Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


12. Chapter 10

"We are looking for some information about the Dark Sword" Amaya answered.

"The Dark Sword? As in King Harold's Sword?" Ruvel didn't expect this reply. He rubbed his chin in thought before he finally spoke "I think we may find something in history books. This way." He started walking and they followed him. ruvel stopped in front of a bookshelf at the back "These are all the books that talk about the Underrealm kingdom, not that much books though. It's a rare collection that exists only in Orwyn's library. So, if you don't find what you're looking for here, well, that means you will never find it."

"On the bright side, there are just a dozen of books. We can finish our search quickly!" said Iryn.

Alar Amaya took some books and sat on a table to check them.

"So, what exactly you are looking for? If I help you, you would finish faster"

Iryn said while looking at the bookshelf "I don't know if I should tell you...But, why not, you don't seem like a treasure hunter and we'll probably never meet again so..."

"You're trying to find the sword?!" Ruvel was very surprised "That's crazy!"

"Wow, you're smart!" Iryn smirked "My friend there, Amaya, is a newbie treasure hunter, and a very stubborn one. So me and Alar decided to go with her to make sure she is safe. But honestly, I'm enjoying myself on this quest!" She grinned at him.

He looked at her with a frown in his brow for a moment, then he let out a sigh and took a book from the shelf.

"Ok, I don't have any authority to tell you what to do, but I promised to help you, so here, let's read this one, we might find something." 

" I found something" Said Amaya with excitement and continued " It said in this book, that after that king Harold saw the new generation's weakness, that is the Alvics, and because he didn't want Orton to end up like the Underrealm, he decided to hide his sword so it will never be in their hands"

Iryn rolled her eyes "We know this, you told us back in Albridge remember?"

"I still didn't finish, well, after putting in in the Dark Tower and hiding all the five keys in Orton, the Oracle told him that, not all the Alvic are unqualified, in the future, there will be a king from his descendant that can handle the sword!"

"What? no, that's..." Alar was very surprised at what Amaya said, he frowned and drowned in his thoughts.

"What's wrong?" Iryn asked him, but he didn't seem to hear her.

"I also found something!" Ruvel said while showing a page from the book he was reading to Iryn and Amaya.

"What the hell is this language?" Iryn exclaimed.

"Eulsic, Underrealm language" Ruvel answered.

"Can you read it?" Amaya asked

"The book is written in Lugric like all the books, but , only this part is in Eulsic"

"So how can we read it?" Iryn asked

"I know some Eulsic, but I need help. Ok wait, I'll be back" Ruvel stood up and disappeared in the library.

Iryn looked at Alar and found him still frowning and thinking.

"What's wrong?" She asked him, but he didn't reply.

"You know the king Lithonion right?" She asked him. After a brief silence he nodded.

"And you don't want him to get the sword right?"

"This king is not good, I don't know what an Alvic king must have to be the one that the oracle talked about so I'm not sure if he is qualified but, I don't care, I don't want him to have it!" Alar said with a small hint of anger in his face.

"Then we have to make sure we get it first, in case he was looking for it too, which I doubt." Said Iryn.

Amaya whispered "We must be careful. This has to stay secret, maybe the king has eyes in public places!" 

Ruvel returned with another book in his hand and sat in his place. Opened the first book and started analyzing the text.

He rubbed his chin in thought "This... looks like a prayer, a poem..." He opened the new book he brought and started checking the vocabulary.

"I'm going to write down the translation" He took a pen and a piece of paper and started writing.

"I think I'm done" He checked his translation for the last time then put the paper in the center of the table to be visible everyone.

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