The shadow inside

Lucy has been isolated all her life. Instead of love and care, she had to go on missions for her uncle. She has superpowers that are as deadly as they sound like. For her last mission she's got to find and kill a boy who has similar powers. But what if she falls in love with him?


1. One last mission



Shadows...shadows everywhere. A woman holding me. I could smell her perfume. The rough raspberry scent filled my lungs. Her heartbeat was fast, strong...comforting. I tried to look up, see the woman's face, but I couldn't move. A man walked towards us. His face was blurry, leaving me no clues as to who he was. I heard them talking, but didn't find any real sentences. As if it was another language. The man grabbed me and pulled me away. The comfort, the warmth, all gone in mere seconds. The second he had me in his arms, I felt a burning sensation at my left collarbone.I cried out in pain. Didn't want the woman to let him hurt me. I could hear the woman's voice as she screamed my name."Lucy!"

The shadows surrounded me, gripping me with their cold crooked fingers. The voices were distorted, wrong, I couldn't tell one word from another and they floated together like watercolors. The last thing I heard was a woman sobbing in the background. Everything faded.


I woke up with tears streaming down my face and a stinging pain at my collarbone. My hand flew up. My mark. It was a little shadow-looking feather, a symbol for my powers, or as I saw it, my freakness. Everything was still a little fuzzy and blurred. A man stood bend over my bed,shaking my shoulder. "Lucy, come on!" I rubbed my eyes, leaving my vision crystal clear. It was my uncle. Or, that was at least what I called him."I have something to talk to you about. Meet me in the basement in five." He left the room fast, ripped the door shut. I sighed. Of course he wanted to talk to me early Sunday morning. I pulled the blanket away and stepped out of bed. The wood was cold against my feet. On instinct I walked towards the white closet. A drawer stood open filled with t-shirts, mostly grey and black ones. My old grey top with a cherry-tree was unfolded. I grabbed the top and a pair of jeans and went straight to the bathroom. The floor in the bathroom was hard and the cold tiles send shivering ice down my spine and made all hairs stand up. I looked in the mirror. My dark brown hair was half out of the braid I made last night. My t-shirt was covered in sweat. My pale face, even though it seemed impossible, had turned even more pale. I quickly brushed my teeth and pulled in my clothes. Nervously, I walked out of the bathroom and towards the staircase leading to the basement. The house was very old, so when I walked down the stairs, it creaked loudly for each step. A single light dangled from the sealing. The basement was very small and creepy. A table and two chairs were placed in the middle, looking like one of those interrogation rooms from crappy cop shows . An old table lamp shone it's light upon the table. A man with wide shoulders, square face and strong arms sat at the dark end of the table. The old lamps light circled in the middle. A beige square was placed in the light. As I came closer, I could see, what it really was. It was a folder, used to hold personal info. My heart started to race. I had seen folders like these way to many times. Nervously I sat down at the other end of the table."I've got one last mission for you, Lucy." I could feel a pit starting to form in my stomach. "Why?" I had nothing else to say. Thats what he said last time. Always "only" one left. Lies, thats really all he was good for. "You always say that. Why should I?" His cold eyes met mine, filled me with this feeling, leaving me uneasy. "I Mean it this time. One last person. Then you're good to go." I looked at him, tried to be just as cold as him. It didn't work. Before i said anything he added; "You can go to high school." I froze. Ever since I could remember I had been homeschooled. I hadn't gotten the chance to interact with other people my age, nor actually experience the normal life of a teen. He knew that I loved the idea of that life. "Why?" My voice was a mere whisper, but apparently he heard it, because he answered; "The last target will go there as well. He's just as new to that as you are." The blood rushed to my cheeks. Was I supposed to spy on a guy? Sure I had done that before, but none were ever my age. The only thing I knew about teenage boys were the things I read in my moms old romance novels. They would always fall for someone they couldn't have. Wait...I really shouldn't think like that. "Only if I get to see the target first." I looked at my feet, avoiding his cold stare. He sighed. After what felt like ages he opened the folder slowly, "His name is Luke Evens, he's about 17." My heart stopped for just a second. He was good looking that's for sure. But that was not the reason why my heart fluttered. At the collar of his shirt, barely visible, the mark showed. "What is that?" I pointed to the shadow, with a shaking hand. Were there really other people like me? "He... He's got the mark as well. But the powers are... Different," He grabbed my hand and gave it a little squeeze. "That won't be a challenge though, as long as you get him to trust you," He let go of my hand, leaving a little warmth. "So, what do you say? Will you do it?"

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