Dark Sword

Orton is a kingdom ruled by the Alvic in capital Strongvale. It has many races besides the Alvic : Moon elves, Sun elves, Flecoi, Troid and humans.
Iryn, a human girl,her troid father Alar, and her human friend Amaya, decided to go on a quest to look for the legendary Dark Sword. This is the story of their adventure.


3. Chapter 1

It was dinner time. He was sitting in the table, his food untouched. He was staring at her but was consumed with his thoughts.

"Father, you're not eating. You didn’t like the food?" Iryn said.

"I think its time to move to a new town" said Alar while he was still staring at Iryn.

She put the spoon down "Again? Why? I'm tired of moving from town to town!"

He sighed "This is best for your protection"

"Protection from what? You always say that! You know that here in Albridge is so peaceful!"

He pressed his lips together and stayed silent. Finally he spoke :" Just do as I say. This is for your good. I promised your mother to protect you no matter what"

Iryn let a soft sigh and said:"I know, but father, I don’t want to spend my life running from something i don’t even know. I am strong. You taught me everything. I can protect myself so please lets stay here."


She interrupted him "Please, I just want to live a normal life. Besides, you are always with me, nothing will happen to me. You are the best Troid warrior I have ever seen"

She reminded him of his golden time, when he was one of the best Troid warriors in Strongvale, the capital. He was a knight and the private guard of king Leith, the previous king of Orton. When the king died, he left the capital. He had a sad smile on his face, finally he sighed and said: "Alright, but promise me, if you notice anything suspicious you will tell me. Don’t hide anything from me ok?"

She said with happiness " I promise!! I won’t hide anything from you!! Thank you so so much!"

She stood and rushed to the door.

"You finished your meal? Where are you going at this hour?"

"Yes, Im full! I’m going to see Amaya. I'll be back soon!" She said and rushed out the door and closed it behind her.


Iryn knocked her friend Amaya’s door and called :”Amaya! Im here open!” After seconds the door opened. Amaya welcomed her friend with excitement :”Come in! follow me I will show you something” She entered her bedroom and stood next to the desk. Iryn followed and looked at the desk and said in sarcasm : “Books! wow, I never saw them before”

“Stop it Iryn and sit down and listen”

Iryn sat down on Amaya’s bed.

“Well, I’ve been reading these books about the history of Orton, and I discovered something really interesting”

“And what is that?”

”You know about The Great King Harold of the Underrealm right? Come on everybody heard about him”

”Yeah of course, his the ancestor of the royals in Strongvale”

”Yes, 900 years ago, he was the great king of the Underrealm, an underground land where creatures of the darkness lived. Those creatures were called Norski.”

Iryn said in surprise ”Wait, King Harold wasn’t an Alvic? How the hell those Alvic of Strongvale claim that they are his descendants?”

”King Harold ordered some alchemists and mages to forge the strongest sword of all time, they used forbidden magic called Petrifis to make it and they succeeded. But this magic caused the destruction of the Underrealm. So before it happened, King Harold and some of his noble companions managed to escape. They came to Orton, and used their special powers to form and control an army of humans, and defeated the Tavaris, the rulers of Orton for more than 2000 years. After  settling in Orton, the Norski couldn't procreate. Some believed that it's an after effect of the forbidden magic, some believed that it’s because of the air or water of Orton was not good for Norski, some even believed that it's a Tavaris curse. But when some Norski had human partners and had children, the great king asked all the Norski to marry humans, because it's the only way to prevent extinction.”

“So those children were what? Norski or Humans?” said Iryn with confusion.

”Children from Norski-Human marriages are not Norski nor Humans, they are a new mixed race called Alvic.The great king and the nobles were the last Norski ever. So the royals of Strongvale are the descendants of King Harold, while the nobles are the descendents of the noble families of the Underrealm. But after this, they established a new low: Alvic can only marry an Alvic. Marrying from another race is forbidden and a crime punished by death.”

”That’s interesting, so the royals and nobles are descendants of some devilish dark creatures? That’s explains the lake of emotions.”

