The shadow inside

Lucy has been isolated all her life. Instead of love and care, she had to go on missions for her uncle. She has superpowers that are as deadly as they sound like. For her last mission she's got to find and kill a boy who has similar powers. But what if she falls in love with him?


3. V



"I can't believe I actually said yes to that." Right after I had agreed to say yes to the mission, (that hopefully would be the last) he shook my hand, to say thank you, and went on to work. There I had been sitting for the past half an hour. I decided to go upstairs again, hoping to find something that could calm my nerves. So there I sat, in the kitchen, waiting for my tea. It was one of the many things me and my uncle didn't have in common. I loved tea and couldn't even stand the smell of coffee, where he was quite the opposite. But on the other hand, it could just be me who was the weird one. I mean, most people love coffee, right? Great, another thing making me abnormal. The teakettles whining ripped me away from my thoughts, bringing me back to reality. The steam hit me in the face as I poured into the cup, while a scent of chamomile surrounded the whole room. A spoon and 4 sugarcubes were positioned right next to the cup, waiting to be used. I left it on the counter, it was after all too hot to drink. Beep beep beep. I looked at my phone. A text popped up, very short and from an unknown number. This used to creep me out when I was younger. But normally it was uncle Caster, who had the untraceable phone with him. (These missions weren't exactly the most legal thing ever.) "Sarah Bea Jackson" A single name, only that. But I thought I was supposed to have that boy as my assignment? Without thinking too much about it I wrote back: "Who is that? I thought my target was 'you know who'?" It didn't take long for a reply, though my heart was pounding in my chest. "Im not C. She's not a target." C? Maybe Caster? But if that wasn't him... Had I told someone else about us, what we do? My hands were sweating when I finally decided to keep the conversation going. "Who are you?" It didn't take long for the person to write back. Still, it felt like ages before 3 words popped up. "I am V"

I couldn't move, even if I wanted to. Did someone know about the missions? If so, we were toast. Great, just great. Looks like i've got my very own version of "A" from "Pretty Little Liars". I had to move, away from the windows. I loved looking out of them while I drank my tea, but this time, it was different. What was this V capable of? Would they chase me? Use me for the powers? Slowly, quietly I tipped toed into my room with the tea, which hadn't really cooled down. I didn't feel like myself. I loved horror movies, but real life scary stuff... That wasn't really my thing, Ironically . Should I say something to Caster? He could help, but I didn't want to drag him into this. I turned off the phone,making sure no one could locate me, even though it probably already was too late. The wood floor creeked under my feet, making me even more paranoid than before. Hopefully it was just paranoia. The quiet house was too quiet all of a sudden. I went through the few movies I had collected or found in this old house. It was mostly disney classics or some of the 80-90's movies. I decided on "Pretty Woman". The only information I had ever had on my mother was that "Pretty woman" was her favorite. It had been a while since I had seen that one. When I opened the case, something fell out. A picture to be exact. I laid the case down and picked the photo up. The woman in the picture was in the middle of her twenties, her chestnut brown hair curled just a bit, and in her arms, a little baby. I flipped the picture to the back. "3rd February, Destiny & Lucy, proud mother & angel." Two drops of water fell onto the back while my eyes got blurry. The picture fell to the ground, and so did I. I had never seen my mother before, and if I had to believe the writing on the back, that was a photo of me and her. The tears had turned into streams down my cheeks. I hated to cry, but at this point I didn't want to hold back. That photo had never been there. Could I even be sure that it really was her? But who would fake stuff like that? I sat there in silence, tried to get a hold of myself.

After what had felt like hours of sobbing, I was so tired and done, that I had drifted away. 


I could see a young couple, standing a few feet away from me. I was laying down, possibly in a bed or... Crib? My vision was blurry, but my hearing was sharp. A woman with dark hair stood above me and smiled, the happiness was glowing from her eyes. But there was a hint of worry behind the joy.

"I know you love her, I love her just as much, but can you look at me for five minutes?" I could barely hear the voice, but for some reason I knew it was a man, one I had known in forever. 

A bell-like laugh filled the room. She held my hand for a little while before turning her back and look at the man who was talking to her. 

"I know, I know. I'm just so scared that i'll miss anything. It's a fresh-baked-mother-thing."

The man pulled her a little further away from me. "Do you... Think she's got the powers?" She looked worried, she crossed her armes, not to hold anyone away from her, more to protect herself. 

​"I hope not. But if so, we just have to teach her about our kind." He sighed and grabbed her hand. Butterflies filled my stomach as I thought to myself: One day, I hope to have someone like him. One who would grab my hand, when I got worried.

"I'm just nervous. What if He finds her? Do you know what he told me?" The woman froze. Even though I couldn't see much, I could hear the shaking in her voice as she said:

"He found you? When?" Her voice was shaking, but toneless. I could tell she was a strong woman. She must have been through so much...

"About a month ago, he knows about Lucy. He said," His voice cracked and he pulled her in, embracing her. It was as if the whole world got quiet at that moment. It was getting darker in the room. 


"He said, if he ever got his hands on her, he would kill her."


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