down here?"

"I followed you"

"You shouldn't have done that" he said with a serious face.

"I couldn't! I .... Yesterday at the ball, when you didn't show up, and all those aristocrats started saying bad things about you... I couldn't just do nothing! They don't know you! No one does, even your family! You're better than all of them!"

He remembered how close they were as kids before the incident, and how she was the only one visiting him at the Magic Academy, and telling him that he's not a monster and that he will be her friend forever despite him trying to push her away.

He sighed "Let's go" and he started walking.

"I know everything" she said looking at his back, he stopped and turned to face her.

She continued "I know about the Sword and the key and the slaves. I followed you this morning to the library, I know everything!"

He was taken aback, he was lost for words.

"Don't go, please!" She begged him

"I have to, I wasn't sure of my decision until a while ago. Soon my family will cut me off, I'm not needed here anymore" He smiled wryly "Actually I've never been needed anyway so .."

She caught his arm before he could turn away "I need you! I don't want you to put yourself in danger! You are my precious friend, I care for you! Ruvel I ..." She looked straight in his eyes "I love you!"

He opened his eyes wide in surprise. She continued "Yes , I feel greatly for you Ruvel ..."

Ruvel removed her hand from his arm "No ... You shouldn't ... You ...you can't love me!"

"I know what you ..." He interrupted her and said loudly "No you don't! Don't get involved with me! Leave me Alone! You'll get hurt Vanya that's what I DO! I HURT PEOPLE!!"

"You've been pushing me away all these years! Since you entered that academy, you've been trying to build walls around your heart, I get it! I get that you need to suppress your feelings for others, to be able to control your own powers, being a mage that has ten times more emotions that others but, that's just sad!" 

He turned his back to her "I... will leave Orwyn... forget everything you discovered today and ... forget about me..." He started walking, she stayed standing there looking at him getting away until his voice brought her back to her senses "Follow me if you don't want to get lost in those tunnels." She followed as he said until they arrived to the end of the tunnel, he opened the door and they were in the courtyard. He helped her out and said "Now leave!"


He turned on his heels and went back in the castle. Vanya looked at him getting away from her, she lowered her head and left.


Next day at sunset, Iryn, Amaya and Alar came to the town center, they found Ruvel waiting for them.

"You brought it?" Amaya Asked.

Ruvel nodded and took out a small drawstring pouch from his pocket and opened it, Amaya tried to reach for the gem but he pulled his hand away from her, she looked at him in suspicion. He explained calmly "You shouldn't touch it with your bare hand, you'll get hurt"

"So that's why you have a new wound in your hand" Iryn noticed the new bandage in his other hand.

"Now I get why it's called Bloody rose!" said Amaya.

"So what is your plan now, mister elf?" Alar asked.

Ruvel, a little annoyed, looked at him "The name is Ruvel" Then he looked at Iryn and Amaya "I assume that you have everything you need for the  journey. We need first to go check the port out, and meet the captain of the ship."

"Ok then let's go" said Iryn, and they all headed to the port.

"There is the captain" said Ruvel as he walked towards a human man.

"My lord! You came on time." The man said.

"Are you ready? I don't want any problems."

"Everything is ok. My ship is ready. This is the first smuggling mission after I quite being a pirate, I wouldn't do it if it wasn't for you my lord."

Ruvel handed the man money "I'll give you the rest when we get on board."

The man took the money and put it in his pocket "I'll be waiting for you, my lord." Then he walk to his ship.

"So what now?" Amaya asked.

"Now Iryn comes with me to bring the slaves, you two stay in the port and don't let the guards suspect you. Keep an eye on the captain.. I don't fully trust him"

"And you do trust us?" Alar said wryly.

"You'll not betray me, because I have the key" said Ruvel with confidence, then turned to Iryn "Shall we?"

"Ok, let's go"

They started walking in silence, Iryn looked around "So, where are we going exactly? Never walked down this road before."

"We're going to the castle" Said Ruvel calmly.

"The castle? wow, this is exciting!"

When then arrived to the main gate, the guards straightened their composure, put a hand on their heart and bowed their head, as a gesture of respect.

Iryn was surprised "Wow! You..." she wanted to say something but Ruvel interrupted her and whispered "Shhh, they can't see you!" When they got far enough from the guards Iryn stepped in front of Ruvel to stop him "Wait! What do you mean they can't see me?"

"I casted an invisibility spell on you" Answered Ruvel with a calm voice.

"What?" She looked at her hand in surprise "Wait! I can't see my hand! Can you see me?"

"I can. I'm the one who casted the spell therefore I'm the only one who can see through it."

"And why the hell you did it in the first place?"

Ruvel sighed in annoyance "Because, no humans are allowed in the castle. So i hid you. Now, enough questions and let's move!"

They continued walking, Iryn noticed that whenever they pass a guard or a servant, they do as the guards at the gate did."Wow! You are really a lord who lives in a castle where everyone bow their heads for you!"

Ruvel looked at her briefly with an emotionless face and continued walking. 

Iryn looked around her "Uhm.. One more question please, why the slaves are in the castle?"

"They are a gift from my uncle to my brother for his "Coronation". They came a while ago, but my brother still didn't take them. I guess he was busy preparing for the ball, and now he went to the capital with my father to meet the king."

"Meet the king?!"

"Yeah, It's a tradition that the new heir of the family should get the king's blessings." He stopped and said "Ok, we're here."

Iryn looked around and saw a building that looks like a stable "They are... here?! In .. the stables? That's awful!"

Ruvel opened the wooden gate and stepped inside, Iryn followed him. "Oh Udis! They are all girls!" She said in surprise, looking at the frightened girls sitting on the ground and hugging each other.

"Please sir let us go!" A girl said to Ruvel.

"Take me but please let my child go!" another woman begged.

"Calm down please we're here to save you" Said Iryn.

"Who's speaking? A ghost? Ahhh" The girls became more frightened.

Ruvel clacked his fingers and Iryn became visible again.

"I'm not a ghost! This guy here.. well... It's a long story.."

A teenage girl was crying "He's taking us this time isn't he? He said he would come for us"

"It seems that My brother Elyon came here before" Ruvel murmured.

"They think you are him! Oh, girls it's not him, this is... another .. one"

The girls looked at Iryn with confusion and suspicion.

Iryn looked at Ruvel "Why your uncle gave your brother girls as a gift?"

Ruvel raised his brow "Sometimes you get so stupid" Iryn crossed her arms and pouted. He sighed rolling his eyes "Maybe he wanted him to have a harem or something, my uncle is a womanizer after all."

Iryn clapped her hands "Ok girls! Time to go home!" Then she looked at Ruvel "By the way, how we're gonna do that?"

"The same way you came inside" Ruvel smirked.

"Wow! You can do that to lots of people?" Iryn said with excitement.

"Never done it before, but this is the only way." He looked at the girls "After casting the invisibility spell on you all, you will not be able to see each other. So please, follow me and don't get lost. I will not go back for the lost ones!"

Everybody nodded in silence. Iryn said in a big excitement "Ok! Here we go!"





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