”Well, the book says that they look like Norski in appearance : Svelte body, pale skin, silver hair, purple eyes ... They also inherited some of the powers the Norski had, like heightened senses and strength, but they also have individual powers that are different from an Alvic to another, like mind control, compulsion… They are practically the strongest creatures in Orton, but they are nothing compared to their Norski ancestors.”


”So, when Harold saw that new generation is weaker, he thought that they will never be able to control his sword, he didn’t want his descendants to have it, so he hid it”

”let me guess, it’s still hidden till today” said Iryn with a grin.

Amaya smirked:”that’s right!”

”And you want to find it…. I’m in!”

”that’s what I thought!”

”So I suppose you know where it is hidden..”

”The legend says that it’s hidden inside the Dark Tower, but it needs 5 keys. The keys are hidden in different places in the kingdom”


”And that’s all I found. The books didn’t mention where we can find these keys”

Iryn sighed with disappointment. Amaya sat next to her :”So?”

”Well, It sounds a bit hard to find..”

”Please! I really wanna find this sword! My grandfather would be very proud of me if I do! I will beat him in his own game!”

”Your grandfather is a professional treasure hunter! How many treasures have you ever found?”

Amaya looked at her feet and murmured :”None” then she looked at Iryn ”But I wanna do this! I want to be the best treasure hunter in the kingdom. Besides, it will be fun! You like fun!”

”I like fun, but it’s dangerous!”

”And you also like dangers!”

”I do like dangers and excitement, but I can take care of myself. I’m strong, you’re not! It will be dangerous for you”

”Well, not everyone has a Troid father to… Oh, I always wanted to ask you something...”

”Ask me what?”

Amaya though for a while then said:”I don’t know if it’s sensitive subject or something, but I just want to know.. If you want to tell me of course”

Iryn interrupted her:”spell it”

”You are human, but you’re father is a Troid. Is it even possible? I read in a book that Troids always give birth to Troid even if they marry other races which is very rare”

”Yeah, Alar is not my real father. He took care of me when I was a baby. He told me that my parents are humans from Raybush, they told him to take care of me before they died. I don’t know how they died though, Alar never told me”

”I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t ask”

”It’s ok, no biggy. I love Alar, he does a really good job, and he is the only father I know so..”

”But it’s funny to see you call him father, you know.. He looks like if he’s in your age or a bit older, hahaha”

”Yeah! Damn Troids! They grow really slowly and live for very long time. Thinking about it, I don’t know my father’s age, he could be 50, hell who knows maybe he’s even 100 years old!!”

Amaya laughed so hard and said : “Ok, get back to our subject. Wanna go or not? I'm going!”

Iryn looked at her friend and saw determination in her eyes, she sighed and said :”I guess I have no choice huh! I have to make sure you’re safe!”

Amaya jumped to Iryn and hugged her very hard: “Thanks! It will be a great adventure!”

Iryn said hesitantly: “There is a slight problem..Alar”

Amaya couldn’t hide her disappointment: “Yeah, your father is overprotective, he would never let you go..so.. let’s just go without telling him?”

”No , I can’t Amaya, before coming to you I promised him to tell him everything and not hide anything from him. Actually he wanted us to leave Aldbridge”

Amaya said with surprise ”Leave Albridge, why?”

Iryn annoyed ”Who knows! He keeps telling me that it’s safer to not settle in one place, and we should live town. Amaya, I spent my whole life moving from place to place! I don’t even know why, and he would never tell me! Did you ever see a Troid who is living in a place other than their homeland Southacre or Strongvale?”

”You think he is running from something? or .. someone?”

Iryn let a deep sigh:”I don’t know, but he always says that he promised my parents to look after me and protect me with his life”

”Well that makes it harder… He will never let you go on this quest! But just to let you know, I’m going with you or without you”

Iryn annoyed from her friend's stubbornness:”Come on Amaya don’t be crazy! Let me talk to him first , let’s see”

She stood to leave Amaya’s home. “I will let you know”

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